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DT 29772

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29772

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 4th September 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A straightforward Prize Puzzle from Chalicea,although I have to say that not all of it felt quite like her usual work

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1a    Unusually deep loving evolving (10)
DEVELOPING – An anagram (unusually) of DEEP LOVING

6a    Reportedly hoard money (4)
CASH – A homophone (reportedly) of CACHE (hoard)

8a    Work with university colleague, in fact (8)
ACTUALLY – ACT (work) U (university) ALLY (colleague)

9a    Sofa, not posh, with more space to sit? (6)
LONGER – LOuNGER (sofa without the U (not posh))

10a    Reveal new part of speech in a church (8)
ANNOUNCE – N (new) NOUN (part of speech) in A CE (church)

11a    Leading estate, this could make the papers! (6)
FOURTH – Put in front (leading) the word estate, you’d have a term for the news media

12a    Plans found in junk mail returned (4)
MAPS – An old friend of a reversal (returned) of SPAM (junk mail)

14a    Round capital city, cold and extremely tense atmosphere (7)
CLIMATE – C (cold) LIMA (capital of Peru) and the ‘extreme’ letters of TensE

18a    Beats unusual myth penned by gardeners (7)
RHYTHMS – An anagram (unusual) [quick beep of the repetition radar] of MYTH ‘penned’ by RHS (The Royal Horticultural Society, gardeners)

20a    Formerly concealed content (4)
ONCE – Found in the content of cONCEaled

23a    Fruit‘s extremely arresting dull surface (6)
TOMATO – TOO (extremely) ‘arresting’ MAT (dull)

24a    Wind up backing deficit hidden by disreputable resort? (8)
DISSOLVE – A reversal (backing) of LOSS ‘hidden’ by DIVE (disreputable resort)

25a    Get basic new bra with no restraints, it’s more comfortable (6)
EASIER – The inside (with no restraints) letters of gEt bASIc nEw bRa

26a    Humiliation, lacking a cellar (8)
BASEMENT – Remove the A from ABASEMENT (humiliation)

27a    Nothing more than a pool (4)
MERE – Another old friend – this time a double definition

28a    Wholesale whiskey I had before English meal (10)
WIDESPREAD – W (Whiskey in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) ID (I’D, I had) E (English) SPREAD (meal)


1d    A nervous response after Scotch perhaps could be striking (8)
DRAMATIC – A TIC (a nervous response) goes after DRAM (Scotch perhaps)

2d    Ballot victor due to get time for wife (6)
VOTING – V (Victor in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) and OWING (due) where T for Time replaces W for Wife

3d    Measure the French fever (6)
LEAGUE – LE (French definite article) AGUE (fever)

4d    Force members to uphold the law (9)
POLICEMEN – Cryptic definition

5d    Beginning to drive in VW is hard for one in tank? (8)
GOLDFISH – D (the beginning to drive) inserted in GOLF (VW) IS (from the clue) H (hard)

6d    Success in hoax investigation (8)
CONQUEST – CON (hoax) QUEST (investigation)

7d    Partly suspect rumoured range of opinions? (8)
SPECTRUM – Hidden in part of suSPECT RUMoured

13d    Affirm boast about unfinished government order (9)
PREDICATE – PRATE (boast) goes ‘about’ an unfinished EDICt (government order)

15d    Drink large mead one served up (8)
LEMONADE – L (large) and an anagram (served up) of MEAD ONE

16d    Publication
that may include explosive material (8)
MAGAZINE – Double definition

17d    Quarrel after motor crashed this time yesterday? (8)
TOMORROW – ROW (quarrel) goes after an anagram (crashed) of MOTOR

19d    Chose last of ones voted for (8)
SELECTED – S (the last letter of oneS) ELECTED (voted for)

21d    Inattentive — shake please! (6)
ASLEEP – An anagram (shake) of PLEASE

22d    Cover emerging from hassle eventually (6)
SLEEVE – Emerging from hasSLE EVEntually

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