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ST 3035

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3035

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 22nd December 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

An extremely straightforward Sunday puzzle, perfect for me to solve and draft the review before the taxi came to take us to the airport to travel to Northern Ireland for Christmas with the family. Lots of seasonal themed references as one might expect on the Sunday before Christmas

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1a    Burnt offering, plain outrage (12)

9a    This grade remarkable, look at the score! (5-4)
SIGHT-READ – An anagram (remarkable) of THIS GRADE

10a    Direction taken by old PM? (5)
NORTH – Lord NORTH was the Prime Minister from 1770 to 1782

11a    Cake: nearly all covered in cereal, flipped over (6)
ÉCLAIR – AL (‘nearly’ all) ‘covered’ in a reversal (flipped over) of RICE (cereal)

12a    Better opportunity originally missed, in conclusion (8)
ENHANCED – The original letter of cHANCE (opportunity) is ‘missed’ and the remaining letters inserted into END (conclusion)

13a    Follower, revolutionary in Vietnam’s eyes (3-3)
YES-MAN – Lurking in reverse (revolutionary) in VietNAMS EYes

15a    Generous first dash of soda: without spirit? (8)
SELFLESS – S (the first ‘dash’ of Soda) ELFLESS (without spirit)

18a    Article perhaps used in washing cotton sample (8)
TOILETRY – TOILE (cotton) TRY (sample)

19a    Agreement during Whitsun is ongoing (6)
UNISON – Found during WhitsUN IS ONgoing

21a    Denying tiger fun proves foolish (8)
REFUTING – An anagram (foolish) of TIGER FUN

23a    Little point claiming extra power for dictator (6)
DESPOT – DOT (little point) ‘claiming’ ESP (extra power)

26a    Fluff English, reading, writing and arithmetic, bagging zero (5)
ERROR – E (English) R R R (reading, writing and arithmetic being the 3 Rs) ‘bagging’ O (zero)

27a    Dark individual in suit in entertainment venue (9)
NIGHTCLUB – NIGHT (dark) CLUB (individual in suit)

28a    Tree certainly not tidy around end of December (6,6)
NORWAY SPRUCE – A nicely accurate seasonal surface reading – NO WAY (certainly not) SPRUCE (tidy) ‘around’ the R at the end of December


1d    She and I fry fresh salmon etc, caught here (7)
FISHERY – An anagram (fresh) of SHE I FRY

2d    Article on setter shows spirit (5)
ANGEL – AN (indefinite article) on GEL (setter)

3d    Bird I come to after Manx cat (9)
KITTIWAKE – I WAKE (I come to) goes after KITT (‘Manx’ indicating that the cat should be tailless)

4d    By all conclusions, when to raise hell — party season? (4)
NOEL – The conclusions of wheN tO raisE helL

5d    Risk grenade going off having grabbed pin, ultimately (8)
ENDANGER – An anagram (going off) of GRENADE having ‘grabbed’ N (pin ‘ultimately’)

6d    Generous type, devil with tail up somewhat? (5)
SANTA – The N at the ‘tail end’ of SATAN moved up somewhat

7d    Crazy code-breakers? (8)
CRACKERS – Double definition

8d    Where ancient giant stood in more than one street, it’s said? (6)
RHODES – A homophone (it’s said) of ROADS (more than one street)

14d    Little point in the sea launch for WWII flier (8)
SPITFIRE – SPIT (little point of land jutting out into the sea) FIRE (launch)

16d    Touch on clue one’s nailed! (9)
FINGERTIP – FINGER (touch) TIP (clue)

17d    Prepare to catch with opener for Northants just out? (5,3)
BRAND NEW – BREW (prepare) to ‘catch’ AND (with) and N (the opener for Northants)

18d    Upping routine, critical for country (6)
TURKEY – A reversal (upping in a Down clue) of RUT (routine) followed by KEY (critical)

20d    Celebrity lacking in skill? (7)
NOTABLE – NOT ABLE (lacking in skill)

22d    Main part of body thus stuck under rock (5)
TORSO – SO (thus) ‘stuck’ under TOR (rock)

24d    Edge raised on gold dish from India (5)
PILAU – A reversal (raised) of LIP (edge) put on AU (chemical symbol for gold)

25d    Lug rocks, ending on Salisbury Plain (4)
UGLY – An anagram (rocks) of LUG followed by the ‘ending’ of SailsburY