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DT 29216

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29216

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 23rd November 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A bit like Saturday Prize Puzzles used to be? Well put it this way, it didn’t take long to solve, wasn’t grump-inducing, and the typing of the review was straightforward, and that’s suits me fine when I have a busy Saturday

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1a    Standard raised across the Channel? (9)
TRICOLOUR – A cryptic definition of a three-coloured flag flown in France – the French spell their flag TRICOLORE which has the required nine letters but doesn’t work, as many people found on the day, when trying to solve 5d.

9a    Go off and walk in river (7)
EXPLODE – PLOD (walk) inserted into the River EXE

10a    One flying from Barcelona via Torremolinos (7)
AVIATOR – To be found in BarcelonA VIA TORremolinos

11a    Rising of industrious workers (3-4)
ANT-HILL – A cryptic definition of something created by one of crosswordland’s workers

12a    The best instrument filled pastry (5,4)
CREAM HORN – CREAM (the best) HORN (instrument) – Mr CS treats himself to a cream cake on our Saturday morning shopping trips – and by some strange coincidence, this particular pastry was the one he chose this time

14a    Something put on caught out of harmful habit (8)
ADDITION – Remove the C (caught ‘out’) from ADDIcTION (harmful habit)

15a    Wives talked about ‘Like a Virgin’ (6)
VESTAL – Another lurker – wiVES TALked

17a    Revival of interest in second delivery? (7)
REBIRTH – A second delivery might be a RE BIRTH

20a    Fasten case? Not quite (6)
ATTACH – Almost all of an ATTACHe case

23a    Get off one’s high horse? (8)
DISMOUNT- I seem to be typing ‘cryptic definition’ a lot this week…

25a    Mainly it separates Greece from Turkey (6,3)
AEGEAN SEA – … and here’s another

26a    Needlework of note, first time out (7)
CROCHET – Remove the first T for Time from CROtCHET (note)

27a    Cook travelling first by railway (4-3)
STIR-FRY – An anagram (travelling) of FIRST followed by RY (railway)

28a    No agent ordered as much as can be carried (7)
TONNAGE – An anagram (ordered) of NO AGENT

29a    About 100 before end of day stick to processing waste (9)
RECYCLING – RE (about) C (Roman numeral for 100) Y (the letter at the end of daY) CLING (stick)


2d    Back the other side (7)
REVERSE – Double definition – one a verb, the other a noun

3d    Pretender ignores one calling aloud (7)
CLAMANT – ‘Ignore’ the I (one) in CLAiMANT (pretender)

4d    See work difficulty as means of escape (8)
LOOPHOLE – LO (see) OP (work) HOLE (difficulty)

5d    Send back to prison the chap overdrawn, apparently (6)
REMAND – MAN (the chap) inserted into RED (overdrawn)

6d    Notice illumination giving full public attention (9)
SPOTLIGHT – SPOT (notice) LIGHT (illumination)

7d    Sagacious, well-mannered for the most part and in charge (7)
POLITIC – Most of POLITe (well-mannered) and IC (In Charge)

8d    Top up helpers in cast (9)
REPLENISH – An anagram (cast) of HELPERS IN

13d    Shine as a result of help turning up in class (7)
RADIATE – A reversal (turning up in a Down clue) of AID (help) inserted in RATE (class)

15d    Five show support (9)
VINDICATE – V (the Roman numeral for five) INDICATE (show)

16d    Point of attack a rower had changed (9)
ARROWHEAD – An anagram (changed) of A ROWER HAD

18d    Picture pretty as could be (8)
TAPESTRY – An anagram (could be) of PRETTY AS

19d    Shock — divas to underwhelm in part (7)
ASTOUND – Another lurker – this time in part of divAS TO UNDerwhelm

21d    Growing attachment? (7)
TENDRIL – a fifth and final cryptic definition clue

22d    Band opposing Ronald in support of revolutionary (7)
CHEVRON – V (versus, opposing) RON (Ronald) in support of, or going underneath in a Down clue, CHE (crosswordland’s most useful revolutionary)

24d    Talk as sailor leaves one who croaks (6)
NATTER – Remove JACK (sailor leaves) from NATTERjack toad (one who croaks)

5 comments on “DT 29216

  1. Enjoyed this very much. A gentle,enjoyable, plod. Just right. There are enough difficult tasks on busy Saturdays without getting brain ache too. Thank you DT.

  2. This has really been useful. I have just returned to the pleasure of the cryptic crossword, having just retired, but I am pretty rusty. Your explanations of how the answers are formed are particularly helpful. Often I can get the answer but can’t work out how it was formed in the clue.
    The only question I have is on Q21d….what does “a fifth and final cryptic definition clue” mean exactly?
    Thanks again

    1. Welcome to the blog – there are five clues where the whole clue forms a cryptic definition of the required solution – 21d was the fifth and final one in this particular crossword.

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