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DT 29875

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29875

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Hello, everyone, Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Tuesday of 2022. Today's puzzle is definitely Tuesdayish, which about says it all. 

In the hints below most indicators are italicized, and underlining identifies precise definitions and cryptic definitions. Clicking on the answer buttons will reveal the answers. In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background. Clicking on a picture will enlarge it or display a bonus illustration and a hover (computer) or long press (mobile) might explain more about the picture. Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



1a    Grew fashionable fruit (7)
ROSEHIP:  Grew vertically with fashionable or trendy 

5a    Arrogant poster might be this (5-2)
STUCK-UP:  The answer without its hyphen might describe the state of a poster 

9a    Tailor only after northern fabric (5)
NYLON:  An anagram (tailor) of ONLY comes after the single letter for northern 

10a   Put straight troubled Geraldine (9)
REALIGNED:  An anagram (troubled) of GERALDINE 

11a   You don't say very much at home at any time (4,1,5)
WELL I NEVER:  Link together a word meaning "very much", a short word meaning "at home", and an adverb meaning "at any time"

12a   Golfer aims for this  standard (4)
FLAG:  A double definition, with both referring to the same type of object 

14a   Group of big cats from Portugal mix in prominent position (5,2,5)
PRIDE OF PLACE:  Link together a group of lions or other big cats, another word for "from", the IVR code for Portugal, and "mix in" (alcohol in the punch, for example) 

18a   Coins of a timid criminal -- no small change (12)
MODIFICATION:  An anagram (criminal) of COINS OF A TIMID minus the clothing abbreviation for small (no small) 

21a   Intelligent former Liberal Democrat leader caught out (4)
ABLE:  Former Lib Dem leader Vince with the cricket abbreviation for caught deleted (caught out

22a   Anxiety with boy's accent (6,4)
STRESS MARK:  A synonym of anxiety with a male name 

25a   Manual taken out after confusion finally divides us (9)
UNSKILLED:  Taken out in a very permanent way comes after the final letter of CONFUSION dividing US from the clue 

26a   Where one might find better sheep -- some pens (5)
EPSOM:  SHEEP SOME hides (pens) the answer 

27a   Greek character records lion, one moving west (7)
EPSILON:  Records between 45s and LPs are followed by LION from the clue with its Roman one moved to the left of the word (one moving west, in an across clue) 

28a   King, perhaps, writing payment for Queen? (7)
ROYALTY:  The answer is what king defines by example (perhaps). After some pondering about what else to underline, I settled on interpreting Queen here as the rock group, with the answer then also being defined by the example (?) of a payment to them for the use of, e.g., Bohemian Rhapsody or We Are The Champions 

Royal Tea



1d    Celebrity concerned with new gown goes topless (6)
RENOWN:  Put together a short word meaning "concerned with", the single letter for new, and GOWN from the clue with its first letter deleted (… goes topless

2d    Just then, left city in Cambridgeshire (6)
SOLELY:  Assemble then or thus, the single letter for left, and a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire 

3d    Workmanship shown by sailor on current vessel (10)
HANDICRAFT:  Cement together a sailor or manual worker, the physics symbol for electric current, and a synonym of vessel 

4d    Analyse sample from feldspar seam (5)
PARSE:  The answer is hiding as a sample from the remainder of the clue 

5d    Son walked away, dazed (6,3)
SPACED OUT:  Chain together the genealogical abbreviation for son, walked in boredom or agitation, and away or not in 

6d    Almost join detachment (4)
UNIT:  All but the last letter (almost) of join or bring together 

7d    Play golf with poet -- putting mostly agreeable at the start (4,4)
KING LEAR:  Putting the bits in the right order, we stick together all but the last letter (mostly) of a synonym of agreeable, the letter represented in the NATO phonetic alphabet by golf, and an English poet who produced nonsense 

8d    I will struggle with degree under pressure and strain (8)
PEDIGREE:  An anagram of I DEGREE ( … will struggle with … ) placed under the physics symbol for pressure 

13d   Upper-class rogue helps -- Tory seat might need this (10)
UPHOLSTERY:  The single letter for upper-class with an anagram (rogue) of HELPS TORY 

15d   Knitting clothes endlessly, and making what Olympian Daley was best at? (9)
DECATHLON:  An anagram (knitting) of CLOTHES AND minus the former's last letter (endlessly). Daley's Wikipedia page is here 

16d   I am above ancient city in China that's undeveloped (8)
IMMATURE:  The contraction of I AM is followed by a usual ancient city inserted in what china can be in rhyming slang 

17d   Adores words from groom, maybe -- stories about stables, primarily (8)
IDOLISES:  Important words that the groom says at his wedding, followed by some untrue stories containing (about) the first letter of ( …, primarily) STABLES 

19d   Woman departs in the morning -- she leaves husband with student (6)
DAMSEL:  Concatenate a timetable abbreviation for departs, an abbreviation for "in the morning", SHE minus the genealogical abbreviation for husband (… leaves husband), and the single letter indicating a student or learner driver 

20d   Independent politician taken in by broadcasting company? That's revealing (6)
SKIMPY:  The single letter for independent and an abbreviated politician are inserted together in (taken in by) a satellite broadcasting company 

23d   Two European articles for church official (5)
ELDER:  A grammatical article from Spain followed by one from Germany 

24d   Quiet and poorly? This may help (4)
PILL:  The musical abbreviation for quiet or soft is followed by sick or poorly. The definition refers back to the rest of the clue 


Thanks to today’s setter. Top clue for me was 28a with 14a not far behind. Which clues did you like best?

The Quick Crossword pun:  POP + PEA + CEDES = POPPY SEEDS

147 comments on “DT 29875

  1. Enjoyable and as said just right for a Tuesday.
    26a and 20d were my favourites. Thanks to Mr K and today’s setter.

  2. I’d like to know who set this minor gem of a puzzle, thought it was top notch with innovative and original clueing throughout.
    Top three for me were 7,15&17d but could have mentioned several more. Good stuff.
    Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

    Toughie is very good too.

  3. I thought like MrK a **/*** for this my first puzzle of 2022. Quite patchy – some easy some not so. Needed the hint to understand why 14a was what it obviously was. Spent a while on 17d thinking of our local Plymouth Olympian rather than the correct one and trying to get diving into the answer. Thought 7d just pipped 25a and 13d for COTD. With thanks to MrK and our setter.

    1. Me too with Olympian but do feel using first name is a bit iffy even if it is a convenient bum steer.

    2. Yes – I was also thinking of Tom and it didn’t help that 14a had assured me that the answer began with a ‘D’.

  4. Most enjoyable and even delightful in places, with my top three being my last three solved: 13d, 25a, & 7d (because here, along with Hamlet, the Bard defines the sublime). I did know the LibDem and the Olympian and thought that 14a deserved an honorary ‘Clarkie’! Thanks and Happy New Year to Mr K and to today’s setter. ** / ****

      1. Unusual for me, eh? Was up at 0400…have to do the NYT puzzle before the Graun (quickie) and DT!

        1. I’m impressed – all that at the crack of dawn or earlier. Used to enjoy the NYT in my NYC days but doubt I could even make a dent in it these days since I have become “anglicised” once more.

  5. That was nicely challenging and terrific fun. So many ingenious clues from which I can’t pick an outstanding Fav – 5a, 11a, 12a, 13d, and 17d to name but some. Many thanks to the secretive Tuesday setter and MrK to whom I didn’t need to turn today.

  6. I love Tuesdayish crosswords! Thank you to the setter, and to Mr K for explaining how “mix in” gave that bit of 14a.

    My favourite was 26a’s better sheep; I also particularly liked 12a’s “this standard” and 16d’s “ancient city in China”.

    For 21a I spent far too long wondering how ‘legg’ could mean ‘intelligent’ — really, what’s the chance that there are 2 former Lib-Dem leaders with 5-letter names beginning with C? Like Nas, I also fell for the ‘wrong Daley’ misdirection.

    And I made life hard for myself by putting in ‘barely’ for 2d, having decided that ‘bar’ (as in ‘without’) could be used for ‘left’. I suppose that would really need to be ‘left out’ — after yesterday being too cautious and failing to write in a correct answer for only slightly appearing not to match the clue, I clearly overcompensated today.

  7. This felt refreshingly different and innovative, with the excellent 16d standing out as a front runner for COTD. Some of the misdirection was very inspired.

    My thanks to both Misters involved in today’s production.

  8. A tad trickier than yesterday but still a brisk & pleasant solve. I too needed the hint to parse the latter bit of 14a but otherwise problem free. Top clue for me was the surface read at 13d & I’ll go along with Stephen’s 3 picks as podium contenders. No problems in the NW/SE diagonal in the Toughie but bumpier terrain elsewhere.
    Thanks to the setter & to Mr K.
    Ps read the huge number of comments posted yesterday & saw that Kath chalked up her maiden unaided finish since her recovery began. Great news & well done 👏

    1. Thanks for the heads-up re Kath.

      Kath, that must be a great feeling. Hope that we soon see you back in the blogging chair.

  9. It must be me, as others seem to have found this a great puzzle. I couldn’t make head nor tail of some of the clues and found many of them over-complicated and inelegant (*5*/1*). It took ages to finish it and wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience. Thank you to Mr K for the hints. I needed a few of them. Apologies to the compiler; it’s horses for courses and a lot of folk will enjoy this puzzle.

  10. 1.5*/3*. Thanks to the setter for a light and pleasant puzzle with 16d my favourite. Thanks too to Mr K for his excellent review and in particular for the full explanation for 28a which puzzled me.

    1. I assumed 28a went to the realm (based on the word) so was much enlightened by Mr K’s explanation.

      1. 28a puzzled me as well. My first thought was some kind of triple definition, but that would be both weak and a little strange. That left only the interpretation I gave up above, which I thought was very clever. But only the setter can tell us if that was what they had in mind.

  11. Not ever having heard of a “stress Jack” I came here for explanation 🤦🏻‍♀️. No other problems but thought it a very fine puzzle, and an equally fine blog 🙂

    1. Almost got the Tippex out again. But checked and the boy is definitely called Mark.

  12. Really enjoyed this, very clever misdirections (or putting that a better way, I fell straight into each trap) and by no means straightforward for me. Thanks to setter and Mr K.

  13. A lovely puzzle, which I completed in Shrewsbury Hospital car park while Mrs. C. went for a routine CT scan. Writing this on my phone so apologies for any mistakes.

    Bizarrely, I needed the hint for 13d, which was immediately obvious once I’d seen it. Quite a lot of thinking needed but a satisfying solve. I liked 25a but my COTD is 17d.

    My thanks to the setter for the fun and to Mr. K for the hints.

  14. Thanks to Mr K for the pics and the explanation of ‘mix’ in 14a which eluded me.
    22a was a bit of a bung in.
    Liked 25a for a new mislead and my favourite. Honerable mention for 26a
    Thought that D must be short for departs in19d, single letter abbreviations are not my cup of t!
    Thanke to setter for the enjoyment

  15. I thought this was excellent, about medium difficulty with fine clues providing a pleasant solve, Fav: 16d. 2.5*, 3.5*.

  16. Second go, for some unknown reason first effort just disappeared.
    Steady solve with some fun clues that made for a pleasant and satisfying time. Agree it was pretty much on the money for a Tuesday puzzle.
    COTD 26a with 16d a close second.
    Like others didn’t see the last part of 14a.
    Thanks to setter & Mr K for the needed hints.
    80th birthday off to an inauspicious start when after awaking to 2 to 3 ins of snow and finishing my shower I could have had another one under the water coming down from the ceiling! Then gremlins in phone meant no ringing & missed daughter’s call. Life as an octogenarian (octo sounds much more ancient than septo) will improve hopefully.

      1. Thanks SL, hopefully the police behind the speed cameras on the A9 don’t think the same!

      1. Thanks Hoofs. Best present I could have would be Oldham Athletic getting away from the bottom spot in Div. 2. Sadly I think they are doomed.

        1. I went to Boundary Park once to watch Millwall lose 4-0. It was like the Arctic up there, the North wind was piped in especially from Siberia.
          Namby-pamby Londoners, I hear you say.

      1. Thank you Senf. Stay safe it looks like omicron cometh. It will be interesting to see if New Zealand can stop it.

      1. Jane
        Just a family get-together & meal at the weekend. Wish I could say “see the grandchildren” but that will never happen sad to say.
        Thanks for the good wishes.

    1. A very Happy Birthday, LROK. I hope you have a great day despite the fact you have rain inside your house!

    2. Not an auspicious start to your 81st year! Wishing you a Very Happy 80th Birthday. I much enjoy reading your comments from the right side of the border.
      I was also very thrilled to read of Kaths great news yesterday.

      1. Thanks Jan. Looking out of the window with the snow coming down nearly horizontal I am not so sure!

    3. Have a great birthday, LROK! And welcome to the august ranks of us Octos! (I hope your day has improved since the leaks and gremlines.)

        1. Thanks Robert.
          I did read the Thursday Murder Club but didn’t like the very short paragraphs. I think them a mechanism for turning 250 pages of writing into a 350 page book.
          However was bought The Man who Died Twice for Christmas and thought it much better.

          1. Happy birthday and good luck finding a plumber from me too.
            I read both TMC books and concur with your thoughts. the Man Who Died Twice was the better book. I saw Mr Osman being interviewed about his books and he said his mother found the writing was a bit staccato for her.

            1. Thanks John
              We have a plumber lives 2 houses / fields away so all OK.
              I am flattered our literary observations concurred.

              1. A very different Osman wrote the second one, I concluded–the same person, of course, but a more mature novelist. I agree with your two assessments too: the second one is much more successful.

    4. Congratulations! Hope phone and water problems are soon resolved, and you get to enjoy celebrating your landmark birthday. 🎂

      1. Thanks Smylers.
        To mitigate my disasters the DWP gave me an early birthday surprise by telling me my pension would go up by all of 25p per week (before tax).

    5. Happy Birthday LROK and hope your day improves – you’ve got lots of friends on the site cheering you on!

    6. I didn’t mind being 30, or 40 or anything else really except 70 which was horrid and something to do, I think, with the old three score years and ten bit. I wouldn’t mind betting that you will soon be boasting about how old you are, as in I am 81 and 3/4! Have a happy birthday despite everything and I hope you can quickly get a man in to do the repairs. 🍾

      1. Thanks DG.
        I may use my age as a plea in mitigation but never as a “boast”.

        1. Happy birthday LROK. Like the others I hope your day improves… or indeed has improved.

    7. Wishing you the best birthday and many more from Sadie and me. My 80th was a huge milestone but once you get to 83 you get used to the “octo” bit! I hope for continued good health and happiness for you both.

    8. Happy Birthday LROK and many congratulations on becoming an Octogenarian. I do hope that as your special day progressed things improved ie no more dripping water through the ceiling, the telephone now rings and the snow hasn’t got any deeper. I now realise that my William (better give him his Sunday name) will be joining your rank in December! May you have Many Happy Returns and good health to enjoy them.

      1. Hilary
        Thank you. Day has improved gradually although bitter cold wind keeps us indoors by the fire. Temperatures not down to Senffian levels though.

      1. Mr K
        Thank you so much but even more for the pleasure you give from your reviews.
        We shouldn’t take for granted the time & effort all you reviewers put in to educating and entertaining us.
        I know I speak for a lot of people when I say my days wouldn’t be the same without this site and the eclectic assortment of people who make it what it is. Thanks

    9. Congratulations LrOK! And I hope your domestic misfortune is soon turned around.
      Yesterday we had a new addition to the house – an 8-week-old black Labrador puppy. It didn’t take long for me to really appreciate your username! Such a cutie – the dog, not you ;-)

      1. I’m so envious! There’s nothing quite like a Labrador, and a puppy beats all. Sadie is also black but not 100% pure, I suspect a touch of collie, and I got her at four months. She’s just turned ten years old.

        1. That’s nice to hear. This one seems to expend almost as much energy asleep as she does awake! How can an 8-week-old have so much to dream about already?

          1. Congratulations Twmbarlwm.
            You will find that Labradors 8 weeks or 8 years think and dream about one thing FOOD.
            Biggles never thinks about his last meal as it would occupy space he needs to imagine what is coming next.

      2. Many congratulations on your new Labrador pup, Twmbarlwm. Hudson – he’s my avatar – is my sixth and my best yet but we all say that about the Labs we own. He and I are with each other all day and every day and we are best pals. I’m sure you and your pup will become the same. Like no other dog, a Labrador gives unconditional loyalty. Enjoy.

        1. Thanks, Steve. I clicked on the avatar – love the Churchill impression (I bet everyone says that), and the other pics are great too. Maybe not long before my avatar follows suit.
          Nice to know BusyLizzie is another fan.

    10. Many happy returns of the day LROK. I think I’ve just made it in time to send good wishes on the day. I hope it ended better than it started….

  17. Very Tuesday-ish but it seemed to lack the sparkle of recent Tuesday puzzles – 2.5*/2.5*

    Favourite – a toss-up between 1a and 16d – and the winner is 16d.

    Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

  18. A light, straightforward, and enjoyable coffee-break puzzle for this chilly Tuesday morning. Taken just out of 1* time by 28a, and particularly liked 25a, 15d, 19d and 20d, with COTD going to 7d. Some lovely smooth surfaces, a very pleasing crossword.

    1.5* / 3*

    Many thanks to the setter and to Mr K

  19. Plenty to enjoy in this one and difficult to isolate only one favourite – maybe the short and sweet 12a just pipping other worthy contenders to the post here.

    Thanks to our setter and likewise to Mr K for another of his excellent reviews, nice to see the ‘twins’ coming along so well. Lovely song in your video clip and what a superb voice Ms Krauss possesses.

    1. Thanks, Jane. That pic shows the twins when they were 16d. Now they are looking like proper cats. Did not realize that the kitten stage would be over so quickly.

  20. Thanks both, enjoyable puzzle and blog. Nothing too tricky, just nicely clued.
    I was not familiar with 22a, and am not to keen generally on the use of “boy’s” to indicate a male name, there must be a better way of cluing ‘MARK’, I would have thought.

    1. The setters seem to like it. The puzzleseditors are ok with it. The device has been around for as long as I have been solving and is here to stay. I suggest you just suck it up

      1. If you want to read sycophantic platitudes regarding the crosswords then I suggest you ignore my posts in future.
        I am full of admiration for the setters, their imagination and originality, but just occasionally I will make a comment about an aspect of a clue I don’t particularly like.
        Let’s leave it at that and move on.

    2. Just ignore the very rude response above, Hoofit. Carry on commenting on what you like and dislike about clues – that’s what the blog is for.

        1. I wish someone could explain to us why this particular blogger is still being allowed to get away with being so downright rude to various contributors – I find it so offensive.

    3. I agree. This one at least was a four letter boy, narrowing the field. It’s on a par with partial anagrams in my book.

  21. Good fun; I enjoyed solving this one. 15d was misleading in the most splendid way.

    Today’s crossword soundtrack: Donald Fagen – New Frontier (‘She’s got a touch of Tuesday Weld’)

    Thanks to the setter, and The Celebrated Mr K.

  22. First may I thank all those who made such supportive comments yesterday following my response to a hurtful comment.
    I will continue to battle the puzzles set for us by the devious setters of the DT for as long as my age-related dementia allows.
    As for todays offering I found it both enjoyable and elegant.
    Thx to all

    1. Good on you Brian. I hadn’t a danny yesterday what a locus was either so you weren’t alone there.

    2. Brian
      Sorry to hear of your problems. As can be the case probably what what was meant as a humorous comment was insensitive and hurtful. Knowing the writer I don’t think it was ever remotely intended to be taken that way.
      I am sure there are many like me who, having struggled with a puzzle, think “I wonder what Brian is going to say?” Sometimes it’s a bit like calling the toss but it adds fun.
      Now you’ve got rid of Mike Ashley you need some outlet. (Apologies if you thought he was a good thing!).

    3. I frequently find my ‘bung ins’ are correct and I have no idea why and feel quite subdued but this site is improving me no end. The funny things is, I often find the ones you think are easier, much more complicated but hang in there.

    4. Well said, Brian! I’m assuming that the comment was mere sarcasm/cut and thrust badinage rather than being deliberately hurtful/spiteful (but who knows?). We are mostly strangers on here and don’t necessarily know each other’s personal circumstances – so let us be careful and choose our words/comments carefully and respectfully. But polite, robust debate is, of course, always OK.

      1. Careful should read mindful, thus avoiding the word repetition (probably too late now – you’ve already read it!).

    5. Hello, Brian. Just looked at yesterday’s blog to see what that was about. That comment was both wrong and out of line. Glad that you were not deterred. And thanks for your comments on the puzzle – everyone looks forward to the daily surprise of reading your thoughts on them.

  23. Found this puzzle on a par level for a Tuesday offering. 2*/4* today.
    Candidates for favourites include 1a, 5a, 11a, 4d (how appropriate for a cryptic!!) & 20d … hard to pick a winner but lets go for 5a
    A chuckle or a grin for 28a, 3d, 13d & 24d
    All in all a fun solve with no real problems getting to the finish.

    Thanks to setter and Mr K.

  24. Happy birthday to LROK. Not quite the start to the day that you would have wished for. Brian, I always look forward to your comments, don’t stop now. Some tricky little clues in this puzzle – I’d almost forgotten about Vince Cable. Lots of misdirection. Favourite 20d. **/**** No idea who the setter is but this was very enjoyable. Thanks to all.

    1. Everyone forgets about Vince Cable, Greta. In fact, I was with Smylers (#6) in trying to work out how “LEGG” meant intelligent.

      1. I can’t actually recall anything that either of them did. Nick Clegg came across as an inoffensive sort of chap so that’s probably quite an achievement in political circles and Vince Cable wore nice hats.

      2. But they were popular back in their time – the English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.

  25. Good afternoon. I’m resolving to become involved with crossword websites for the puzzles I like after having been a solver for a long time, so here I am. HNY. Big fan of the DT and the Toughie (when I can finish it), so was glad today to have an easy run. Very nice puzzle, and I had a lot of enjoyment reading the blog and comments too. I’ll give this one a */***.

    1. Welcome, and I think you will really enjoy this website and the many lovely people who participate.

  26. Good fun today except for trying to put stretch mark in for 22a and finding it didn’t fit! Typing this with my new arthritic gloves on (Christmas present from my gardener) – very comfy but not helpful for accurate typing. Thanks to the setter and Mr K.. COTD 15d.

  27. What an absolutely splendid crossword! We loved it, full of wonderful misdirections of which perhaps 13d was the best. I have so many stars it is like a meteor shower. Thank you Mr Setter and thanks to Mr K (I tapped the green packets expecting them to turn into cats) for suggesting the glorious Queen (Brian May – be still my beating heart ) as the recipient of the payment, I had missed that gem. 2d was my last in although I knew straight away that it must be the ship of the fens city.

  28. Well this was a fine way to celebrate my 60th. A joyous solve. Initially failed to see the anagram in 13d and also missed the usual ancient city and not uncommon china for a bit. Apart from that, smooth sailing. Happy common birthday LROK. Do you think we’ve had identical days, or are you sceptical about astrology like most Capricorns?

    1. Happy Birthday! We have two birthday boys today, I’ll raise a toast later when the sun’s over the yardarm.

    2. I’ll raise a glass to you GD. I hope your day didn’t start like mine!
      I know little about astrology I’m afraid.
      Mrs LrOK would say I have spent the extra 20 years becoming more curmudgeonly I think I have been mellowing, but there again I would.

  29. Reading more of yesterday’s Decathlon or even Centathlon I see that you did the crossword Kath – what an achievement! The family must be so chuffed by your progress. 🥰 onwards and upwards.

  30. Nice crossword again today 😃 ***/*** Favourites 5a & 20d Thanks to Mr K and to the Compiler 👍

  31. Lovely Tuesday puzzle, Too many great clues to pick even a long list, my only problem was finding the right boy for 22a.
    Thanks to Mr K for a well-illustrated blog and thanks to the setter too.

  32. I have spent a long time today trying to find a newspaper which I and my eyes prefer. It was an interesting circular route by bus pass and foot. Finally sat down and completed without help. Quite a few were parsed after the solve. 25 and 27a and 7 8 16 17 and 20 particularly take my fancy. Thank you setter and Mr K.

  33. Solved alone and unaided, but needed help with some of the parsings. Did figure out the Queen reference though.

    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K.

  34. No problems at all with this and top enjoyment to boot. All done and parsed in short order. Favourite was 28a, I wanted it to be 8d but I’ll settle for imbibing a few this evening. Thanks to the setter and Mr. K.

  35. I thought this a strange mixture of sparkling and dull. For a start I DNF 2d, thought it was somewhere in Cambs; I had 9a wrong. I found some answers a bit weird, unable to 4d, so Mr. K’s unravelling was needed. I was able to google the Lib/Dem and the Daley. There were some corkers, 5a, 25a, 16d, 20d among them.
    Thank you whomsoever set this, and, as mentioned above, Mr. K for his help. Nice to see the kitties again, I’m getting quite broody.

  36. I really struggled with today’s offering and it’s only Tuesday. Couldn’t really get going and after a lot of breaks and hoping they would help to clear the little grey cells I resorted to the hints. The latter confirming that I had got 2d wrong and I was not going to finish unaided. Not at all a satisfying effort on my part. But here to learn and improve. Many thanks to the setter and Mr K. Love the kittens picture.

    Such good news about Kath. New Year new beginnings!

    1. I didn’t get 2d, I had 9a wrong with “ninon”, why I thought of that I don’t know.

      1. You weren’t alone Hlilary. I struggled too. One man’s meat is another man’s (or woman’s) poison, regardless of which day of the week it is.

  37. So good to be part of this caring community.
    I did miss you over the past year.
    Great to see Kath back on tracks, to hear that Brian is not a quitter and to witness Labradorsruleok’s 80th birthday.
    All my bestest wishes.
    Usual excellence from our Tuesday Mr Ron.
    Thanks for the crossword and thanks and HNY to Mr K.

  38. I struggled with this one, and didn’t find any sparkly bits. Starting with the wrong answer at 1a when I was too quick to write in raisins didn’t help. But 4d was obvious so I soon spotted my error. 22d irritated because of the boy part. I wouldn’t say someone dazed was 5d, and definitely wouldn’t describe someone intelligent as able. But did enjoy 5a (don’t hear that over here), 11a, and 14a, so a bit of a mixed bag. Thanks to the setter and to Mr K. Good news about Kath.

  39. Found this a bit of a struggle, needed the hints to get me over the finish line. I too fell into the trap by thinking of the wrong Daley until I remembered the correct one, probably our greatest Olympian. Not sure if I i like the hoo ha about Miffy’s comments, he does a great job on this site and I know he is sensitive about adverse comments being made, he has a weird sense of humour and I think some of his remarks are misunderstood. I have made what I considered to be a humorous comment before ,and only realised it was inappropriate when I received a tongue lashing for it. Thanks to all.

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