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DT 29251

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29251

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 4th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***/****

Morning All! I quite enjoyed reviewing this as ther were some very nice surfacce readings and definitions in what look on firstt sight as straightforward clue. I do like a ‘less is more’ approach.

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1a           Medici cleverly collaring winter eavesdropper (6)
ICICLE – A hidden word (collaring) inside Med ICI Cl Everly. A nice definition too as this drops from the eaves of a house (I also like the ‘depends on the weather’ that I hve seen elsewhere as well!).

5a           Frenzied swimmer circling continually (8)
FEVERISH – A FISH or swimmer circling around EVER for continually.

9a           South American number welcomed by wine lover (8)
CASANOVA – Place SA (South American) and NO for Number inside a CAVA wine. Nice lift and separate in ‘Wine lover’.

10a        Not doing as much in class? (6)
LESSON – If you are not doing so much you might be said to have LESS ON.

11a        Caledonian author and his novel (8)
SCOTTISH – The Author SCOTT and a novel anagram of HIS.

12a        Crib from heartless executive (6)
MANGER – Remove the heart/middle letter from MAN(a)GER or exec.

13a        Lab rebuilt round ruined manor produces rum (8)
ABNORMAL – A rebuilt LAB around a ruined anagram of MANOR.

15d        Lapse from close-catcher (4)
SLIP – Two definitions – an error/lapse and a close in fielding position behind the bat side of the batsman.

17a        Dogend? (4)
TAIL – Another double definition – to follow/dog and also the TAIL end of anything.

19a        Loud noise having caught monkey eating duck (8)
CLANGOUR – C for Caught and a LANGUR monkey containing/eating O for a duck/zero.

20a        Building easily assembled before cracking? (6)
PREFAB – I liked this as it took me a while to solve a simple clue – a charade of LRE (before) and FAB for cracking.

21a        Government’s leader in wrong job, one indicates (8)
SIGNPOST – Place the leading letter of G(overnment) inside a SIN/wrong and POST/job.

22a        Involve English with Latin translated (6)
ENTAIL – E(nglish) and then a translated anagram of LATIN.

23a        Provoked priest given as example (8)
ELICITED – The perennial crossword/biblical priest of ELI and then CITED for ‘given as an example.

24a        Thrilled about ten-cent deposit (8)
SEDIMENT – To be SENT is to be thrilled/enraptured. Place this around/about a DIME or a ten cent bit.

25a        Over time, quits competitions (6)
EVENTS – Place EVENS/quits around or over T for Time.


2d           One cleaning firm needs a litre in fuel (8)
CHARCOAL – A charade of a CHAR (lady)/cleaner. CO for Company/firm and A L(itre).

3d           Applaud catch that’s rubbish? (8)
CLAPTRAP – CLAP for applaud and TRAP for catch.

4d           Passionate no to e-mail sent out (9)
EMOTIONAL – An anagram, indicated by ‘sent out’, of NO TO E-MAIL

5d           Amply cover own retreat? (7,4,4)
FEATHER ONES NEST – A cryptic definition of amply accumulating wealth (covering one’s own) with a cryptic allusion to one’s NEST/retreat/home.

6d           Watch dance in which one has pupil (7)
EYEBALL – A charade of EYE/watch and BALL for dance.

7d           Badge one gains in manoeuvres (8)
INSIGNIA – I for one followed by an anagram (manoeuvres) of GAINS IN.

8d           Rant after worker demands safety feature (8)
HANDRAIL – A RAIL or rant after a HAND/worker.

14d        One is glad criminal is close (9)
ALONGSIDE – A criminal anagram of ONE IS GLAD.

15d        Drink journalists keep down (8)
SUPPRESS – SUP for drink and the PRESS for journalists en masse.

16d        Owing recognition absolutely, but empty inside (8)
INDEBTED – INDEED for absolutely with B(u)T inside being empty – with the middle letter removed.

17d        Error message that triggers alarm? (4,4)
TRIP-WIRE – A charade of TRIP/error and WIRE for message/cable/telegram.

18d        Cheese — it can form white layer (3,5)
ICE-SHEET – The frozen layer can be formed by rearranging  CHEESE IT.

19d        Stuff about Northern Ireland by posh nutcase (7)
CRANIUM – To CRAM or stuff is around/about NI for Northern Island and U for Posh.



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  1. Four of us do this crossword each week but not one of us managed 16d. We have just cheated by going on to your site.

    1. Welcome to the blog

      Looking at the hints isn’t ‘cheating’ but accessing a source of assistance

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