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DT 29903

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29903

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 5th February 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another typical Chalicea Saturday Prize Puzzle

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4a    Detective facing tough neighbourhood (8)
DISTRICT – DI (detective) STRICT (tough)

8a    Somewhat dismal, ignominious and baleful (6)
MALIGN – Hidden in disMAL IGNominious

9a    Complaint of insincerity when student drops out (8)
SICKNESS – SLICKNESS (insincerity) without the L (student drops out)

10a    Dull or retro headgear (8)
SOMBRERO – SOMBRE (dull) and a reversal (retro) of OR

11a    Game with good sort in charge, a country person (6)
RUSTIC – RU (Rugby Union, game) ST (saint, good sort) IC (in charge)

12a    Amphibian, male, right to hide in low cloud (8)
BULLFROG – BULL (male) and FOG (low cloud) hiding R (right)

13a    Readjusting triangle differently (8)
ALTERING – An anagram (differently) of TRIANGLE

16a    It often gets thrown by church’s entrance (8)
CONFETTI – A cryptic definition of something thrown when a newly married couple leave the church

19a    Joins, welcoming start of induction, serves in the military (8)
SOLDIERS – SOLDERS (joins) ‘welcoming’ the ‘start’ of Induction

21a    Solid representation in law? Not the last time (6)
STATUE – STATUTE without the third and last appearance of T (time)

23a    Inclination to manage English clubs in US city (8)
TENDENCY – TEND (manage) E (English) and C (clubs) inserted in NY (New York, US City)

24a    Throng involved in a primarily kind independent activity following sport (5-3)
APRES-SKI – PRESS (throng) ‘involved’ or inserted between A (from the clue) and K (the primary letter of Kind); I, the abbreviation for Independent being added at the end

25a    Mark film that’s not wanted on windscreen (6)
TICKET – TICK (mark) ET (film)

26a    Couple of stupid people involved with paid killer (8)
ASSASSIN – ASS ASS (couple of stupid people) IN (involved with)


1d    Ship carries nothing fancy (7)
BAROQUE – O (nothing) ‘carried by’ a BARQUE (small sailing ship)

2d    Dubiously feel bid is producing scepticism (9)
DISBELIEF – An anagram (dubiously) of FEEL BAD IS

3d    Make beloved friend earnest in part (6)
ENDEAR – Found in part of friEND EARnest

4d    Lack of proper planning, radioing is not as arranged (15)
DISORGANISATION – An anagram (as arranged) of RADIOING IS NOT AS

5d    Pledge of united resistance in south-eastern municipality (8)
SECURITY – U (united) and R (resistance) inserted in SE (south-eastern) CITY (municipality)

6d    Foul son gives orders (5)
RANKS – RANK (foul) S (son)

7d    Giving up of rights in court sitting it’s said (7)
CESSION – A homophone (it’s said) of SESSION (court sitting)

14d    Dwelling‘s exceptionally dire scene (9)
RESIDENCE – An anagram (exceptionally) of DIRE SCENE

15d    Emphasises the importance of second locks (8)
STRESSES – S (second) TRESSES (locks of hair)

17d    Officer commanding highest American organisation with widespread influence (7)
OCTOPUS – OC (Officer Commanding) TOP (highest) US (American) – a figurative term for a person or organisation with widespread influence

18d    Ordinary nations including liberal persons of authority (7)
ORACLES – O (Ordinary) RACES (nations) ‘including’ L (Liberal)

20d    Lacking restraints, old men unite with yen for clemency (6)
LENITY – The inside letters (lacking restraints) of oLd mEn uNITe with Y (Yen)

22d    Letter of thanks after article (5)
THETA – TA (thanks) goes after THE (definite article)

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