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DT 29245

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29245

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 28th December 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment **

I’m not quite sure why this took me a bit longer to solve than I’d expect it to, especially given the number of anagrams, but interestingly the words that held me up the most were the ones with double unches

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1a    Surly, moderated after being unwell (3-8)
ILL-TEMPERED – TEMPERED (moderated) after ILL (being unwell)

9a    Learn dances relating to a type of organ (5)
RENAL – An anagram (dances) of LEARN

10a    Listen in on first lady’s reported decline (9)
EAVESDROP – A homophone (reported) of EVE’S (first lady’s) plus DROP (decline)

11a    A good deal of French on board coach (5-2)
TRADE-IN – DE (the French word for of) ‘on board’ TRAIN (coach)

12a    Urges one to become bountiful (8)
GENEROUS – An anagram (to become) of URGES ONE

14a    Rest period midway through sentence? (4-4)
HALF-TIME – HALF (midway through) TIME (prison sentence)

15a    Friend friendly starting late (4)
ALLY – pALLY (friendly) ‘starting late’ or without its first letter

17a    Key London line? (7)
CENTRAL – Double definition, the London line being a reference to the Underground system

19a    20 apes tried clothes (4)
PEST – A synonym for the solution to 20a is found lurking in (clothes) aPES Tried

20a    Troublesome person is found resting in shade (8)
NUISANCE – IS (from the clue) found ‘resting’ in NUANCE (shade)

21a    Practise on late vehicle? (8)
REHEARSE – Chestnut time! RE (on) HEARSE (late vehicle)

23a    Chastisement: why? (4,3)
WHAT FOR Double definition

25a    Turned out unusually ignorant (9)
UNTUTORED – An anagram (unusually) of TURNED OUT

26a    Wife dressed in very continental clothes (5)
TREWS – W (wife) ‘dressed in’ or inserted into TRES (the French, continental, word for very)

27a    Sign of nerves, establishing a connection? (11)
HANDSHAKING – HAND SHAKING would be a sign of nerves


2d    Moderate in support of student contract (5)
LEASE – EASE (moderate) in support of, or below in a Down clue, L (learner, student)

3d    As a result, the byre collapsed (7)
THEREBY – An anagram (collapsed) of THE BYRE

4d    I will leave young lady building asylum (8)
MADHOUSE – Remove the I from MAiD (young lady) and add HOUSE (building) – I thought that these days people didn’t refer to an asylum as this, but the BRB initially defines it as a place characterised by noise, confusion and unpredictable behaviour; the second definition being an obsolete term for a mental hospital.

5d    Spellbound artist exercises (4)
RAPT – RA (Royal Academician, artist) PT (exercises)

6d    Drive feudal changes? That’s very bad (8)
DREADFUL – DR (drive) followed by an anagram (changes) of FEUDAL

7d    Fast food shop feeding trendy belle on a regular basis (9)
INDELIBLE – DELI (food shop) ‘feeding’ IN (trendy) and the regular letters of BeLlE

8d    Cotton fabric in small facecloth? (11)
FLANNELETTE – ETTE being a suffix to indicate small, so a small facecloth would be a FLANNEL ETTE

12d    Agree to accompany (2,5,4)
GO ALONG WITH – Double definition

13d    Dash to pieces with wild threats (7)
SHATTER – An anagram (wild) of THREATS

16d    Metal Dan and I arranged to have separated into layers (9)
LAMINATED – An anagram (arranged) of METAL DAN and I

17d    Crustacean caught by skate and another aquatic creature (8)
CRAYFISH – C (caught) RAY (skate) FISH (another aquatic creature)

18d    In spite of that, nearly everything was considered endlessly (8)
ALTHOUGH – ALl (nearly everything) plus THOUGHt (considered ‘endlessly’)

19d    Bird seed on pile of hay (7)
PEACOCK – PEA (seed)on COCK (a small pile of hay)

22d    Lustre of Japanese money the man included (5)
SHEEN – HE (the man) included in SEN (Japanese money)

24d    Downfall of bear losing its head (4)
RUIN – bRUIN the bear losing its head

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  1. Thanks to the setter for what was, for me, the quickest ever solve! I came here really to see what you, CS, said about madhouse. It grated for me, certainly…

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