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DT 29162

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29162

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 21st September 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Another enjoyable Saturday Prize Puzzle – let’s hope the trend continues

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1a    Some worship a god adored here? (6)
PAGODA – Lurking in some of worshiP A GOD Adored

4a    Woman from Hawaii maybe is country queen (8)
ISLANDER – IS (from the clue) LAND (country) ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

10a    Alert when given wrong change (5)
ALTER – An anagram (when given wrong) of ALERT

11a    Graphic about one Conservative holding a record (9)
REALISTIC – RE (about) I(one) C (Conservative) ‘holding’ A (from the clue) and LIST (record)

12a    White worker making heaps in Africa? (7)
TERMITE – A cryptic definition of the so-called white ant

13a    Two legs used in cricket constantly (2,3,2)
ON AND ON – ON AND ON are two ‘legs’ or sides on a cricket pitch

14a    Discovered having real ale, possibly taken unawares (6,2,3,3)
CAUGHT ON THE HOP – CAUGHT (discovered) ON THE HOP (having real ale possibly)

17a    Typical architect’s car I wrecked (14)

21a    Letter delivered after shift (7)
CAPITAL – If you use the shift key on your keyboard, you’ll type a CAPITAL letter

23a    Agent hired by European charged in full (7)
REPLETE – REP (agent) LET (hired by) E (European) – charged here meaning filled and ‘in full’ completely thus defining the solution

24a    Old boy in woolly drawers — the clothes people wear! (9)
WARDROBE – OB (old boy) in an anagram (woolly) of DRAWERS

25a    Bouquet to be dispatched, expressed (5)
SCENT – A homophone (expressed) of SENT (dispatched)

26a    Less respectable setting for parking going at a higher rate (8)
SPEEDIER – SEEDIER (less respectable) becomes the ‘setting’ for the insertion of P (parking)

27a    Born and died without one being desired (6)
NEEDED – NEE (born) and DiED (without the I, one)


1d    It makes perfect surgery perhaps (8)
PRACTICE – Double definition

2d    Suffer or reach the next round? (2,7)
GO THROUGH – And another

3d    Rather dim, cramming big vessel inside smaller one (7)
DARKISH – ARK (big vessel) ‘crammed’ inside DISH (smaller one)

5d    Ticking-off, seeing make-up applied by hand? (4,2,3,5)
SLAP ON THE WRIST – SLAP (make-up) ON THE WRIST (applied by hand)

6d    A prisoner turning over in stir (7)
ANIMATE – A (from the clue) followed by an INMATE where the first two letters are reversed ‘turning over’ IN

7d    Fifties rocker’s supported very well in Russian square (5)
DATED – TED (Fifties rocker) supporting DA (the Russian way of saying very well)

8d    Engineers corps are not able to withdraw (6)
RECANT – RE (Royal Engineers) CANT (are not able to)

9d    Totally opposed raging Liberal, nicer when company’s in (14)
IRRECONCILABLE – An anagram (raging) of LIBERAL NICER into which is inserted CO (company)

15d    With no going back, that group finish rallying (2,3,4)
ON THE MEND – A reversal (going back) of NO, THEM (that group) END (finish)

16d    Sanctioned cadet, smashed eating kind of mushroom (8)
ACCEPTED – An anagram (smashed) of CADET ‘eating’ CEP (kind of mushroom)

18d    Stopped working, out of order — it erroneously being set up (7)
RETIRED – Lurking in reverse (being set up) in orDER IT ERroneously

19d    Little devil is on dope and ecstasy — it’s hard to get through (7)
IMPASSE – IMP (little devil) ASS (dope) E (ecstasy)

20d    Female wears different sizes, small causing grimaces (6)
SCOWLS – COW (female) ‘wears’ S and L (different sizes) followed by S (small)

22d    Super criminal that all too often takes in coppers (5)
PURSE – An anagram (criminal) of SUPER


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  1. Thanks for the review CS. No wonder I couldn’t parse my answer to 6d since I put in agitate…and thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle .

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