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DT 29198

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29198

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd November 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Even allowing for the ‘deliberate error’ in 13d, I thought this an enjoyable Saturday Prize Puzzle (which made a very nice change)  

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1a    Aware huge set-to sorted out once spies were here (9,5)
WATERGATE HOUSE – An anagram (sorted out) of AWARE HUGE SET TO gives us the first home of GCHQ (once spies were here)

9a    Former partner put on performance, accompanying in woolly (7)
INEXACT – EX (former partner) ACT (put on performance) accompanying or going after IN (from the clue)

10a    Someone to fleece on a farm? (7)
SHEARER – Cryptic definition

11a    Heard couple will get something to eat (4)
PEAR – A homophone (heard) of PAIR (couple)

12a    Shares possibly trendy clothing for priest (10)
INVESTMENT – IN (trendy) VESTMENT (clothing for priest)

14a    Feel cross about lease covering empty stable (6)
RESENT – RENT (lease) ‘covering’ the outside letters (empty) of StablE

15a    Early end to travel in island (8)
ALDERNEY – An anagram (to travel) of EARLY END

17a    Move there — all’s somewhat heavenly! (8)
ETHEREAL – An anagram (move) of THERE ALL thanks to Dawn for pointing out that I missed the hidden word in movE THERE ALl

18a    Fifty per cent chance of drunk returning drink (4-2)
TOSS-UP – A reversal (returning) of SOT (drunk) followed by SUP (drink)

21a    One starts giant riots all over the place (10)
INSTIGATOR – An anagram (all over the place) of GIANT RIOTS

22a    Shake cast-iron shields (4)
STIR – Lurking in (shields) caST IRon

24a    Typical adult too old to go topless (7)
AVERAGE – A (adult) oVERAGE (too old without its ‘top’)

25a    Indifferent nature affected student (7)
NEUTRAL – An anagram (affected) of NATURE followed by L (learner, student)

26a    Auntie with toys, lots broken, like one that’s 6? (14)
OSTENTATIOUSLY – An anagram (broken) of AUNTIE TOYS LOTS gives a synonym for the solution to 6d


1d    Fancy a cry (7)
WHIMPER – WHIM (fancy) PER (a, each)

2d    This week’s charts played something excellent (3,4,8)

3d    Shout in row after run (4)
ROAR – OAR (row) goes after R (run)

4d    Temporarily in charge on stage? (6)
ACTING – Double definition

5d    In good time, taking short walk in bitter wind (8)
EASTERLY – EARLY (in good time) ‘taking in’ STEp (a ‘short’ walk)

6d    Where soldiers go in battle is too much (4,3,3)
OVER THE TOP – The first part of the clue being a cryptic definition

7d    Cloth worker posed with members and officials (9-2-4)
SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS – SERGE (cloth) ANT (worker) SAT (posed) ARMS (members in the sense of limbs)

8d    Quite mean about king (6)
PRETTY – PETTY (mean) goes about R (Rex, king)

13d    Over the top and defiant when sub gets dropped (10)
INORDINATE – Drop the SUB from INsubORDINATE – Very strange that the solution to 6d appears in full in this clue!

16d    Section housing a mostly enthusiastic flier (8)
PARAKEET – PART (section) ‘housing’ A (from the clue) and most of KEEn (enthusiastic)

17d    Priest set up pilgrimage for Muslims to find prophet (6)
ELIJAH – ELI (Old Testament priest) and a reversal (set up in a Down clue) of HAJ (pilgrimage for Muslims)

19d    Talk to limit sulphur in plant (7)
PARSLEY – PARLEY (talk) to ‘limit’ S (chemical symbol for sulphur)

20d    Boy on web will get lines (6)
SONNET – SON (boy) on NET (web)

23d    No limits in blue party game (4)
LUDO – Remove the ‘limits’ from bLUe and add DO (party)

4 comments on “DT 29198

  1. Rendered impenetrable by too many long anagrams for this ‘improver’, who also disgraced himself by believing that 23d was an anagram of ‘blue’.

  2. Found this old one and completed in day. Not the easiest not helped by the fact I’m dyslexic and can’t spell!! Anagrams took a time. Delay caused by putting down 13d as unreserved which seemed reasonable answer at time but threw me for an hour or so

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