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DT 28988

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28982

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 2nd March 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Another pretty straightforward puzzle with some nice clues.

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1a           Frenchwoman assembled sandwiches in the morning … (6)
MADAME – A.M. (in the morning is sandwiched between the letters of MADE for assembled.

4a           … Parisian is eating load — it’s a national delicacy (8)
ESCARGOT – EST – the Parisian/French for is containing (eating) a CARGO or load.

10a        Odd card (9)
ECCENTRIC – Two definitions one an adjective the other a noun but both meaning weird.

11a        Change direction in wood to get hands warmer (5)
GLOVE – A GROVE or wood with the Right direction changed to Left.

12a        Strange mania grips one born in this country (7)
NAMIBIA – Place I for one and B for Born inside a strange anagram of MANIA.

13a        Time for lunch — it’s all off, apparently, 24 hours after (7)
NOONDAY – NO ON (for all off) and then a DAY or 24hrs following.

14a        Music and dance regularly assail us, ending in neuralgia (5)
SALSA – Take the regular/even letters of a S a S I L u S and then add the ending letter in (neuralgi)A.

15a        Morally cleaner needs to get round the heartless innkeeper (8)
HOTELIER – Place T(h)E or ‘the’ heartlessly inside HOLIER or ‘morally cleaner’

18a        Lions perhaps face to face, caged in so disconnectedly (8)
STACCATO – Place TAC and CAT (lions for example face to face inside SO from the clue.

20a        Thousand lent for collection again — congregation did it (5)
KNELT – K for a thousand and an anagram (for collection) of LENT.

23a        Art from the East that’s seen in paper (7)
ORIGAMI – A cryptic definition of oriental paper folding.

25a        Grand to start with, then more ruffled, one goes slowly downhill (7)
GLACIER – Start with G for Grand and then add LACIER for ‘more ruffled’.

26a        King Edward maybe taking pot with the Queen (5)
TUBER – A TUB for a pot and then E.R., Elizabeth Regina – our Queen.

27a        Lodge attendance is given with mystical sign (9)
GATEHOUSE – GATE for attendance (at a football match for example) and then a HOUSE of the Zodiac or a mystical sign.

28a        Revolving, one’s swayed dizzily from left to right? (8)
SIDEWAYS – Reverse I’S (revolving) and an anagram (dizzily) of SWAYED.

29a        Small lock causes anxiety (6)
STRESS – S for Small and a TRESS or lock of hair.


1d           Timidity and confusion about broken knee (8)
MEEKNESS – A MESS or confusion about an anagram (broken) of KNEE.

2d           Mathematically it’s beside the point (7)
DECIMAL – A simple cryptic definition of the numbers to the right of the mathematical point.

3d           Million British pounds put in cannot offset peak of continental Europe (4,5)
MONT BLANC – Start with M for Million then B(ritish) and L(ibra) or pounds inside an offset anagram of CANNOT.

5d           After little time, however, good person reverses change of heart (6,8)
SECOND THOUGHTS – Place THOUGH/however and a reversal of ST (Saint/good person) after a SECOND or short time.

6d           Handful of letters in mailbag — grotesque hassle (5)
AGGRO – A hidden word (a handful of letters) among mailb AG GRO tesque.

7d           The last king taking in princess for good of Tyneside (7)
GEORDIE – GEORGE, the most recent king of England taking in DI for Princess Diana instead of G for Good.

8d           Clothing style drew the old (3-3)
TIE-DYE – TIED for drew and then YE – an archaic word for ‘the’.

9d           Dancing bear that sits on royal, amazingly (14)
BREATHTAKINGLY – An anagram (dancing) of BEAR THAT sitting on (above in a down clue) KINGLY for ‘royal’.

16d        Fancy a drink? ‘Pronto!‘ (4,1,4)
LIKE A SHOT – A charade of LIKE/fancy, A form the clue and a SHOT of spirits/drink.

17d        Dark, like a low-budget movie? (8)
STARLESS – The second cryptic definition refers to a low budget movie not being able to afford any A List movie stars.

19d        One keeps a sleeping partner at arm’s length (4,3)
TWIN BED – A cryptic definition of a bed where the occupants are separate/at arm’s length.

21d        Connoisseur‘s old record I preserve (7)
EPICURE – An EP (Extended Player) old record, I from the clue and CURE for preserve.

22d        By the sound of it, these are usually underground passages (6)
ROUTES – A homophone (by the sound of it) of underground ROOTS. –

24d        Bolt from public school when head’s absent (5)
ARROW – Remove the head letter of (h)ARROW school.


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  1. Thanks for the review;
    13A (time for lunch — it’s all off, apparently, 24 hours after)….”NO ON (for all off)”..seems odd to me-I suppose “apparently” makes this OK.

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