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DT 29712

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29712

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th June 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Solved in Weymouth before visiting the small but very interesting museum and then, after lunch, enjoying an extremely long overdue catchup with family at our niece’s wedding.

Parts of this Saturday Prize Puzzle were “typical Chalicea” but then others weren’t and I took longer than I’d expect for one of her crosswords. Normally when away from home, solving a puzzle I’ve got to review, I solve the crossword and then put the solved grid into my suitcase so it will be ready to use when I get home. Not this time as, because of all the clue differences between the paper and online versions, I had several Saturday morning email conversations with Tilsit about the paper versions of several clues. Hopefully the next Saturday PP will be more hint-giver-friendly!

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1a    Declined rubbish diamonds (7)
REFUSED – REFUSE (rubbish) D (diamonds)

5a    Army securing large essentially superior case for weapon (7)
HOLSTER – HOST (army) ‘securing‘ L (large) followed by the essential letters of supERior

9a    Stick with cold response one’s covered up with lip (9)
CRITICISM – C (cold) and TIC (response) IS (one’s) ‘covered up‘ with RIM (lip)

10a    Notions partly guide assistants (5)
IDEAS – Hidden in part of guIDE ASsistants

11a    Pave with stones and waterproofing material (5)
PITCH – To pave with stones or some waterproofing material

12a    Shaver‘s strangely gone rusty (9)
YOUNGSTER – An anagram (strangely) of GONE RUSTY

13a    Trembling, chant about winter in Paris (9)
SHIVERING – SING (chant) about HIVER (the French word for winter)

16a    Portion of pastry dish with starters of chicken and egg (5)
PIECE – PIE (pastry dish) with the ‘starters’ of Chicken and Egg

17a    Characteristic of drink of beer with nothing in it (5)
POINT – PINT (drink of beer) with O (nothing) in it

18a    Lost and found note with too much inside (9)
FORGOTTEN – FORGE (found) N (note) with OTT (too much) inside

20a    Style of music in clubs Callas is performing (9)
CLASSICAL – An anagram (is performing) of C (clubs) CALLAS IS

23a    Additional craft recalled by one-time partner (5)
EXTRA – A reversal (recalled) of ART (craft) goes after (by) EX (one-time partner)

25a    Sprite‘s pretty unknown (5)
FAIRY – FAIR (pretty) Y (unknown)

26a    Unable to part, detective leaves unseen (9)
INVISIBLE – DI (detective inspector) ‘leaves’ INdiVISIBLE (unable to part)

27a    Worry of short show before noon (7)
CONCERN – A truncated (short) CONCERt (show) goes before N (noon)

28a    Superlatively gloomy day ship set out (7)
DARKEST – D (day) ARK (ship) and an anagram (out) of SET


1d    Unusually precise instructions (7)
RECIPES – An anagram (unusually) of PRECISE

2d    On the radio, feeble pretence (5)
FEINT – A homophone (on the radio) of FAINT (feeble)

3d    Most insignificant website regularly supporting insult (9)
SLIGHTEST – The regular letters of wEbSiTe supporting or going after in a Down solution, SLIGHT (insult)

4d    United over Yankee god (5)
DEITY – A reversal (over) of TIED (united) followed by the letter represented by Yankee in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

5d    German citizen‘s fast food (9)
HAMBURGER – double definition

6d    Dishonesty mostly in government houses (5)
LYING – Housed in mostLY IN Government

7d    Handle fellows with primarily tactful management (9)
TREATMENT – TREAT (handle) MEN (fellows) and the primary letter of Tactful

8d    Again wait on book (7)
RESERVE – RE SERVE (wait on again)

14d    Version of totalitarianism LA star rejected as fake (9)
IMITATION – ‘reject’ or remove the letters LA STAR from TOTalItarIANIsM and an anagram (version of) will provide the solution

15d    Presence of virus; confine it somehow (9)
INFECTION – An anagram (somehow) of CONFINE IT

16d    Problematic posers for university academic (9)
PROFESSOR – An anagram (problematic) of POSERS FOR

17d    Tranquil, in the main? (7)
PACIFIC – double definition, main here referring to a sea or in this case, ocean

19d    Are in retreat, like one’s neighbours? (7)
NEAREST – ARE (from the clue) inserted into NEST (retreat)

21d    Approach filthy place on the outskirts of Lille (5)
STYLE – STY (filthy place) on the ‘outskirts’ of LillE

22d    Rising dust storm continued (5)
LIVED – A reversal (rising) of DEVIL (dust storm)

24d    Check on the French set of data (5)
TABLE – TAB (check) LE (French definite article)

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      There is no need to shout as the solutions are supposed to be showing as this is a full review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle, not only that the explanations are in full rather than hinted

  1. Many thanks crypticsue. I really am sorry that you had all that hassle last week – it really was a mess (caused, I think, by the absence of our editor as well as his ‘problem’. Covid restrictions have now spoiled his well-earned break). I gather there was a mess with the Thursday proXimal toughie too. Good that you are getting back to family life – we wish we could.

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