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DT 29401

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29401

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 27th June 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

A most enjoyable Prize Puzzle for lovers of words and clues with great surface readings


1a    Practical and realistic — so grounded? (4-2-5)
DOWN-TO-EARTH – without the hyphens, this phrase would mean on the ground

9a    Arab in next to no time coming back (5)
OMANI – A reversal (coming back) of IN A MO (in next to no time)

10a    Monster wants patriarch and prophet beheaded (9)
LEVIATHAN – LEVI (Old Testament patriarch) and nATHAN (beheaded telling you to remove the first letter from a prophet from the reign of King David in Israel

11a    Influential France international missed in cup-tie … (7)
SEMINAL – Remove (missed) the IVR Code for France and the abbreviation for International from a SEMIfiNAL (cup tie)

12a    … again, but for the last time? (4,4)
ONCE MORE – Sounds like you’d only repeat something one more time

14a    See animal go on rampage in bush (8)
MAGNOLIA – Bush is needed for the surface reading, but really it is a tree. An anagram (on rampage) of ANIMAL GO

15a    What heavy drinker does to exercise (4)
TOPE – TO (from the clue) PE (exercise)

17a    Fouled aplenty? Referee may award this (7)
PENALTY – An anagram (fouled) of APLENTY

19a    Man’s one from Paisley (4)
ISLE Hidden in paISLEy

20a    Mr Fawlty is king? Here’s creature with lethal gaze! (8)
BASILISK – BASIL (Mr Fawlty) IS (from the clue) K (King in chess notation)

21a    Her plans unexpectedly change (8)
SHRAPNEL – An anagram (unexpectedly) of HER PLANS produces an informal term for the loose change in your pocket

23a    Honourable in leading Tories? (7)
UPRIGHT – UP (leading) RIGHT (Tories)

25a    Protection in flying saucer orbiting moon ultimately (9)
INSURANCE – IN (from the clue) followd by an anagram (flying) of SAUCER ‘orbiting’ the ultimate letter of mooN

26a    Wild dog making noise disappear (5)
DINGO – DIN (noise) GO (disappear)

27a    Make difference Canute couldn’t? (4,3,4)
TURN THE TIDE – Something King Canute proved he couldn’t do


2d    Round container Crusoe finally dropped in sea (5)
OCEAN – O (round letter) CAN (container) with E (the final letter of Crusoe) ‘dropped in’

3d    Excellent surgeon in northeast shows innocence (7)
NAIVETE – AI (excellent) VET (surgeon) inserted into NE (North East)

4d    Construction you once put in river (8)
OUTHOUSE – THOU (you once) put in the river OUSE

5d    Stands for election in Brunswick (4)
RUNS – Hidden in bRUNSwick

6d    Swineherd always seen in celebration? (8)
HOGMANAY – HOGMAN (swineherd) AY (always)

7d    Brave daughter having lost certain female relatives? (9)
DAUNTLESS – D (daughter) AUNTLESS (having lost certain female relatives)

8d    Bill to announce opera (7,4)
WILLIAM TELL – WILLIAM (Bill) TELL (to announce)

12d    Not to be approached — like exhausted kangaroo? (3,2,6)
OUT OF BOUNDS – The exhausted kangaroo would be too tired to bound across the land

13d    Dreadful Ms Baker joins ship (7)
EMBARKS – An anagram (dreadful) of MS BAKER

16d    See sprain affected winger (9)
PASSERINE – An anagram (affected) of SEE SPRAIN produces a member of an order of birds (winger)

17d    Linguist in college once moved across lake (8)
POLYGLOT – POLY (an old (once) college) GOT (moved) ‘across’ L (Lake)

18d    Complete from beginning to end, concealing nothing (8)
THOROUGH – THROUGH (from beginning to end) ‘concealing’ O (nothing)

19d    Fix where your setter admits to espionage? (7)
IMPLANT – IM (your setter) [a] PLANT (an informal term for a spy)

22d    Classic film festival admits 50, approximately (2,3)
EL CID – EID (festival) ‘admits’ L (Roman numeral for 50) and C (circa, about, approximately)

24d    Audible drop in level (4)

TIER – A homophone (audible) of TEAR (drop)



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  1. 2*/4*….
    liked 12D ” not to be approached — like exhausted kangaroo? (3,2,6)”

  2. So pleased to find this page & solution.
    I am DT digital subscriber and solutions no longer published?
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    DT not responding to complaint .
    Got all answers correct, thanks you have eased my frustration and BP

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