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DT 29431

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29431

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st August 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Cephas gave us a nice middling-difficulty Saturday puzzle – quite a bit of ‘doing something with a letter’ and several anagrams, but on the whole a good mix of clues, all wrapped up in a pangram

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7a    Lighting-up time? (8)
DAYBREAK – The time of day when darkness turns into sunlight

9a    Cut support after finishing early (6)
TEETHE – TEE (golf support) THEn (after ‘finishing early’ or without its last letter)

10a    Range of notes, not English, found with old book (6)
OCTAVO – OCTAVe (range of notes, leaving off the E – not English) O (old)

11a    Old drink Edmund did not sell locally (8)
EXPORTED – EX (old) PORT (drink) ED (Edmund)

12a    Sorted secret type of advertisement? (10)
CLASSIFIED – A triple definition

14a    Pound, perhaps, that’s found in a Bible? (4)
EZRA – The Christian name of Mr Pound the poet or a book of the Old Testament

15a    Picnicker Stan upset and terrified (5-8)

17a    Growth in infancy stalled (4)
CYST – Hidden in infanCY STalled

18d    Fight with no admission charge (4-3-3)
FREE-FOR-ALL – With the hyphens, it is a fight, without it would indicate no admission charge

20a    Waiter is stirring something in the garden (8)
WISTERIA – An anagram (stirring) of WAITER IS

21a    Deputy who works to rule (6)
REGENT – A cryptic definition of someone who deputises for a ruler

23a    A couple almost reconstructed dome (6)
CUPOLA – An anagram (reconstructed) of A COUPLe (almost telling you not to use the E)

24a    Particular skill about pa’s undoing bag (8)
KNAPSACK – KNACK (particular skill) goes about an anagram (undoing) of PAS


1d    May Anglican novice withdraw? (6)
CANCEL – CAN (may) CE (Church of England, Anglican) L (learner, novice)

2d    Singers unchanged having turned up (4)
ABBA – This particular group of singers has a name which is a palindrome and so remains unchanged when reversed (turned up in a Down clue)

3d    Frenzied comedian, 16 (8)
DEMONIAC – An anagram (frenzied) of COMEDIAN produces a synonym of the solution to 16d

4d    Put Sid out senseless (6)
STUPID – An anagram (out) of PUT SID

5d    Moving picture and description of onion? (4-6)
TEAR-JERKER – A description of a particularly moving film or the act of peeling an onion, both of which could move you to tears

6d    Congregation race to find grazing land (5,3)
SHEEP RUN – SHEEP (congregation) RUN (race)

8d    Do not tell people how to save electricity (4,2,3,4)
KEEP IN THE DARK – this expression sounds like it is telling you how to save electricity

13d    Article I included in depot for waste disposal (10)
SANITATION – AN (indefinite article) I (from the clue) included in STATION (depot)

15d    Feeling of anger going round confused shy figure (8)
PHYSIQUE – PIQUE (feeling of anger) ‘going round’ an anagram (confused) of SHY

16d    Conclude Leanne regularly turned up to be very annoying (8)
INFERNAL – INFER (conclude) and the regular letters of LeAnNe reversed (turned up)

18d    Ceremonial way to shape nearly everything (6)
FORMAL – FORM (shape) ALl (nearly everything)

19d    Folly of girl crossing North America (6)
LUNACY – LUCY (girl) ‘crossing’ NA (North America)

22d    Flood stopped by bogus handyman (4)
GUSH – Hidden in (stopped by) boGUS Handyman


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  1. As usual, some of these came easily, felt the answer to 4d when the penny finally dropped 😂

    Thanks as ever to setter and CS for elucidation.

  2. It all seems so straightforward on refelection but I do recall much gnashing of teeth over 9a.
    Thanks to CS and Cephas.

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