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ST 3099

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3099

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th March 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

One of those, hard to get going, then wonder why it took so long, Sunday crosswords


1a    Bandaged by feathers and straw, that man in good health (4,3,5)
DOWN THE HATCH – HE (that man) ‘bandaged’ or put inside DOWN (feathers) and THATCH (straw)

9a    Fluid including oil drained next (9)
FOLLOWING – FLOWING (fluid) ‘including’ the outside (drained) letters of OiL

10a    Power punch (5)
CLOUT – Double definition

11a    Traditional UK general election time bound to be chaos (6)
MAYHEM – MAY (traditional UK general election time) HEM (bound)

12a    Hired gun: twin fools in for it? (8)
ASSASSIN – ASS ASS (twin fools) IN (from the clue)

13a    Cut ends off old sausage roll, the worst piece (6)
DELETE – The final letters (end) of olD sausagE rolL thE worsT piecE

15a    Wrap up certain short series (8)
SURROUND – ‘short’ SURe (certain) ROUND (series)

18a    Blatant placing of elderly relative in annexe? (8)
FLAGRANT – GRAN (elderly relative) in FLAT (annexe?)

19a    Party great for gossip (6)
CONFAB – CON (Conservative Party) FAB (great)

21a    Hero getting cold in water, on the retreat (8)
ACHILLES – CHILL (cold) inserted into a reversal (on the retreat) of SEA (water)

23a    Tiresome court procedure (6)
TRYING – Double definitioni

26a    County pack members overheard? (5)
HERTS – A homophone of HEARTS (members of a pack of cards)

27a    Bully sees girl is pinioned by rubber ring (9)
TYRANNISE – ANN (girl) IS (from the clue) ‘pinioned’ by TYRE (rubber ring)

28a    Bird demolished pretty morsel (6,6)
STORMY PETREL – An anagram (demolished) of PRETTY MORSEL


1d    Brought into disrepute, fed up getting made wrong (7)
DEFAMED – A reversal (up) of FED followed by an anagram (wrong) of MADE

2d    Big effort, one going on foot (5)
WELLY – Double definition

3d    Small vehicle in row with estate after crashing (3-6)
TWO-SEATER – An anagram (after crashing) of ROW with ESTATE

4d    Correct current passed up (4)
EDIT – A reversal (passed up) of TIDE (current)

5d    Eminent American ruler of empire (8)
AUGUSTUS – AUGUST (eminent) US (American)

6d    Officer doubling up on a drink (5)
COCOA – CO CO (Commanding Officer ‘doubling up’) on A (from the clue)

7d    Chilli, for example, flavour of the month? (3,5)
HOT STUFF – Double definition

8d    Part of chest, one drawer out of it (6)
STONED – Found in part of cheST ONE Drawer

14d    Tough knots lay there (8)
LEATHERY – An anagram (knots) of LAY THERE

16d    American flower in Rhode Island, giant swallows also (3,6)
RIO GRANDE – RI (Rhode Island) OGRE (giant) ‘swallows’ AND (also)

17d    Creator of new design put hole in wrought iron (8)
INVENTOR – VENT (hole) put in an anagram (wrought) of IRON

18d    Loud, like lightning? (6)
FLASHY – Like lightning

20d    Bad leg I gathered, who cares? (3,4)
BIG DEAL – An anagram (gathered) of BAD LEG I

22d    Virtuoso with record on the radio? (5)
LISZT – A homophone (on the radio) of LIST (record)

24d    More slippery, every other bit of pitch, I hear (5)
ICIER – Every other letter in pItCh I hEaR

25d    Huge number of limbs, arguably? (4)
ARMY – Something that could be described as having lots of arms

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