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MPP 104 – Review

Monthly Prize Puzzle 104 – Review

January 2021

A Puzzle by Prolixic

Congratulations to our January winner – Stan XYZ – who wins a DT Crossword Puzzle Book of his choice

Every clue contains a surplus word not needed to solve it. The initial letters of each surplus word, in clue order, spell out a question that solvers must answer.

The initial letters of the surplus words, highlighted in red in the clues below, spell out “What is the fifth across solution?” and the answer, of course, is GREETINGS


1     Deputy who gives clue to resign (6,2,7)
SECOND IN COMMAND – S (second) in REIGN (command)

9     Hairy hound has last of tandoori bread (7)
AFGHANI – AFGHAN (hound) and the last letter of tandoori – bread here being money

10     Agree to direct adult class (7)
CONFORM – CON (direct) FORM (class)

11     Choose to hold the French trial in English court (5)
ELECT – LE (French definite article) in E (English) CT (court)

12     Get singer included incorrectly in Hello? (9)
GREETINGS – An anagram (incorrectly) of GET SINGER

13     Ignorance of neon sign research? (9)
NESCIENCE – NE (chemical symbol for neon) SCIENCE (research)

15    American stuffs trimmed beef joint for traditional food (5)
SUSHI – US (American) ‘stuffs’ SHIn (trimmed beef joint)

16    Poet’s running out of pornography in Greek hotel (5)
HYING – Hidden in pornograpHY IN Greek

18    Complaint of East German artists troubled about onset of indigestion (9)
GASTRITIS – G (German) an anagram (troubled) of ARTISTS goes ‘about’ the onset of Indigestion

20     Fool returning family pets in March (5,4)
GOOSE STEP – GOOSE (fool) and a reversal of PETS (from the clue)

23     Independent politician once in first-rate plea (5)
ALIBI – LIB (politician once) in AI (first-rate)

24    After finding attention deficit disorder stop athletic supplements (7)
ADDENDA – ADD (attention deficit disorder) END (stop) A (athletic)

25     Trade union removing a liberal in Congress (7)
COITION – Remove A L (liberal) from COALITION (union)

26     CIA’s nerve centre arranged hourly access (7,8)


1    Arab Sheik’s agents ran around to find treacherous person (5,2,3,5)

2     We hear Charlie rings birds (7)
CYGNETS – A homophone (we hear) of SIGNETS (rings)

3     Close shave from new razor person left out (4,5)
NEAR THING – N (new) EARTHlING (person with L (left) omitted (out))

4     Some organ music in Germany may be chilling (5)
ICING – Hidden in musIC IN Germany

5     Dogs eat the Spanish sea birds (9)
COCKERELS – COCKERS (dogs) ‘eat’ EL (Spanish definite article)

6    Impressionist’s working secretly to infiltrate London police (5)
MONET – ON (working) to ‘inilitrate’ MET (London police)

7     Academy limits salary increases (7)
ABOUNDS – A (academy) BOUNDS (limits)

8    Study origins of argument over Tory abandoning principles (8,7)
DOMESTIC SCIENCE – DOMESTIC (slang term for an argument) over conSCIENCE (CON (tory) abandoning CONSCIENCE (principles)

14    Terrible experience of headless man on large horse (9)
NIGHTMARE – kNIGHT (man without its ‘head’ or first letter) on MARE (horse)

15    Underground with more lines, one barely running, leader of industry admitted (9)
STREAKIER – STREAKER (one barely running) with the ‘leader’ of Industry ‘admitted’

17     Trappist description of monk is correct (2,5)
IN ORDER – A description of a monk perhaps

19     Feeling I‘m not in education (7)
TUITION – Remove the IN from inTUITION (feeling)

21    Boredom overwhelms nationals in European Union island (5)
ENNUI – NN (Nationals) in EU (European Union) followed by I (island)

22    Large tropical bird leaves Long Island nesting tree (5)
PECAN – Remove LI (leaves Long Island) from PEliCAN (large tropical bird)

The usual thanks to Prolixic and Mr and Mrs BD

9 comments on “MPP 104 – Review

  1. Congratulations, Stan, how nice to see another of our regular blog contributors scooping the monthly prize.
    Thank you for the review, CS, I appreciated the cleverness of Prolixic even more when not so busy hunting out the superfluous words!

  2. Well done Stan XYZ!
    This was a great puzzle.
    Thanks to ProliXic and to crypticsue for the review.

  3. Congratulations Stan, my only consolation is I got the correct answer! Thanks to Prolixic and to CS, surely the most hard working person on the blog, for the review.

  4. Heartiest congratulations to Stan XYZ on winning the MPP-104. Thanks to Prolixic once again for setting such an interesting and entertaining puzzle, to Crypticsue for the brilliant review and to Mrs Dave and BD for holding the monthly event.

  5. Congratulations to Stan XYZ. Really pleased we got the right answer but we did enter a word incorrectly! Enjoyed the puzzle so many thanks to Prolixic and also to CS and Big Dave.

  6. Well done, Stan XYZ, and thanks to CS for the review, especially for the parsing of 1a which eluded me.

  7. Congratulations to Stan XYZ and thanks to crypticsue for posting a nicely illustrated review. This was a most enjoyable puzzle from Prolixic and I look forward to the next MPP. BD hosts a cracking Blog!

  8. Belated GREETINGS to one and all … I forgot I entered this one.

    BD, no need to send a prize as I only enter the MPP for the Honour and the Glory.

    Also, I am not worthy of a prize as I couldn’t parse 1a despite looking at it for almost two weeks.

    Special thanks to Prolixic for the puzzle and CS for the review. (Not forgetting Mrs BD who chose my name out of the electronic hat!)

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