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DT 29521

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29521

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 14th November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *^Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Afternoon All! This is CS’s review as I am in work Turmoil!


1a Greek character recalled problem about British diamond (7)
RHOMBUS – RHO (Greek character) and a reversed (recalled) SUM (problem) ‘about’ B (British)

5a Martians at last on flying saucer? It’s deliberate (7)
DISCUSS – The last letter of martianS goes on or after a DISCUS (flying saucer)

9d Well-connected criminals in this working group! (5,4)
CHAIN GANG – Cryptic definition

10a Cautionary signal as award accepted by retiring artist (5)
AMBER- MBE (award) ‘accepted by’ a reversed (retiring) RA (artist)

11a Shed worth being refurbished (5)
THROW – An anagram (being refurbished) of WORTH

12a Coppers on spot reported revolution (3,6)
SEA CHANGE – A homophone (reported) of SEE (spot) and CHANGE (coppers)

13a Denied agent involved in a plot (9)
ABNEGATED – An anagram (involved) of AGENT inserted between A (from the clue) and BED (plot)

16a Unit employed with rocks to lug round area (5)
CARAT – CART (lug) ‘round’ A (area)

17a Conscientious consumer for example stops goods vehicle (5)
VEGAN – EG (for example) ‘stops’ VAN (goods vehicle)

18a Member is slow to pass laws (9)
LEGISLATE – LEG (member) IS (from the clue) LATE (slow)

20a Boat from Oxford University set off (9)
OUTRIGGER – OU (Oxford University) TRIGGER (set off)

23a Weapon returned to court causing bleed? (5)
EXACT – A reversal (returned) of AXE (weapon) followed by CT (court)

25a Search through an atlas for this country (5)
GHANA – Hidden in throuGH AN Atlas

26a Drunk on a charge in Alaskan port … (9)
ANCHORAGE – An anagram (drunk) of ON A CHARGE

27a … injured her shin getting wine! (7)
RHENISH – An anagram (injured) of HER SHIN

28a Lead and quietly withdraw (7)
PRECEDE – P (piano, quietly) RECEDE (withdraw)


1d Actor, ‘with it’, could make something cheesy (7)
RICOTTA – An anagram (could make) of ACTOR with IT

2d Performing song live (2,3)
ON AIR – ON (performing) AIR (song)

3d Popular movement to exclude fwightful person? (9)
BANDWAGON – BAN (exclude) DWAGON (how someone with a speech impediment might say DRAGON or frightful person)

4d Features one we might expect to find in ship? (5)
STARS – We might expect to find a TAR (sailor) in an SS (ship)

5d Champ among boxers perhaps in ruthless competition (3-3-3)
DOG-EAT-DOG – EAT (champ) put between DOG and DOG (boxers perhaps)

6d Good soul remains to get amount squirrelled away (5)
STASH – ST (good soul) ASH (remains)

7d Classy bar near a poor town locale (5,4)
URBAN AREA – U (upper class) and an anagram (poor) of BAR NEAR A

8d Satanic sort, very French, about to ensnare writer (7)
SERPENT – A reversal (about) of TRES (the French word for very) which ‘ensnares’ PEN (writer)

14d Distressing experience adjusting the margin (9)
NIGHTMARE – An anagram (adjusting) of THE MARGIN

15d Communications device to signal unwittingly (9)
TELEGRAPH – Double definition

16d Stew has turkey in creole cooking (9)
CASSEROLE – ASS (turkey) inserted into an anagram (cooking) of CREOLE

17d Bad lover pens heartless gag for online contributor (7)
VLOGGER – An anagram (bad) of LOVER ‘pens’ GG (G
aG without its heart)

19d Intense old partner leaves home? Maiden brought in (7)
EXTREME – EX (old partner) TREE (the home of leaves) with M (maiden) inserted

21d Irish with a question, one for Arab (5)
IRAQI – IR (Irish) A (from the clue) Q (question) I (one)

22d Run, step up and go over again (5)
RECAP – R (run) and a reversal (up) of PACE (step)

24d In the beginning, Adam mentioned temptation as moderate (5)
ABATE – The ‘beginning’ letter of Adam and a homophone (mentioned) of BAIT (temptation)