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DT 29724

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29724

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 10th July 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

A Saturday Prize Puzzle for those who like geography and general knowledge in their crosswords

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1a    US city is behind new online map (11)
MINNEAPOLIS – IS (from the clue) goes ‘behind’ an anagram (new) of ONLINE MAP

7a    In error, Greek character backing exercise system (7)
PILATES – A reversal (backing) of ETA (Greek character) inserted into SLIP (error)

8a    Threatened people defeated by first shot (7)
MENACED – MEN (people) ACED (defeated by first shot)

10a    Starter in Rajasthan filling belly; boy, it’s hot! (8)
TURMERIC – R (the starter in Rajasthan) ‘filling’ TUM (belly) and ERIC (boy)

11a    Twins placing car behind empty garage (6)
GEMINI – MINI (car) goes ‘behind’ (again!) the outside (empty) letters of GaragE

13a    Country lady needing no introduction (4)
OMAN – Remove the introductory letter from wOMAN (lady)

14a    Extra odd Italian forms (10)
ADDITIONAL – An anagram (forms) of ODD ITALIAN

16a    Prehistoric monument seen on the ground, inspiring gasps initially (10)
STONEHENGE – An anagram (ground) of SEEN ON THE ‘inspiring’ the initial letter of Gasps

18a    Nation that was controlled by me (4)
IRAN – I RAN (was controlled by me)

21a    Eat in drinking establishment (6)
INGEST – Hidden in drinkING ESTablishment

22a    I blacken the name of Briton, say (8)
ISLANDER – I (from the clue) SLANDER (blacken the name of)

24a    Aged, not decrepit, did a dance (7)
TANGOED – An anagram (not decrepit) of AGED NOT

25a    A pressing household chore? (7)
IRONING – A cryptic definition of a household chore

26a    Light box to carry on banner (11)
CONFLAGRATE – CRATE (box) to ‘carry’ ON (from the clue) and FLAG (banner)


1d    A student hugged by girl — that’s infectious (7)
MALARIA – A L (student) ‘hugged’ by MARIA (girl)

2d    Spice in stone cask brought up (6)
NUTMEG – A reversal (brought up) of GEM (stone) TUN (cask)

3d    I sent a side to play in Borneo etc (4,6)
EAST INDIES – An anagram (to pay) of I SENT A SIDE

4d    Cat rising in the morning, out of bed (4)
PUMA – A reversal (rising) of AM (in the morning) UP (out of bed)

5d    Hang about, that is intimate stuff (8)
LINGERIE – LINGER (hang about) IE (that is)

6d    Cult I connected to area (7)
SECTION – SECT (cult) I (from the clue) ON (connected to)

7d    George of England perhaps, unlikely star in panto (6,5)
PATRON SAINT – An anagram (unlikely) of STAR IN PANTO

9d    Platform for workers teaching doctor (8,3)
DRILLING RIG – DRILLING (teaching) RIG (doctor as a verb)

12d    Appalling wind finally is blowing (10)
DISGUSTING – D (the final letter of wind) IS (from the clue) GUSTING (blowing)

15d    One creating a stir in the cup? (8)
TEASPOON – Cryptic definition

17d    Natural magic in a grotto, somewhat uplifting (7)
ORGANIC – Hidden in reverse (somewhat uplifting) in magiC IN A GROtto

19d    Drink studied, moan out loud (3,4)
RED WINE – Homophones (out loud) of READ (studied) WHINE (moan)

20d    Two fathers requiring a temple (6)
PAGODA – PA and GOD (two fathers) requiring A (from the clue)

23d    Leads in Ibsen dramas often lacking for film star (4)
IDOLS – The ‘leads’ in Ibsen Drama Often Lacking

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