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DT 29036

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29036

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 27th April 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This is a crypticsue review in disguise as I am a bit snowed under. All delays are my fault!!

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1a           Party’s rejected a constituent for boozy tipples (4)
SODA – A reversal (rejected) of DOS (party’s) followed by A (from the clue)

3a           In aviators, undergoing turbulence leads to changes (10)
VARIATIONS – An anagram (undergoing turbulence) of IN AVIATORS

9a           Did butterfly perhaps bring about gaping mouths? (4)
SWAM – A reversal (bring about) of MAWS (gaping mouths of voracious animals)

10a        Caught by love, married before engagement to get accommodation (10)
COMPROMISE – C (caught) O (love) M (married) PROMISE (engagement)

11a        Pain coming from headgear, a check-up unveiled (7)
EARACHE – Lurking in headgEAR A CHEck

13a        Hood maybe involving bishop with grand larceny (7)
ROBBING – ROBIN (Hood maybe) ‘involving’ B (Bishop in chess abbreviation) and then followed by G (grand)

14a        Review after seeing ‘Devil and Saint’ show (11)
DEMONSTRATE – DEMON (devil) ST (saint) RATE (review)

18a        Choose twisted or clever end with a shock? (11)
ELECTROCUTE – ELECT (choose), a reversal (twisted) of OR (from the clue) and CUTE (clever)

21a        Lie and refuse to see Republican ousting Democrat (7)
RECLINE – R (Republican) ‘ousting’ the D (Democrat) in DECLINE (refuse)

22a        Herb tea’s brewed, take in the air (7)
BREATHE – An anagram (brewed) of HERB TEA

23a        Common uniform, wearing stockings in see-through construction (10)
GREENHOUSE – GREEN (common land) and U (Uniform in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) inserted (wearing) into HOSE (stockings)

24a        Neglect to put about I’m making a comeback (4)
OMIT – TO (from the clue) ‘put about’ IM (from the clue) and then reversed (making a comeback)

25a        Enforce reforms by November church synod? (10)
CONFERENCE – An anagram (reforms) of ENFORCE followed by N (November in the N P A) and CE (Church of England)

26a        Something often in wood that bears nosh (4)
TRAY – – TRAYS that carry food (nosh) are often made of wood


1d           Shelves in which American lifted forks out (8)
SUSPENDS – US (American) is lifted into SPENDS (forks out)

2d           Dull gathering Indian city stages, finally revealing plans (8)
DIAGRAMS – DIM (dull) ‘gathering’ AGRA (Indian city) followed by the S that is the final letter of stages

4d           Issued an emblem of England (5)
AROSE – A (an) ROSE (emblem of England)

5d           One is patron for organisation — time is of the essence (9)
IMPORTANT – IM (one is) followed by an anagram (for organisation) of PATRON and T (time)

6d           Book about Putin’s cash likely to cause ructions (11)
TROUBLESOME – TOME (book) goes about ROUBLES (Putin’s cash)

7d           Gold US soldier should divide in beginning (6)
ORIGIN – OR (heraldic term for gold) followed by GI (US soldier) dividing IN (from the clue)

8d           Say Trotter’s around, one could go downhill fast (6)
SLEDGE – A reversal (around) of EG (say) DELS (Del Trotter’s)

12d        Facility being new in bay, northern relative’s trapped inside (11)
CONVENIENCE – Insert N (new) in COVE (bay) and then trap N (northern) inside NIECE (relative)

15d        So the umpire wants product of mine? (9)
THEREFORE – THE (from the clue) REF (umpire) ORE (product of mine)

16d        Person shopping me should be arrested by order of courts (8)
CUSTOMER – ME (from the clue) ‘arrested’ by an anagram (order of) COURTS

17d        Bank holds little European money of late (8)
RECENTLY – RELY (bank) ‘holds’ CENT (a little part of a Euro)

19d        Terrible automatic reaction after picking up newspaper (6)
TRAGIC – TIC (automatic reaction) ‘picking up) RAG (newspaper)

20d        What’s coming up on and off from one exec rocks TV (6)
SCREEN – Lurking in reverse (coming up) in alternate letters (on and off) of oNe ExEc RoCkS

22d        Writer’s accepted as essential (5)
BASIC – BIC (writer, type of biro) ‘accepted’ AS (from the clue)


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  1. Got a bit confused with 8d as I thought Sleigh was the answer but couldn’t parse it
    Thanks to Gnome for the explanation

  2. This one nearly filled itself in but enjoyable all the same. Thought 26a was a bit weak.
    Thanks to CS/GT for the review

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