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DT 29963

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29963

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 16th April 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A typical Cephas pangram as we expect from him when it is his turn to provide the Saturday Prize Puzzle

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7a    Would this hot spell raise sea temperature? (8)
HEATWAVE – A hot spell of weather might well HEAT [a] WAVE

9a    Briefly state one’s game (6)
TENNIS – The abbreviation (briefly) for the State of Tennessee followed by IS (one’s)

10a    Extra-large shock absorber (6)
BUMPER – Double definition

11a    Condemn before one in court (8)
PREJUDGE – PRE (before) JUDGE (one in court)

12a    No longer required, it is still in the supermarket (2,3,5)
ON THE SHELF – No longer useful or a description of an item still available in the supermarket

14a    Stupid for the most part, that’s 12! (4)
SILL – Almost all (for the most part) of SILLy (stupid)

15a    Slide in a haphazard and careless manner (6-7)
HELTER-SKELTER – Double definition

17a    Flashy black marketeer personalities back (4)
SPIV – A reversal (back) of VIPS (personalities)

18a    Sewer suffering same strain (10)
SEAMSTRESS – An anagram (suffering) of SAME followed by STRESS (strain)

20d    Powerful supporter of Charlton? (8)
ATHLETIC – A ‘follower’ (supporter) of Charlton in the name of the football team

21a    Deep gloom with motorway by south-east and railway (6)
MISERY – MI (motorway) SE (South East) RY (railway)

23a    Spots city maze complex (6)
ECZEMA – EC (the area where the City of London is situated) and an anagram (complex) of MAZE

24a    Lounge Dad and I included, it’s sweet (8)
LOLLIPOP – LOLL (lounge) and POP (dad) into which is inserted (included) I (from the clue)


1d    Ticket‘s about to go (6)
RETURN – RE (about) TURN (go)

2d    Favourites going up to make part of ladder (4)
STEP – A reversal (going up) of PETS (favourites)

3d    Going from one side to the other in the French game (8)
LACROSSE – ACROSS (going from one side to the other) inserted in LE (French definite article)

4d    It is emphatically its mischief-maker (6)
ITSELF – ITS (from the clue) ELF (mischief maker)

5d    Sir in Quito removed harsh questioner (10)
INQUISITOR – An anagram (removed) of SIR IN QUITO

6d    Referring to one that is extraordinary (8)
SINGULAR – Double definition

8d    Old iron part in package sent by special messenger (7,6)
EXPRESS PARCEL – EX (old) PRESS (iron) and PARCEL (as in part and parcel)

13d    Not a complete 9 1? (4,6)
HALF VOLLEY – Not a complete TENNIS (9a) RETURN (1d)

15d    The man Patrick I reportedly see with a plant (8)
HEPATICA – The common liverwort – HE (the man) PAT (Patrick) I (from the clue) C (a homophone [reportedly] of see with A (from the clue)

16d    Band together (8)
ENSEMBLE – Double definition

18d    Viceroy‘s South American gin (6)
SATRAP – SA (South American) TRAP (gin)

19d    Address of adviser monsignor includes (6)
SERMON – Included in adviSER MONsignor

22d    Aforementioned oral (4)
SAID – Double definition


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  1. A little late but I think the definition for 8 down should be “package sent by special messenger” and the cryptic explanation should include “part” as in “part and parcel”.

    1. That’s what comes of preparing the draft review before my learned friend’s Hints were published on Saturday morning. Now updated. Thank you

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