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DT 28947

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28947

Hints and tips by Miffypops

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

Good morning from South Warwickshire where the day has begun brightly.

The hints and tips are written to help and I hope they do. Definitions are underlined. Illustrations may or may not be relevant. The answers lie beneath the greyed-out boxes known as spoilers. You may reveal them if all else has failed or if you just can’t be bothered to think anymore

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.


1a Vessel, shipshape, going by group of islands off Ireland (8)
TRIMARAN: This multi-hulled sailing vessel can be found by joining a word meaning shipshape, neat or tidy and a group of islands off the coast of Northern Island. These most famous islands are synonymous with traditional Irish culture, language, music, knitwear and tradition. These three rugged outposts – Inis Mór, Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr – are the last glimpse of Ireland before miles of open Atlantic Ocean

5a Turn red, initially, in Mediterranean country (6)
SPRAIN: The initial letter of the word Red needs to be inserted into a Mediterranean country. The one where we reversed the car into a broken concrete and steel post and ruptured the fuel tank.

10a Unable to work normally, no longer having officer status? (3,2,10)
OUT OF COMMISSION: This is a wordy double definition where the first definition is an almost word perfect dictionary definition. The second refers to the loss of a warrant conferring the rank of officer in an army, navy, or air force.

11a Story given by soldier, mostly story female denied (7)
PARABLE: Begin with the shortened form of the elite group of soldiers. The one’s with the red (maroon) berets. Further shorten the shortened word as indicated by the word mostly. Now add a story of the type told by Aesop but without the abbreviation for female. The Widow’s Mite is my favourite of these

12a Supervise extra hunt, kilo missing (7)
OVERSEE: A word meaning extra is followed by a word meaning to hunt or search for something but without the abbreviation for kilo. Comments about the surface reading of this clue are most welcome

13a Regarding organ in school study (8)
RESEARCH: We have here the Crosswordland short term for regarding or about. The organ of hearing and the abbreviation for school. Arrange them in the order the clue suggests

15a Offences involving grand gestures (5)
SIGNS: Offences against divine law surround the abbreviation of grand

18a Incline to include leader of revolution in fashion (5)
TREND: To incline towards something contains the initial letter (leader of) of revolution

20a Interesting story in a memo about English recording (8)
ANECDOTE: The abbreviations for English and Compact Disc (recording) sit comfortably inside the letter A from the clue and a memo. How nice to see this clued without using an anagram

23a Meissen smashed in retribution (7)
NEMESIS: Anagram (smashed) of MESSIEN

25a Copy perplexed clients (7)
STENCIL: Anagram (perplexed) of CLIENTS

26a Really, desert must contain nutrients (3,8,4)
FOR GOODNESS SAKE: The beneficial or nourishing element of food is placed inside a verb meaning to abandon or forsake

27a Spin doctor’s last to eat sloppily (6)
ROTATE: The last letter of the word doctor is followed by an anagram (sloppily) of TO EAT

28a Photograph of game killed? (8)
SNAPSHOT: A childish card game is followed by a synonym of killed. Killed by a firearm that is. Plenty of Partridge and Pheasant are being killed at the moment. Those not killed will grace our lanes and fields for the rest of the year


1d Group of actors in rep, out swimming (6)
TROUPE: Anagram (swimming) of REP OUT

2d Poke one’s nose in and enter if upset about queen (9)
INTERFERE: An anagram (upset) of ENTER IF is placed around our monarch’s regal cipher

3d Friendly — a fine following leading up to it (7)
AFFABLE: Begin with the letter A from the clue. Add the abbreviation for fine. Add the leading letter of the word following. Add an adjective meaning having the skill or opportunity or mindset to do something

4d Unaccompanied, the Parisian up on top of Eiger (5)
ALONE: Use the French feminine form of the word The but reversed (up) Add the word ON from the clue. Add the first (top) letter of Eiger

6d Have influence (7)
POSSESS: A double definition. The first rather obvious, the second of a demonic persuasion

7d Farewell drink upset over one (5)
ADIOS: A carbonated drink is reversed is reversed (upset) and placed about the letter that looks like the number one

8d Foolish behaviour from canon’s ensemble (8)
NONSENSE: This answer is hidden amongst the words of the clue

9d Those I’m worried about love drink (8)
SMOOTHIE: Anagram (worried) of THOSE I’M placed around the letter that looks like the tennis term love

14d Piece of music from a shop that’s out of place in road close to Piccadilly (8)
RHAPSODY: An anagram (out of place) of A SHOP is placed within the abbreviation for road. All followed by the last letter of Piccadilly

16d Wild at charges, so get in this way? (9)
GATECRASH: Anagram (wild) to AT CHARGES

17d Signify support (5,3)
STAND FOR: A double definition. The first meaning to be an abbreviation or symbol which represents something

19d Daughter is wrong to twist (7)
DISTORT: Start with the abbreviation for daughter. Add the word is from the clue. Finish off with a legal term for a wrong

21d Masquerade as Dr Seuss briefly playing piano (5,2)
DRESS UP: An anagram (playing) of DR SEUS (Dr Seuss minus its last letter as indicated by the word briefly) followed by the abbreviation for piano

22d Articulate head of faculty advanced round university (6)
FLUENT: The first letter (head of) of Faculty is followed by a word meaning advanced or loaned which includes the abbreviation for university

24d Worth millions, bore after revolution (5)
MERIT: The abbreviation for millions is followed by the reversal (after revolution) of a verb meaning to bore or wear down with boredom

25d Small aquatic bird in back of boat? (5)
STERN: The abbreviation for small is followed by one of hundreds of aquatic birds. This one can be common, Arctic, Little, Sandwich. Black. gull-billed, roseate, or least.

There is not a lot to say about this puzzle. It is a puzzle. It is cryptic. It is all rather obvious though. It is a Monday. Maybe that sums it up.

Quickie Pun:-
Top row: pry+sin+decks=price index
Bottom row: whole+inn+wan=hole in one


54 comments on “DT 28947

  1. Although quite a gentle start to the crosswording week, I thought there were some really well constructed clues. I began listing some of those that appealed most and by the time I’d added 1, 5, 17, 19, 21, 22 & 27 I stopped for fear of listing them all. All very good fun, with 1 across as my favourite. Thanks to setter and MP.

  2. I really liked this, though had to re-read the clue for 4d as I at first read Eiger as Elgar …

    Last in and favourite was 26a.

    Thanks to the setter (Campbell? – there’s a bonus quickie pun) and MP.

  3. A very pleasant and straightforward Monday morning solve. 26a was certainly my COTD although 14d gave it a good run for the money.

    Many thanks to our setter and of course to MP.

  4. Got through it ok but could not parse 3D , so grateful for the hint . A number of the answers flew in making the necessary cross checks for ongoing solving .
    Liked 14d the best once the penny dropped .
    Thanks to everyone .

  5. 1.5*/3*. Light fun for a Monday morning. 1a was my last one in and single-handedly took my time above 1*.

    I was a bit perplexed by the parsing of 3d as the first three letters are clued by a [a] fine [f] following [f] and I couldn’t convert “leading up to it” into the last four letters until I realised that “leading” was simply a positional indicator.

    26a was my favourite with 14d in second place.

    Many thanks to Campbell (?) and to MP.

  6. A very pleasant and enjoyable start to the work week completed at a gallop – **/***.

    Favourite – a toss-up between 10a and 26a.

    Thanks to the setter and GMoLI.

  7. On first read through I thought this was going to be a bit tougher than it turned out to be once I’d attuned to the setter’s wavelength. Having done that I really enjoyed it, I thought there were lots of nicely constructed clues and nothing too obscure.
    26a just pipped 10a as my COTD.
    Many thanks to setter and MP for his review

  8. Thanks MP, very enjoyable blog and crossword.
    Nothing too tricky, loi was 1a, which was my favourite.
    Virgilius alter-ego (Brendan) in the Guardian today.
    Ta Mr.Setter also.

  9. I agree with MP’s **/**, Usual start to the Brexit week-bet it all gets postponed!
    Liked the surface of 23a and 10a.
    Failed to see the second Quickie-should be in italic writing as per the top row .
    Thanks MP-loved the sign.

  10. Fairly galloped through this, what a change from my stinker list from last week. I suspect that things might get tougher through the week. Great result for Exeter Chiefs.
    Thanks to Miffypops and setter.

  11. What a delightful gentle canter for a Monday morning – greatly enjoyed.

    Top three places went to 10&26a plus 14d.

    Thanks to our setter and to MP for the blog. Appreciated both the Gershwin clip and the delightful Mr Niven telling his prawn joke!

    1. The joke isn’t an anecdote but I was in a hurry and it is humorous. Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue is possibly the only rhapsody I know.

            1. Brian T

              Last time I asked you to use a different alias in order to avoid confusion. Now you can see what I meant. I have changed both of your comments to Brian T.

  12. My first try at the puzzle in real time……..our newspaper has the puzzle about 6 months or so later…….puzzle access a gift from my bride

  13. Just nicely taxing with plenty of good fun along the way. 14d Fav. Loved David Niven with Michael Parkinson and Leonard Bernstein’s ‘piece of music’ – thanks MP – and thanks also to Mysteron.

  14. A very gentle but pleasant start to the week. My favourite was 26a. Thanks to the setter and MP.

  15. Like others, I needed the parsing of 3d.

    Unlike others, I was held up by 26a, despite having 8(!) checking letters.

    I was lulled into thinking that the answer had to be related to something edible – despite being evidently one “s” short of a pudding.

    Thanks to Setter and MP.

  16. I think that you have got 15A wrong Dave as the answer to 16D is GATECRASH and therefore 15A is SIGNS not sings. Maybe wrong though …..

    1. My blog today David. Both answers are correct. I have even used a sign to illustrate the answer to 15ac. A sign with the word sign on it.

  17. Enjoyed today…and completed fairly easily for a newbie….so happy with **/**.

    Like others, got great enjoyment from 26a.

    Thanks to setter and miffypops….a gentle start to the week.

  18. I finished this quickly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have. I got two of the answers wrong. I put adieu into 7d and I’m not saying what I put into 12a, but it seemed fine to me. I did wonder why I couldn’t make an upside down drink out of 7d. I was too busy watching the tennis this morning. Thank you setter and the normal Miffypops.

  19. Very well summed up. Only difficulty was of my own making. I bunged in ADIEU (snap flo) knowing full well it wasn’t right. Nice hints and some excellent musical interludes put me right. Thanks Miffypops and setter.

  20. Nice straightforward start to the week with nothing too taxing but lots to please.
    COTD 14d as it prompted MP’s clip.
    Thanks to stetter & MP – did you see the reference to Dylan’s Hurricane in Final Whistle on the back page of the sports section?

    1. I heard something on the radio today about Rubin Carter, but missed the main story. Wonderful Dylan song, about the only one I like, apart from some of the covers

      1. Apparently Rubin Carter’s story was released as a podcast today by the BBC. If that is any help to you, as I haven’t a clue what a podcast is & even less where to find one on the BBC.

    2. Thanks. I have just read through it. Nothing new. The song is OK and I like the rhyming scheme but I prefer any other song from the Desire Album.

  21. Very pleasant start to the week with 14d being my last in and the COTD for me.
    Definitely my level unless it’s Giovanni or the late lamented Virgilius whose puzzles are tough but very satisfying to complete.
    Thx for the hints in explaining some of my answers and to the setter for the puzzle.

  22. Been staying with my daughter in Canada where I went through a book of DT crosswords about 10 years old. I found them remarkably easy. So, what has changed? Me or the DT setter?

  23. Nice start to the week😃 **/*** Favourites were 1a and 26a 😳 Thanks to Miffypops and to the Setter 🤗

    PS I did think that the rhapsody went on a bit! 🎹

  24. Pleasant start to the week which took a little more thought than usual. 26a was my favourite.
    Thanks to the setter,and to MP for the review.

  25. Enjoyed this a lot, but it started very strangely for me, in that I filled in all of the south east corner first. Everything else then fell into place, although I was fixated on the last word of 26a being cake for ages, until the penny dropped. COTD is 10a. Thanks to setter and Miffypops.

  26. I agree with everyone else – pretty straightforward although 1a took far too long and was my last answer.
    Lots of anagrams – I made it eight which is probably why I found it as I did.
    As everyone who’s been around this blog for any length of time already knows I don’t ‘do’ multiple favourites so today my favourite is either 10a or 26a.
    Thank you to the setter for the crossword and to MP for the hints and pics.

  27. Thanks to the setter and to Miffypops for the review and hints. A super start to the week, not too tricky, but very entertaining. Favourite was 10a, once I’d spelt it correctly 😁. Was 2*/3* for me. Wasn’t impressed with the surface of 12a though.

  28. Very late start as usual but quick finish. I think that the Cryptics have generally been easier recently? Or perhaps less difficult!! Thoroughly enjoyed today’s.
    Thanks to all.

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