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DT 29975

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29975

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 30th April 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Another Saturday Prize Pangram from Cephas

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1a    Confirm Valerie has one assignation (8)
VALIDATE – VAL (Valerie) I (one) DATE (assignation)

5a    Having spokes diverging from centre of gunnery clock-face (6)
RADIAL – RA (Royal Artillery, gunnery) DIAL (clock face)

9a    She heard about it having been used again (8)
REHASHED – An anagram (about) of SHE HEARD

10a    Heroine‘s false statement in project (6)
JULIET – LIE (false statement) in JUT (project in the sense of stick out)

11a    Go long way with artist first in medley (7)
FARRAGO – FAR (a long way) and RA (artist) go first before GO (from the clue)

12a    One fights naked over South American city, right? (7)
WARRIOR – A reversal (over) of RAW (naked) followed by RIO (South American city) and R (right)

13a    Health-giver? (11)
TOASTMASTER – A cryptic definition of someone who asks you to raise a glass to toast the health of someone

16a    Alarm artist about methods of self-defence (7,4)
MARTIAL ARTS – Another anagram indicated by ‘about’ – this time of ALARM ARTIST

21a    One who used to play Shylock, say (7)
EXACTOR – Someone who used to play might be an EX-ACTOR, without the hyphen it might describe a character such as Shylock

22a    Heavy metal, one that’s strange, I had one inside (7)
IRIDIUM – I (one) RUM (strange), into which is inserted (put inside) ID (I had) I (one)

23a    Friends turned up with lots of good food to eat served in style (4-2)
SLAP-UP – A reversal (turned) of PALS (friends) followed by UP (from the clue)

24a    Fight to include part of best rug gleaming (8)
STRUGGLE – Hidden in part of beST RUG GLEaming

25a    Train passes by the European (6)
DIESEL – DIES (passes) EL (European – Spanish – definite article – the)

26a    Sportsman regarded as favourite (4-4)
BLUE-EYED – BLUE (sportsman at Oxford or Cambridge) EYED (regarded)


1d    Prove to be true provided there’s light outside (6)
VERIFY – a VERY light (a pistol providing a signalling or illuminating flare) into which is inserted IF (provided)

2d    Learning about a hot place in the east (6)
LAHORE – LORE (learning) goes about A (from the clue) and H (hot)

3d    Music from in France barely sufficient (7)
DESCANT – DE (the French word for from) SCANT (barely sufficient)

4d    Dry man, does he count all the holes, except the nineteenth, of course? (11)
TEETOTALLER – A very nice cryptic description of man who doesn’t drink – he wouldn’t count the 19th hole as that is the bar!

6d    Tanks having water and fresh air (7)
AQUARIA – AQUA (water) and an anagram (fresh) of AIR

7d    Start what I did in restaurant (8)
INITIATE – IN IT (restaurant) I ATE

8d    Three-quarters of learned people having lines from books (8)
LITERARY – Three-quarters of LITERAti (learned people) RY (railway)

12d    Spray gun (5,6)
WATER PISTOL – A cryptic definition of a gun that sprays you with water

14d    Put into liquidation? (8)
IMMERSED – Another cryptic definition

15d    Interruption long time afterwards causing damage (8)
BREAKAGE – BREAK (interruption) AGE (long time)

17d    Meddle with tuner I’d repaired (7)
INTRUDE – An anagram (repaired) of TUNER ID

18d    Fit and size fancy furrier occasionally missed (7)
SEIZURE – An anagram (fancy) of SIZE followed by the even (occasionally missed) letters of fUrRiEr

19d    Husband in drab boat (6)
DINGHY – H (husband) in DINGY (drab)

20d    Threaten to come to a devilish conclusion (6)
IMPEND – A devilish conclusion might be described as an IMP END

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  1. Having spent a delightful week on Madeira, we settled down to work out the crossword from 30 April. One of the most enjoyable ones we have done, with favourites13a,20d,10a and the last one in 18d. We were wondering when the z would appear! Many thanks to the setter!

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