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DT 29355

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29355

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Hello, everyone.  Seven days since my last blog, so it must be Tuesday.  Today we have a puzzle that I thought came from the more straightforward end of the Tuesday spectrum.  Those seeking a stiffer challenge might find it over on the other side, where Dada has crafted a very enjoyable and original Toughie. 

In the hints below most indicators are italicized and precise definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the solution buttons will reveal the answers.  In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it or display a bonus illustration.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



1a    Backlash from Religious Education movement (8)
REACTION:  The abbreviation for Religious Education is followed by movement or effect 

5a    Education shortened after girl failed to attend (6)
MISSED:  A synonym of girl is followed by the abbreviation (shortened) for education 

10a   Scratchier cat is spoiling properties (15)

11a   Stroke bird, for example (7)
PATTERN:  Stroke or touch is followed by a sea bird 

12a   Complaint from this writer as beer's missing head (7)
MEASLES:  Concatenate a pronoun the setter would use for themself, AS from the clue, and a type of beer missing its first letter (head) but with its 'S from the clue

13a   Bill's  hands and feet? (8)
MEASURES:  Triple definition.  Bills or enactments (ignore the misdirecting punctuation), hands as applied to horses, and feet as found on old rulers 

15a   The grasses -- regularly cut short (5)
TERSE:  Alternate letters (regularly) of the first two words in the clue 

18a   In next Rambo? One might get shot (5)
EXTRA:  The answer is hidden in the remainder of the clue 

20a   Nude sadly ordered to leave area at once (8)
SUDDENLY:  An anagram (ordered) of NUDE S[a]DLY minus (to leave) the abbreviation for area 

23a   Additional  help (7)
FURTHER:  A double definition, the first an adjective, the second a verb 

25a   Show article to be edited (7)
RECITAL:  An anagram (to be edited) of ARTICLE 

26a   Family members ignoring large, round donation for congressmen? (15)
REPRESENTATIVES:  Some generic family members minus (ignoring) the clothing abbreviation for large are wrapped round a donation or gift

27a   Dirty place was first to be given a makeover? (6)
STYLED:  A dirty place or a home for pigs is followed by a word meaning "was first" 

28a   Prisoner insists losing 'cool' is made up (8)
CONSISTS:  A usual prisoner is followed by INSISTS from the clue minus (losing) a usual word for cool or fashionable 



1d    Repeats expression of hesitation over headwear (6)
RECAPS:  The reversal (over) of an expression of hesitation is followed by some headwear

2d    Flat broke meant pinching to some degree (9)
APARTMENT:  An anagram (broke) of MEANT containing (pinching) a word meaning "to some degree"

3d    Tense composer's journeys (7)
TRAVELS:  The single letter for tense is followed by a French composer of ice skating music, with his 'S from the clue

4d    Frequently dull without leader (5)
OFTEN:  A word meaning dull or reduce in intensity minus its first letter (without leader

6d    Isn't worried by insect's heartbeat (7)
INSTANT:  An anagram (worried) of ISN'T is followed by a usual worker insect 

7d    Son to take out gift (5)
SKILL:  The genealogical abbreviation for son is followed by take out or make dead

8d    Good-looking person cutting end off flower -- catastrophe! (8)
DISASTER:  A dated good-looking person minus his last letter (cutting end off) is followed by a type of flower 

9d    For 50% of medics, bandaging is guaranteed (8)
PROMISED:  A short synonym of "for" is followed by 50% of the letters in MEDICS containing (bandaging) IS from the clue 

14d   Kept  cool (8)
RESERVED:  A double definition. Kept or put aside, and cool as a personality trait 

16d   Awfully versatile folks? (9)
RELATIVES:  An anagram (awfully) of VERSATILE 

17d   What entertainer does for each class so nothing is forgotten (8)
PERFORMS:  Put together a short word meaning "for each", a class at school, and S[o] from the clue minus the letter that looks like zero or nothing (… nothing is forgotten

19d   Adult allowed to wear the jumper, perhaps (7)
ATHLETE:  The single letter for adult is followed by allowed or permitted inserted in (to wear) THE from the clue.  The perhaps indicates a definition by example 

21d   Former lover refers to thrills (7)
EXCITES:  A usual former lover is followed by refers to or quotes 

22d   Bishop survives reprimands (6)
BLASTS:  The chess abbreviation for bishop is followed by survives or endures 

24d   About to provide answer (5)
REPLY:  A usual short word meaning about or concerning is followed by to provide or to sell 

25d   Relation in Detroit arranged to be picked up (5)
RATIO:  The answer is hidden in the reversal (… to be picked up, in a down clue) of the remainder of the clue 


Thanks to today’s setter.  The clue I liked most was 13a.  What was your favourite?


The Quick Crossword pun:  INN + OWE + SCENT = INNOCENT

75 comments on “DT 29355

  1. This was a straightforward * for me, the first time I have said that on a Tuesday for many a long lockdown. There were a couple which threatened to add more time, with 11a being the last to fall, otherwise the setter and I seemed to be on the same wave-length.

    Speaking of which, according to the BBC, so it must be true, amateur radio is making a comeback as isolated people reach out to chat to strangers. Will CB-radio be next? I think I’ve still got mine in the cellar.

    Many thanks to the setter and Mr. K.

    1. Well I’m glad you found this easy it’s the first time I’ve looked at the crossword and at some times I thought they were speaking a different language to me I think I managed a couple first time will try again and again see if I can get the thought process needed

      1. Welcome to the blog, Paul. Cryptic crosswords do have their own language, so that reaction to your first puzzle is not unexpected. Big Dave has posted a helpful introduction to cryptics here. A read through those pages might help with developing that thought process you mention.

        Most commenters posting here have been solving cryptics for decades, so some are going to find puzzles like this one straightforward. A goal of this site is to help new solvers get to that point, so please keep commenting and ask questions about anything that isn’t clear.

  2. This didn’t put up much of a fight at all, I can’t remember a more straightforward puzzle. I didn’t even have to write the anagrams down!
    No particular favourites but I thought 23a and 14d were good examples of that type of clue, with the amusing 20a making up the podium.
    Many thanks to the setter and to Mr K for the fun, and in particular for Mr Cash’s excellent version of the Springsteen classic.

  3. A very straightforward puzzle and moderately entertaining (1.5*/3*). I liked the 25a rekrul and 13a, which I didn’t see straightaway.The only clue which held me up was 2a, which was a bit convoluted. Thanks to Mr K andd the setter. Stay safe and well everyone.

  4. Found this fairly straight forward, with no hold ups apart from my misspelling of the infectious disease. As for the toughy it’s well above my pay grade. Keep safe everybody.

  5. No real difficulty today but enjoyable nevertheless. 2d was a bit confusing. Last in. Favourite 3d.

  6. Am afraid I can’t say I overly cared for this one. Pretty straightforward & finished in just over ** time but for some reason the clues didn’t fit my eye so no particular favourites today. Unfortunately today’s Graun looks beyond me so will give Dada’s Toughie a bash – though I still have the bruises from my encounter with him at the Graun’s weekend prize crossword where Gazza’s help got me over the line.
    Thanks to the setter & Mr K

    1. Today’s Brendan crossword in the Guardian was the most brilliant fun, especially if you like a bit of maths, history and dates. It’s worth having a go, because I learnt a few things I didn’t know before.

      1. Maths, history & dates…..
        No wonder I ground to a halt after 10 solved but will revisit as you & LBR recommend so highly.

  7. Just my level, so very enjoyable. Puzzled over the clever misdirection of 2d for a while, which was a favourite along with 17d.
    Loved the clever cats!
    Thanks to setter and Mr K.

  8. 2.5*/2.5*. Although I found most of this straightforward, a handful of clues in the top half gave me considerable grief taking me above my 2* time.

    A bit nit-picky, but isn’t “isn’t” rather uninspired anagram fodder for “inst” in 6d?

    13a was my favourite.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Mr K.

  9. Solved alone and unaided and could parse all the clues, so a Hurrah for me day!

    Found it less straightforward than most seem to have, but enjoyable.

    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K ….loved the goalkeeping cat.

  10. No problems to report from here and my top three were 11&20a plus 2d. I suspect that the pictured 11a is a gull rather than the one referred to in the answer?
    We seem to be a little short on comments so far – I guess everyone is battling with the Dada Toughie which I’m not even going to look at until I’ve dealt with the ironing pile.

    Thanks to today’s setter and to Mr K for his review and feline 19ds.

  11. Quite straightforward but couldn’t for the life of me (should I be saying that?) get 11a.
    But good fun and thanks to both **/***.
    PS Love the cat shown in 10a.

  12. This was an enjoyable solve. I was held up by 2d because I was concentrating on being “flat broke” so I missed the indicator. Once it dawned on me it had to become my COTD. Others worthy of mention are 11a, 13a and 9d.

    Grateful thanks to the setter. Many thanks to Mr K, also, for the hints. I did not need them today but I always read them anyway especially when cats are involved. :smile:

  13. The hand moves faster than the eye can follow.
    Only 13a made me pause for thought.
    Thanks to the setter and to Mr.K

  14. Very straightforward for the second day in a row; bit concerned the rest of the week is going to make up for it.

    Very enjoyable.

    Many thanks to the setter and Mr. K

  15. Straightforward with no real difficulties. 9d was my favourite clue. Thanks to the setter and Mr.K.

  16. Once “tuned in” progressed steadily through with no real hold-ups.
    13a my COTD.
    Thanks to setter & Mr K.
    I will get my daughter to explain the humour in the pic. for 2d.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, LbR. I read the number on the door as 484 so it was no wonder that I couldn’t see the joke. It’s time to go to Specsavers (or it will be when the lockdown’s lifted).

      2. Yes thank you LbR, as I predicted daughter explained it. I am a “silver surfer” who can’t get on the board figuratively. Bit too deep for me.I am not into Memes either.
        Hope the press thing worked OK.

    1. I’d put an explanation in the text box that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the pic. But that doesn’t help those on tablets and phones.

      I should also explain that the 25d cat is illustrating the Fibonacci spiral and the Golden ratio.

      1. Clever cat. Of course Biggles saw the connection straight away.
        I watch University Challenge & Only Connect & they leave me thinking how little I know. Today the hints have now left me with the same feeling.
        Seeing the link now between the answer & Fibonacci (I looked that up after it came up on one or the other) just shows how much thought goes into them that is sadly lost on people like me.
        Mr K thank again you for your hints and explanations that deserve better than I.

        1. Hi, LrOK, and sorry about the effect of the mathy cat pic. That was not my intention. I put an explanation of the lines on the pic in the hover text for those who might wonder what they were about, and then explained it here below the line because it seems many can’t see the hover. The Fibonacci spiral is specialised knowledge of dubious utility. Please don’t feel bad about not having heard of it.

          1. Mr K
            Don’t apologise at all. I don’t feel at all bad about not knowing the Fibonacci series as I then go to Mr Wicki and fill in some gaps that will probably become gaps again..
            In these times of lockdown it passes the time more usefully than watching “Killing Eve”.

  17. A short run for my money today. Hands in 13a didn’t occur to me so it was a bung-in. Fav was 2d. Will give the Toughie a go later on but doubt I will get far as can rarely find Dada’s wavelength. Thank you Mysteron and MrK.

  18. I am in the ‘straightforward, enjoyable and 13a favourite’ camp today. A beautiful day for an afternoon’s walk, despite the cooling wind. Thanks to both Misters involved.

  19. What I call a nice sitting down relaxed solve, a few gimmies,a long anagram and some you had to puzzle over. Favourites for me 12a and 2d. In favt another quality crossword.
    On a personal note yesterday was tough it would have been Mrs Spooks 70th virtual glasses were raised by many friends.
    Its lookin a bit stormy outside so I think dog walks will be later. Lets hope we get some releif from lockdow.
    Thanks to Mr K and setter, how do they keep producing such quality puzzles.

    1. Hi, Spook. Yesterday must have been hard. Good to hear that at least you were surrounded by friends.

    2. I’ll raise a glass to her tonight. I’m sorry you’re having such va sad time.

  20. All seem to agree on a straight forward solve for a change ,a pleasant start to the day round about a **/***.
    Thanks Mr K for the kitten pic for10a-looks familiar!
    No real favourites , maybe 9d as I like charades.
    Just completed the Dada and I look forward to the comments!.

    1. Hi, Beaver. Yes, I’ve used the primary 10a pic once before. But it aligned so well with the surface that a repeat appearance felt justified.

  21. How daft. I could not get 2d even with the hints. I was looking for an anagram of flat to start with. Then a synonym and the answer just did not occur to me. The rest was fairly straightforward.
    Thanks to both

  22. Yet another nice solve, as Spook says, how do they keep on producing them? I was fixated on pigeon for the bird
    until I clocked the ‘example’ and if I am to be picky I thought 5a was a bit simplistic. But I loved the two long anagrams
    which both went in immediately. Thanks to everyone. I’m off to water my tomatoes.

  23. 11ac was my last one in and took time as I had written in the crossers with a wrong answer to 1dn albeit with a question mark by the side because I hadn’t parsed it. Apart from that a good crossword. I liked 26ac and 28ac.

    In a while, on to the Toughie😎

    Thanks to Mr K for the tip at 11ac … a penny dropping moment … and to the setter.

  24. Sorry but I found this difficult ***/*** 😬 but in the end strangely enjoyable 😳 Thanks to Mr Kitty and to the Setter my favourites were 11a and 18a I really enjoyed the video accompanying 19d but only 2/10 for “patgull” 😉

  25. 13a took me almost as long as the rest of the puzzle. Very funny when the penny dropped so that’s my favourite. Many thanks to The setter and to Mr Kitty.

  26. The misleading nature of 2d was clever and held me up until I went back to basics and took the clue apart, word for word. Getting the two big 15 letter answers in early was crucial for me.
    Thanks to setter and Mr K.
    Can’t put off getting the lawnmower out any longer.

  27. I think the bird is a Silver Gull, a sub species of the New Zealand Red Billed Gull, but congratulations on finding footage of someone patting a tern like bird.

  28. I could easily repeat the same comment every week as I do like Tuesdays.
    It was even good to see the relatives making an appearance twice as they are dearly missed at the moment.
    Talking of which, 9d would have been more topical with Masking instead of Bandaging.
    I’m becoming obsessed with this dreadful curse. Sorry.
    Thanks to the setter and to Mr Kitty for the review and short vids.

  29. A very pleasant solve today, with considerable enjoyment. Finished in * time, with my LOI being 7d. Top clues: 2d, 3d, and 9d. Spent most of my evening, last night, working the Toughie, which is quite delightfully challenging today. Thanks as always to Mr Kitty and the Tuesday setter. * / ***

  30. */**. Well that was a bit of a surprise for a Tuesday. Straightforward and over far too quickly. I had to do some border edging to fill in which I’d been putting off. Thanks to our setter and Mr K for his usual quality review.

  31. Wow, what a pleasure to solve today. No sports, obscure GK, or words from the dark ages. Only hold ups were 2d (where I completely forgot the use of “flat” in the UK, going down the dull or smooth route, shame on me), and 13a. Right on wavelength. Thanks to setter and Mr K. Hopefully others that found it all over too quickly will find solace in the Toughie. Really enjoyed this one.

  32. Yes, BusyLizzie, a true pleasure to solve! I really enjoyed this puzzle and Mr. K’s pics and cats.
    Lots to like here, I think 13a wins hands down, how clever is that! There’s a star next to 3d too.
    Thanks to our Tuesday setter and to Mr. K for all the fun, and for the cats.

    1. If you want more fun like this one, Monday’s bonus cryptic 602 is very user friendly too. I just did completely unaided (seeing as there are no hints to tempt me), yay!

  33. Late here today – goodness knows why, it’s not as if I’ve been busy having a wild social life or seeing the bits of the family who aren’t locked down here with us. :sad:
    Like the rest of you I didn’t have any real trouble with the crossword.
    I confess to being terribly slow with the two long answers and 20a – how silly – I can do anagrams.
    13a jumped out at me and I ‘got’ the hands and feet but, somehow, had trouble making it mean ‘bill’s’.
    Some nice clues but nothing in particular stood out for me today – maybe I’m just grumpy.
    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K.

  34. Nothing to frighten the horses tonight, but still entertaining.
    I enjoyed quite a few of the clues so no specials picked out.
    Thanks to setter & MrK for review

  35. Not a lot to add. another pleasant solve and 13a was LOI and for me quite a stretch to see all 3 defs.
    9d my fave today. Thanks to setter and MrK.
    Special thanks for 23a vid many of the commenters on the youtube page want that played at their funeral. I’ll add my name to that list and my executors can choose whether to play the Cash or Springsteen version. They will have to add Meet on the Ledge too.

    1. Johnny Cash did some really thought provoking stuff towards the end of his life, I think he got better as he got older. Some famous names in the Fairport clip, Richard Thomson et al. No Sandy Denny obviously, fell down the stairs while drunk of my memory serves me correctly.

      1. you might want to try

        The Battle of Evermore – Kristina Donahue singing the Sandy Denny part with Robert Plant ( Also at Fairports Festival – 2008)

    2. I hope you have asked permission to use a copyrighted song at your funeral John.

        1. I don’t know. I just think permission should be sought. It’s the polite thing to do. We had lovely letters from both the writer and singer of the song played at a recent family funeral.

          1. MP
            You make a serious point well. I confess it had never occurred to me about copyright on any song I might chose.
            I was reminded that the issue applied to many photographs when editing the County golf website.
            Hope the move is going / has gone OK. We moved 7 months ago still haven’t found the carriage clock keys (& sundry other things).

      1. I’ll be gone and am not planning on leaving anything behind for lawyers to squabble over, I shall hear it in my head as I join the choir invisibule!

  36. This was straightforward right up to the point it wasn’t, the last 3 or 4 holding me up. But hey ho I got there in the end. Favourite probably 17d. Thanks to the setter and Mr K. Haven’t watched the videos yet, but will now, then start answering the messages I’ve been sent. I’ve been ignoring them.

  37. A bit of head scratching about the Bill’s part of 13a but everything else went together smoothly for us.
    Pleasant solve.
    Thanks Mr Ron and Mr K.

  38. Lovely straightforward solve today, many thanks to the setter, and to Mr K for the hints, and as always for the cats! 🙃

  39. Well, I thought this was very difficult and could not finish without a few hints.
    Hardest one for ages.
    Thanks all.

  40. Whistled through this last night – did not have time to mark any favourites. Definitely a wave-length thing. Some almost wrote themselves in. Was, however, left with two – 3d and 13a. Decided not to pore over them. Picked it up this morning and they came to me more or less straightaway. 13a first when I stopped thinking about bodily extremities. Realised I needed to re-think 3d as I had forgotten the single letter abbreviation. Once I had that I only had to fill in the composer between the checkers. It could have been so different, as I could have thought of the synonym for journeys immediately, but I didn’t. Odd because there were many synonyms needed in this puzzle which I got and there’s no “stretched” about this particular one.

  41. 2*/3*….
    liked 20A ” nude sadly ordered to leave area at once (8) “

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