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DT 29251

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29251

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 4th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***/****

Morning All! I quite enjoyed reviewing this as ther were some very nice surfacce readings and definitions in what look on firstt sight as straightforward clue. I do like a ‘less is more’ approach.

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1a           Medici cleverly collaring winter eavesdropper (6)
ICICLE – A hidden word (collaring) inside Med ICI Cl Everly. A nice definition too as this drops from the eaves of a house (I also like the ‘depends on the weather’ that I hve seen elsewhere as well!).

5a           Frenzied swimmer circling continually (8)
FEVERISH – A FISH or swimmer circling around EVER for continually.

9a           South American number welcomed by wine lover (8)
CASANOVA – Place SA (South American) and NO for Number inside a CAVA wine. Nice lift and separate in ‘Wine lover’.

10a        Not doing as much in class? (6)
LESSON – If you are not doing so much you might be said to have LESS ON.

11a        Caledonian author and his novel (8)
SCOTTISH – The Author SCOTT and a novel anagram of HIS.

12a        Crib from heartless executive (6)
MANGER – Remove the heart/middle letter from MAN(a)GER or exec.

13a        Lab rebuilt round ruined manor produces rum (8)
ABNORMAL – A rebuilt LAB around a ruined anagram of MANOR.

15d        Lapse from close-catcher (4)
SLIP – Two definitions – an error/lapse and a close in fielding position behind the bat side of the batsman.

17a        Dogend? (4)
TAIL – Another double definition – to follow/dog and also the TAIL end of anything.

19a        Loud noise having caught monkey eating duck (8)
CLANGOUR – C for Caught and a LANGUR monkey containing/eating O for a duck/zero.

20a        Building easily assembled before cracking? (6)
PREFAB – I liked this as it took me a while to solve a simple clue – a charade of LRE (before) and FAB for cracking.

21a        Government’s leader in wrong job, one indicates (8)
SIGNPOST – Place the leading letter of G(overnment) inside a SIN/wrong and POST/job.

22a        Involve English with Latin translated (6)
ENTAIL – E(nglish) and then a translated anagram of LATIN.

23a        Provoked priest given as example (8)
ELICITED – The perennial crossword/biblical priest of ELI and then CITED for ‘given as an example.

24a        Thrilled about ten-cent deposit (8)
SEDIMENT – To be SENT is to be thrilled/enraptured. Place this around/about a DIME or a ten cent bit.

25a        Over time, quits competitions (6)
EVENTS – Place EVENS/quits around or over T for Time.


2d           One cleaning firm needs a litre in fuel (8)
CHARCOAL – A charade of a CHAR (lady)/cleaner. CO for Company/firm and A L(itre).

3d           Applaud catch that’s rubbish? (8)
CLAPTRAP – CLAP for applaud and TRAP for catch.

4d           Passionate no to e-mail sent out (9)
EMOTIONAL – An anagram, indicated by ‘sent out’, of NO TO E-MAIL

5d           Amply cover own retreat? (7,4,4)
FEATHER ONES NEST – A cryptic definition of amply accumulating wealth (covering one’s own) with a cryptic allusion to one’s NEST/retreat/home.

6d           Watch dance in which one has pupil (7)
EYEBALL – A charade of EYE/watch and BALL for dance.

7d           Badge one gains in manoeuvres (8)
INSIGNIA – I for one followed by an anagram (manoeuvres) of GAINS IN.

8d           Rant after worker demands safety feature (8)
HANDRAIL – A RAIL or rant after a HAND/worker.

14d        One is glad criminal is close (9)
ALONGSIDE – A criminal anagram of ONE IS GLAD.

15d        Drink journalists keep down (8)
SUPPRESS – SUP for drink and the PRESS for journalists en masse.

16d        Owing recognition absolutely, but empty inside (8)
INDEBTED – INDEED for absolutely with B(u)T inside being empty – with the middle letter removed.

17d        Error message that triggers alarm? (4,4)
TRIP-WIRE – A charade of TRIP/error and WIRE for message/cable/telegram.

18d        Cheese — it can form white layer (3,5)
ICE-SHEET – The frozen layer can be formed by rearranging  CHEESE IT.

19d        Stuff about Northern Ireland by posh nutcase (7)
CRANIUM – To CRAM or stuff is around/about NI for Northern Island and U for Posh.




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