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DT 29383

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29383

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 6th June 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

An enjoyable Saturday Prize puzzle with a Nina at the top (FIFTEEN) and bottom (SQUARED) of the grid, which describes a normal cryptic crossword grid. The reason for the Nina was explained when the setter, Messinae, posted a comment to let us know that this was his 225th DT back page crossword.

Such a shame that, given the crossword was published on D-Day, the opportunity for a ‘message’ starting with the solutions to 1d, 2d and 3d didn’t go any further.

For the information of anyone who has joined the blog since lockdown (and as a reminder to others as it has been a long time since we had a Prize Puzzle Review), because the Saturday and Sunday cryptics are prize puzzles, only a few hints are given on the day of publication, and a full review, where all the solutions are shown and the explanations are in full rather than just hinted, is published after the closing date for competition entries.

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8a    Where 11 lives beside American racetrack? (7)
AINTREE – An 11a lives IN TREE and this should be placed after (beside in an Across clue) A (America)

10a    Barrel kept in bar, a domed building (7)
ROTUNDA – TUN (barrel) inserted (kept) in ROD (bar), the result followed by A (from the clue)

11a    Primate called wearing unfashionable article (5-4)
ORANG-UTAN – RANG (called) inserted into (wearing) OUT (unfashionable) AN (indefinite article)

12a    Spy‘s a decent chap (5)
AGENT – A (from the clue) GENT (decent chap)

13a    Move period of work (5)
SHIFT – Double definition – a verb meaning to move or a period of work, in a factory, for example

14a    Politician and artist in defamation case (7)
LIBERAL – RA (Royal Academician, artist) inserted into LIBEL (defamation case)

17a    Restraining madman is our job, tangling with menace is not (3,2,5,5)
MEN IN WHITE COATS – An anagram (tangling) of WITH MENACE IS NOT

19a    Somewhere in New Zealand daughter listened to radio, missing start (7)
DUNEDIN – D (daughter) and tUNED IN (listened to radio, missing the ‘start’ or first letter of tuned)

21a    Hissy fit as drink’s knocked back (5)
STROP – A reversal (knocked back in an Across clue) of PORTS (drink’s)

24a    Small figure among clique (5)
INSET – IN (among) SET (clique)

26a    Factory worker achieving speed of sound in back street (9)
MACHINIST – MACH I (the speed of sound), a reversal (back) of IN, ST (street)

27a    In the outskirts of Franklin take coffee and squash (7)
FLATTEN – LATTE (coffee) inserted into the outside letters of FrankliN

28a    Cyclist’s trick — excited cry to give false impression (7)
WHEELIE – WHEE (excited cry) LIE (to give false impression)


1d    Notable female, a computer operator mostly (6)
FAMOUS – F (female) A (from the clue) and most of a MOUSe (computer operator)

2d    Rampaging so in vain attack (8)
INVASION – An anagram (rampaging) of SO IN VAIN

3d    Put the fear of God into criminal ring the FBI man arrests (10)
FRIGHTENED – An anagram (criminal) of RING THE inserted into (arrests) FED (FBI man)

4d    Interpret excuse for delay when one is lost? (9)
TRANSLATE – Lose the I (one) from TRAINS LATE (excuse for delay)

5d    High point as stake raised (4)
ETNA – Crosswordland’s Volcano of the Month is obtained by reversing (raised in a Down clue) ANTE (betting stake)

6d    Finish support heading off to foster care (6)
ENDEAR – END (finish) bEAR (bear or support without its ‘heading’)

7d    Sea creature behaving badly, one hears, left America (8)
NAUTILUS – A homophone (one hears) of NAUGHTY (behaving badly) followed by L (left) US (America)

9d    Grub found in peat soil (4)
EATS – Another word that’s been in quite a few crosswords lately – this time hidden (found) in pEAT Soil

15d    Bid slacker to work — one perhaps reluctant to do so? (10)
BACKSLIDER – An anagram (to work) of BID SLACKER

16d    Old man eating chicken — sign that could portend prodigious events (9)
PHENOMENA – PA (father, old man) ‘eating’ HEN (chicken) and OMEN – I had to smile when typing the blog as the Word spell check facility thought there ought to be a hyphen between man and chicken!!

17d    Causes offence with independent doctor probing lower regions (8)
MIDRIFFS – Even the name of this area of the body implies it is in the middle rather than lower regions? MIFFS (causes offence) into which is inserted (probing) I (independent) and DR (doctor)

18d    Being frailer, I fired weapon (3,5)
AIR RIFLE – An anagram (fired) of FRAILER I

20d    New question about supermarket exchange (6)
NASDAQ – N (new) and Q (question) go ‘about’ ASDA (supermarket)

22d    Concentrated and played successful snooker shot (6)
POTTED – Double definition – Summarised simply or played a successful snooker shot

23d    Boat company in Cornwall etc. (4)
SCOW – CO (company) in SW (Cornwall etc being in the South West of England)

25d    Express disapproval over posh archbishop (4)
TUTU – TUT (express disapproval) goes over U (upper-class, posh)

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  1. When will someone clue 5d in an original way? Given that word to clue, the first thing I’d think is ‘Not the old ‘raised stake’ chestnut’
    Thanks for the review CS

  2. In future when faced with that volcano perhaps initially Everyone Takes New Approaches!
    Thanks to CS and Messinae and welcome back to the Prize puzzle

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