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DT 29688

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29688

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th May 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Chalicea provided a Saturday Prize Puzzle of the utmost simplicity – I bet there were a lot of competition entries this week

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1a    More appealing modelled attires (7)
TASTIER – An anagram (modelled) of ATTIRES

5a    Drop police force by choice (7)
PLUMMET – MET (Metropolitan Police Force) goes by or after PLUM (choice)

9a    Inexperienced peacekeepers put to the test (7)
UNTRIED – UN (United Nations, peacekeepers) TRIED (put to the test)

10a    Cancel a Republican circular (7)
ANNULAR – ANNUL (cancel) A (from the clue) R (Republican)

11a    Echo of past of showy defence player (9)
FLASHBACK – FLASH (showy) BACK (defence player)

12a    Some magnate’s latest electric vehicle (5)
TESLA – Hidden in magnaTES LAtest

13a    Social occasion of first lady and gentry essentially (5)
EVENT – EVE (first lady) and the ‘essential’ letters of geNTry

15a    Standard of behaviour head teacher announced (9)
PRINCIPLE – A homophone (announced) of PRINCIPAL (head teacher)

17a    Promise oddly glum American organised support (9)
GUARANTEE – The odd letters of GlUm, A (American) RAN (organised) TEE (support)

19a    Challenged on interrupting father (5)
DARED – RE (on) ‘interrupting’ DAD (father)

22a    Gala perhaps that’s big in New York? (5)
APPLE – Gala is a type of apple, New York is known as the Big Apple

23a    Exactly the same in dialect, surprisingly (9)
IDENTICAL – An anagram (surprisingly) of IN DIALECT

25a    Puffed up as two ill men with openings gone (7)
SWOLLEN – Remove the ‘openings’ from aS tWO iLL mEN

26a    Swedish group half-heartedly perform songs; it’s mortifying! (7)
ABASING – Remove half of the heart of ABbA (Swedish group) and add SING (perform songs)

27a    Remote southern bank? (7)
SLENDER – S (southern) LENDER (bank?)

28a    Thing to put in order this evening (7)
TONIGHT – An anagram (put in order) of THING TO


1d    Pig out, finding this food (7)
TRUFFLE – A foodstuff hunted out by specially-trained pigs (and dogs!)

2d    Locate model worried about uniform (7)
SITUATE – SIT (model) ATE (worried) about U (uniform)

3d    Flower on top of hill from Dublin? (5)
IRISH – IRIS (flower) on the ‘top’ of Hill

4d    Revolutionary vehicle, favourite for special treatment (3,6)
RED CARPET – RED (revolutionary) CAR (vehicle) PET (favourite)

5d    Parking place for taxis to wait is a joke (5)
PRANK – P (parking) RANK (place for taxis to wait)

6d    Continued, strangely disregarded (9)
UNNOTICED – An anagram (strangely) of CONTINUED

7d    Coward takes advantage of work (7)
MILKSOP – MILKS (takes advantage of) OP (work)

8d    Track round leading lady’s houses? (7)
TERRACE – TRACE (track) goes ’round’ ER (the regnal cipher of our current leading lady)

14d    Moved along a course initially twisted and tangled (9)
TRAVELLED – T (the initial letter of Twisted) plus RAVELLED (tangled)

16d    Fashionable English stage worker lacking in refinement (9)
INELEGANT – IN (fashionable) E (English) LEG (stage) ANT (worker)

17d    Drinks finally sozzling girls (7)
GLASSES – G (the final letter of sozzling) and LASSES (girls)

18d    Think well of a very quiet ramble (7)
APPROVE – A (from the clue) PP (very quiet) ROVE (ramble)

20d    Obstacle in golf, swaying from side to side (7)
ROCKING – ROCK (obstacle) IN (from the clue) G (the letter represented by Golf in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

21d    Joy of ultimately untrained boat crew maintaining lead at first (7)
DELIGHT – The ultimate letter of untraineD, and EIGHT (boat crow), the latter ‘maintaining’ the first letter of Lead

23d    Offender not primarily close to centre of power (5)
INNER – A sINNER (offender) without its primary letter

24d    Exercise time, then shower? (5)
TRAIN – T (time) RAIN (shower)

7 comments on “DT 29688

  1. Indeed, this was a doddle. Luckily, it being Saturday, I had the Times ‘Jumbo’ to exercise the brain cells.

  2. I like Chalicea. It does no harm to have an easy one now and then especially when the questions are clever and fun. I think it encourages newbies.

  3. I do not follow the explanation for 2 down. In what context could the word ‘ate’ be substituted for ‘worried’?

  4. I finished this one without support – whoop – but as usual I’ve had to look at Sue’s explanations for a handful of clues to fully understand their reasoning (25a, 2d, 20d, 23d). I still don’t understand 13a: why are the middle two letters of gentry the ‘essential’ letters of geNTry – does NT mean something? Thanks for your help.

    1. Essential is used quite often as an instruction to use the middle letters of a word – relating to the inner nature of anything – so in this case relating to the inner part of geNTry

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