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ST 3079

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3079

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 25th October 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Dada successfully combined solver-friendliness and enjoyment in this particular Sunday Prize Puzzle.

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7a    Criticise long dash (7)
PANACHE – PAN (criticise) ACHE (long)

8a    Country anti-US, I suspect (7)
TUNISIA – An anagram (suspect) of ANTI US I

10a    Large measure of wine like that in meal he cooked (10)
METHUSELAH – An anagram (cooked) of MEAL HE into which is inserted THUS (like that)

11a    Slight rest (4)
LEAN – Double definition, slight in the sense of thin

12a    Stop working: finished: start playing! (6,2)
STRIKE UP – STRIKE (stop working) UP (finished)

14a    Large number rarely cut back beyond zero (6)
OODLES – A reversal (back) of SELDOm (rarely – cut indicating that you don’t need the last letter) goes after (beyond) O (zero)

15a    Americans go wild for old presidential policies (11)
REAGANOMICS – An anagram (wild) of AMERICANS GO

19a    Throaty animal, reportedly? (6)
HOARSE – Sounds like (reportedly) HORSE (animal)

20a    Hit by water perhaps, hut behind mountains knocked over (8)
SPLASHED – SHED (hut) goes behind or after a reversal (knocked over) of ALPS (mountains)

22a    Originally resembling hairy emu, another flightless bird (4)
RHEA – The original letters of Resembling Hairy Emu Another

23a    Get language absolutely right that’s applied digitally (4,6)
NAIL POLISH – NAIL (get absolutely right) POLISH (language)

25a    Teal wrong, colour changed (7)
ALTERED – An anagram (wrong) of TEAL followed by RED (colour)

26a    Happy matter (7)
CONTENT – Double definition


1d    Royal power James abused, treachery in the extreme (7)
MAJESTY – An anagram (abused) of JAMES followed by the ‘extreme’ letters of TreacherY

2d    Impulsive eruption (4)
RASH – Double definition

3d    Pure Hispanic has terrific features (6)
CHASTE – Featured in hispaniC HAS TErrific

4d    Expand space beneath mess (8)
MUSHROOM – ROOM (space) goes beneath (in a Down solution) MUSH (mess)

5d    Go under: so could swimming dinosaur (10)
DIPLODOCUS – DIP (go under) followed by an anagram (swimming) of SO COULD

6d    Position a cheek upward, exercising to improve posture etc (7)
PILATES – A reversal (upward in a Down clue) of SET (position) A LIP (cheek)

9d    Toss hat in air and lose it? (4,4,3)
FLIP ONES LID – LID being an informal term for a hat

13d    Pick, perhaps, specialised ship (10)
ICEBREAKER – Double definition

16d    First of tales penned, author taking a drink (5,3)
GREEN TEA – GREENE (Graham the author) ‘penning’ the first letter of Tales and then ‘taking’ A (from the clue) at the end

17d    Remarkably hot fluid filling pastry up (3,4)
NOT HALF – An anagram (fluid) of HOT filling or going inside a reversal (up) of FLAN (pastry)

18d    Character in power with reason to reform (7)
PERSONA – P (power) with an anagram (to reform) of REASON

21d    Computer showing leg and head (6)
LAPTOP – LAP (leg, part of a race) TOP (head)

24d    One instrument having topped another (4)
LUTE – We’ve had a lot of flutes losing their ‘top’ lately – here’s another one