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DT 29018

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29018

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 6th April 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – As crypticsue said – A Straightforward Saturday Pangram.


4a           Cable spring to go first (4,4)
JUMP LEAD – JUMP (spring) LEAD (go first)

8a           Artist who’s on the lathe? (6)
TURNER – Someone who uses a lathe or a famous artist

9a           Craft seen in River Test (8)
INDUSTRY – INDUS (river) TRY (test)

10a        I name individual actually present (2,6)
IN PERSON – I (from the clue) N (name) PERSON (individual)

11a        Not in suitable gear (6)
OUTFIT – OUT (not in) FIT (suitable)

12a        Shook from question I have read aloud (8)
QUIVERED – QU (question) IVE (I have) and RED (a homophone (aloud) of READ)

13a        Stripping one male across the Channel? Terribly boring! (8)
UNROBING – UN (one Frenchman – across the Channel) and an anagram (terribly) of BORING

16a        General survey on the scene (8)
OVERVIEW – OVER (on) VIEW (scene)

19a        Scolding from Rex after son leaves puzzle (8)
REBUKING – KING (Rex) goes after a REBUs (type of puzzle without the S for son)

21a        150 with nothing put in small room (6)
CLOSET – CL (Roman numerals for 150) O (nothing) SET (put)

23a        Remarkable slick hit that’s difficult to deal with (8)
TICKLISH – An anagram (remarkable) of SLICK HIT

24a        Benjamin and Diana touring country (8)
DISRAELI – DI (Diana) ‘touring’ ISRAEL (country)

25a        Centre route that’s half the distance (6)
MIDWAY – An archaic term for a middle course or half the distance travelled

26a        Animal, pig, behind row of shrubs (8)
HEDGEHOG – HOG (pig) goes behind HEDGE (row of shrubs)


1d           Stop being active having run off during fight (4,3)
BURN OUT – An anagram (off) of RUN inserted into (during) BOUT (fight)

2d           Try to finish always as you might say (9)
ENDEAVOUR – END (finish) and a homophone (as you might say) of EVER (always)

3d           After its use the written word is lost (6)
ERASER – A cryptic definition

4d           What authors use to make connections? (6-2,7)

5d           Doctor accepting old note that’s poor to middling (8)
MEDIOCRE – MEDIC (doctor) ‘accepting’ O (old), the result followed with RE (musical note)

6d           Elizabeth welcoming second time by composer (5)
LISZT – LIZ (Elizabeth) ‘welcoming’ S (second), the result followed by T (time)

7d           Accuse bishop struggling again outside (7)
ARRAIGN – An anagram (struggling) of AGAIN goes outside RR (Right Reverend, Bishop)

14d        Bottom line included relapse (9)
BACKSLIDE – L (line) ‘included’ in BACKSIDE (bottom)

15d        One making third score removed this exit (8)
SIXTIETH – An anagram (removed) of THIS EXIT

17d        Being foxy, liven up dancing (7)
VULPINE – An anagram (dancing) of LIVEN UP

18d        One French drink perhaps that’s out of the ordinary (7)
UNUSUAL – UN (French word for one) USUAL (drink perhaps)

20d        Grow into suit (6)
BECOME – Double definition

22d        Kid singing to open TV show (5)
SPROG – S (the opening letter of Singing) PROG (TV show)