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DT 29156

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29156

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th September 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

The most enjoyable Saturday Prize Puzzle for some time – well I thought so anyway – there are some great surface readings and a nice mix of clue types – my particular favourite was 10a

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7a    Bars impressionist following personal problem (7)
BODEGAS – DEGAS (French impressionist) following BO (personal problem)

8a    Shakespearean prince, I save swimmer (7)
HALIBUT – HAL (Shakespearean prince) I (from the clue) BUT (save)

10a    Fling one off bedside table (10)
NIGHTSTAND – Remove (off) the ONE from a ONE-NIGHT STAND (fling)

11a    Sailor‘s pungent wit (4)
SALT – Double definition

12a    Rebel having certain amount of power overturned bank (3,5)
WAT TYLER – WATT (certain amount of power) followed by a reversal (overturned) of RELY (bank)

14a    Sends second clock back (6)
REMITS – A reversal (back) of S (second) TIMER (clock)

15a    Minion touring Northern Ireland showing stress (11)
UNDERLINING – UNDERLING (minion) ‘touring’ NI (Northern Ireland)

19a    Expert having caught American in charge (6)
ACCUSE – ACE (expert) ‘having … in) C (caught) US (American)

20a    Engineers safe capturing advanced weapon (8)
REPEATER – RE (Royal Engineers) PETER (safe) ‘capturing’ A (advanced)

22a    Flier in difficulty (4)
KNOT – Another double definition

23a    Characteristics of what banks in Munich used to do? (10)
TRADEMARKS – Because banks in Munich used to TRADE in German MARKS

25a    Caesar rejected traveller in his city (7)
EMPEROR – A reversal (rejected) of ROME (Caesar’s city) into which is inserted REP (traveller)

26a    Fate of French mistress’s last minute (7)
DESTINY – DE (the French word for OF) S (the last letter of mistress) and TINY (minute or small)


1d    Leave one in storage compartment a year (7)
HOLIDAY – I (one) in HOLD (storage compartment) A (from the clue) Y (year)

2d    Get engaged in gameshow (4)
MESH – Lurking in gaMESHow

3d    Subordinate as slave endlessly mistreated (6)
VASSAL – An anagram (mistreated) of AS SLAVe (endlessly telling you not to include the E)

4d    Official person showin’ courage (8)
MANDARIN – MAN (person) DARIN’ (showing daring or courage)

5d    Drunk is paid to go round Arab country drinking too much (10)
DIPSOMANIA – An anagram (drunk) of IS PAID goes round OMAN (Arab country)

6d    Property set fire to in harbour (7)
QUALITY – LIT (set fire to) in QUAY (harbour)

9d    Music-maker such as ear drum put first (6,5)
BARREL ORGAN – ORGAN (such as ear) preceded by (put first) BARREL (drum)

13d    Inarticulate guide to net needs rewriting (6-4)
TONGUE-TIED – An anagram (needs rewriting) of GUIDE TO NET

16d    What Americans did to get Reagan in charge (8)
ELECTRON – An old friend of the regular crossword solver – what the Americans did was ELECT RON

17d    Saving company invested in money supply (7)
ECONOMY – CO (company) ‘invested’ in an anagram (supply) of MONEY

18d    Knocking down patio feature? (7)
DECKING – Double definition

21d    Old copper item found in kitchen (6)
PEELER – And another – the copper here being a policeman

24d    Car valuation regularly disregarded (4)
AUTO – Disregard the regular or odd letters of vAlUaTiOn


3 comments on “DT 29156

  1. I thought this was good fun too. The only one I looked up was 13d because I thought the definition was subtly different
    Some seasoned conkers, 14a, 23a & 16d added to the enjoyment
    Thanks for the review CS

  2. I found this one of the tougher crosswords. I couldn’t figure out 19a and 25a and only got them because other would fit. 20a I had as REPHASER thanks for nothing Capt. Kirk “ We come in peace set to kill”.
    Thanks for the extra clues I’m slowly getting better.

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