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DT 28943

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28943

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

The Met office has just told us that 2018 was the second warmest year since records started. With the temperatures we are  having at present it feels as if 2019 has already taken up the challenge to do even better.
We found a couple of clues, mainly in the NE that stretched our solving time somewhat so have upped our usual difficulty rating for a Jay puzzle.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Skill of journalists covering centre of town (7)
PROWESS : The central two letters of town are in a collective name for journalists.

9a     May must accept European sovereignty, being blue (8)
CERULEAN : A synonym for ‘may’ or has the ability/authority encloses the abbreviation for European and a word meaning sovereignty.

10a     Cooked lamb, say, will be awful (7)
ABYSMAL : An anagram (cooked) of LAMB SAY.

11a     View offered by soldiers in Hispanic republic (8)
PANORAMA : Lowest ranking soldiers are inside a Spanish speaking Central American republic.

12a     Upset, cancelled dispatch, ignoring son (6)
OFFEND : Two three letter words for the wordplay. The first meaning cancelled and for the second, remove the abbreviation for son from a word meaning dispatch.

13a     Company staff needed to do auctions on behalf of church (5,5)
SALES FORCE : Another word for auctions, then one meaning ‘on behalf of’, plus the Anglican Church.

15a     Ox boxed in by prize bull (4)
ZEBU : It’s a lurker, hiding in the clue.

16a     Drake, for example, taking 50 from River Plate, perversely (9)
PRIVATEER : Remove the Roman numeral 50 from an anagram (perversely) of River P(L)ATE.

21a     Former morning paper (4)
EXAM : A prefix meaning former and then the two letters signifying morning.

22a     Makers of shorts may be quiet during bumpy rides (10)
DISTILLERS : Quiet or unmoving is inside an anagram (bumpy) of RIDES.

24a     Nation occupying borders of huge sandy bay (6)
UGANDA : The inside letters (occupying borders) of three words in the clue.

25a     Various items from right-wingers on newspaper (8)
SUNDRIES : A tabloid newspaper and then an informal name from the Thatcher era for right-wingers.

27a     Sports people streak excitedly across at last (7)
SKATERS : An anagram (excitedly) of STREAK plus the last letter of across.

28a     Service odds good after performing? (8)
EVENSONG : A paradoxical word for some betting odds, then a two letter word for performing and the abbreviation for good.

29a     Weapon‘s journey north in case of target (7)
TRIDENT : A journey, perhaps on horseback and the letter for north are surrounded by the first and last letters (case) of target.


2d     Nude lying in grass must be rejected (8)
REBUFFED : A hollow-stemmed grass encloses an informal word for nude.

3d     Did the dishes, exhausted (6,2)
WASHED UP : A double definition.

4d     Stoppage pays for work on the land (10)
STANDSTILL : A word meaning pays for or ‘picks up the tab’ and then work on the land or cultivate.

5d     Excellent answer after lifting diamond, say (4)
MEGA : The reversal of what a diamond can be an example of is followed by the abbreviation for answer. (It took us a long time to see this one)

6d     Put phone down on copper needing time away (3,3)
CUT OFF : The chemical symbol for copper, the abbreviation for time and then away or not at work.

7d     Angry leaver may sup hot port (2,5)
LE HAVRE : An anagram (angry) of LEAVER plus the letter on a tap that indicates hot.

8d     Promised to be busy (7)
ENGAGED : A double definition. Promised as a fiancee is and busy like a telephone.

11d     Looters stumble on the way up, drinking beer (9)
PILLAGERS : A type of beer originally brewed in Germany is inside the reversal of a word to stumble.

14d     Understand origin of revolutionary straw material (10)
SEERSUCKER : Understand or comprehend, then the first letter of revolutionary and a drinking straw.

17d     Withdrew accountant involved in new tender (8)
RECANTED : The initials for a chartered accountant are inside an anagram (new) of TENDER.

18d     Bureaucrat will be protected by them — and a ringleader (8)
MANDARIN : Quite a sneaky lurker hiding in the clue.

19d     Goodbyes as sexy regularly producing such a journey (7)
ODYSSEY : Alternate letters found in the first three words of the clue.

20d     Nudes frolicking in a river — separately (7)
ASUNDER : ‘A’ from the clue and the abbreviation for river surround an anagram (frolicking) of NUDES.

23d     Sudden influx of popular crowd having missed the start (6)
INRUSH : The two letter word for popular and then a crowd or press loses its first letter.

26d     Bird causing Hemingway perhaps to lose way (4)
ERNE : Remove the abbreviation for street from the first name of writer Hemingway.

We had lots of ticks on today’s puzzle – 4d, 5d and 9a all deserve a mention.     

Quickie pun     fissure    +    foul    =    fish or fowl

41 comments on “DT 28943

  1. A nice friendly Jay crossword – I didn’t even need to start with the Downs

    Thanks to him and the 2Ks

  2. Agree with the 2 Kiwis 3*/4*:Loi 9a 15a was a new word for me.Warm and breezy here in Capetown.

  3. Really enjoyed the 7d/9a combination on a Brexit theme. Very topical. Overall a fairly straightforward and typically enjoyable Jay puzzle full of his trademark excellence.

    Thanks to all three birds involved in today’s production.

  4. 2* / 4.5*. Another brilliant Wednesday offering which was not too difficult. There seemed to be a lot of nudity and plunder in evidence!

    5d was my last one in and 14d, which is an exemplary charade, was my favourite.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

    1. Same for me. 4d last in and 14d my favourite. Thanks to all involved for a very enjoyable puzzle.

  5. Second attempt once again .

    NE corner held out the longest after a slow start with a sudden spurt in the middle .

    COTD 14D .

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks .

  6. Yet another delightful mid-week puzzle form Jay, complemented by an equally delightful not too tough Toughie from Stick Insect, going up the downs to start for completion at a gallop – **/****.

    Favourite – 22a.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  7. Another hugely enjoyable and high quality offering from our Wednesday setter.
    West went in a lot faster than East but eventually it all slotted together nicely. Lots of standout clues for with the brilliant lurker 18d just pipping 26d for COTD. 3*/4*
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  8. 9a & 4d held out to the bitter end and I did need to check on the ox – don’t recall meeting him before today.
    Enjoyable as ever but with the odd dodgy surface in the likes of 19d.

    Top billing goes to 4&14d.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks as they bask in the warmth – lucky you!

  9. A good old-fashioned Jay where we would have been better starting on the downs. We only got five of the acrosses but then twelve of the downs. ***/**** from us with 24d my favourite.

    Ta Muchly to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  10. Right up my street today and a **/***, not sure if I’ve seen 9a in print before ,but a well constructed clue.
    Thanks to 2k’s for the Mrs Thatcher reminder-bet she would have sorted this EU nonsense out !
    Liked 22a and 11d, some lovely charades today.

  11. Well I tried to comment and it failed. Still some problems? (Win7 and IE)

    I usually like to go through the across clues and then the downs to get a feel. But when the across don’t go well I start looking at the downs and once I have something I then generally move back and forwards between the two. Today was one of those days and it worked well. LOI was 9ac – a nice mis-direction I thought. Also liked 4dn and 14dn.

    Thanks Jay and 2Kiwis

  12. Enjoyable while it lasted. New word at 9a for me, but very satisfying being able to work it out from the cluing. Like many others, I will vote for 14d as my favourite. Friendly Toughie again today.

  13. Once again Jay fills his brief perfectly. I found this of a normal midweek difficulty, perhaps a bit more (it’s hard to tell), so agree with the Kiwis.

    Though it oozed quality from 1a onwards. 9a raised a smile, as did 22a, 2d and 11d.

    Thanks to Jay and Gazza. ;)

  14. Usual high standard of Weds fare and excellently hinted too.
    I was about to get defensive about the poor Czechs who had their beer forgotten about but realised that the German beer was there too.
    Raiders from Czech brewery drink German beer (9)
    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s.

  15. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and. A very enjoyable puzzle as usual from Jay. Good quality clueing throughout. Needed the hints to parse 25a, had never heard of the dries, must be the opposite of the wets? Couldn’t get 9a, I had heard of it, but just couldn’t remember it. I liked 18d, but my favourite was 14d, it made me laugh, straw=sucker fantastic. Was 3*/4* for me.

  16. Perfect puzzle, just the right amount of difficulty and delightful all round.
    No fave today, too much choice. I did find the SW more difficult than the rest.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis for the fun, I loved it.

  17. ***/****. Delightful puzzle. A couple of new words for me but all fairly clued. I liked best 22&24a and 14&19d from a plethora of great clues. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  18. I thought at first this was a punishment for yesterday’s breeze but as I got going it fell mainly into place.
    Like others the ox was new to me and I found 4d and 25a rather weak especially 25a.
    Because of those I can only give this ** for enjoyment. *** for difficulty.
    Thx to all

  19. Glad the blog is up and running again as I had problems earlier in the week. This was an enjoyable puzzle, which, apart from the NE corner, fell into place easily. I liked the bird clues.

  20. Morning all.
    A sigh of relief to find that the blog did appear correctly as scheduled. When we were putting it together we had the same ‘timed out’ problem that commenters are having and had to retrieve the copy from ‘draft’ several times. However all’s well that ends well and people seem to have enjoyed the puzzle as much as we did.

  21. A really good crossword although, unlike CS, I’d have done better starting with the down clues as I got nowhere very fast with the across ones to begin with.
    25a took a long time but I suppose if there are ‘wet’ right-wingers then there probably have to be ‘dry ‘ones too.
    I had met the 15a ‘humped ox’ (always sounds a bit rude to me) – a very useful Scrabble word as is the zho and any of his alternative spellings.
    Too many good clues to pick out any in particular so thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s.

    PS – just tried to send this and got the usual stuff but somehow managed to get myself back to here – wish I knew what I’d done so that I could do it again next time! :unsure:

    1. Kath,
      If you:=

      Type what you want
      ‘Copy’ everything you have just written to the clipboard (block it all (ctrl+a) then copy (ctrl+c))
      Refresh the page
      Create a new blog entry
      ‘Paste’ the above (ctrl+V)
      Post Comment

      You should never lose what you have posted

      1. Yep – perhaps even easier to right-click the selected text to cut/copy and paste

    2. K. These days, I always highlight and copy my comment before clicking Post. Then, if you’ve been timed-out and the message is gone after automatic Refresh, you can always paste your text back into the box. Think: Copy before posting, every time!

  22. No it didn’t get there…..
    So try again.
    Another high quality crossword from Jay. Top of the heap for me was 24a.
    Thanks to Jay for the fun, and to the 2K’s for the review.
    Once more unto the breech….

  23. Comments haven’t posted for last couple of days, site just shuts down when I hit post comment?

  24. Hmm, that one showed up. Trying again. Thanks to Jay for yet another perfect puzzle and to 2Kiwis for hints. Contrary as usual I filled in the NE corner first of all. Too many good clues to pick a favourite. Need more like this one.

    Anyone else see the misprint in today’s Quickie, 20d asking for a “young shee” ? 🤔

  25. Very enjoyable, missed the excellent lurker in 18d, and I didn’t know the bureaucrat so I had that one covered!!
    Thanks all

  26. Missed the lurker in 15a..what a twerp. and it was well sign posted.
    Apart from that it was a really straightforward and very enjoyable puzzle today.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.
    It didn’t seem very warm on the golf course here in Cambridgeshire today !
    Favourite clue 12a,last one in.

  27. This is my fourth attempt today and my comment has got shorter each time. Anyway this was not one of my favourites although I see most people don’t agree – chacun à son goût. Thanks Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  28. Lost two replies so I’ll just say a good solve. PS this has worked so I’ll just add that 9a was my last one in and 22a and 8d favourites. Thanks

  29. I did this one yesterday (Wed) afternoon and found it quite tricky in places, contrary to most of the comments above. For me, it was a little above average with good clues providing a reasonable challenge and I enjoyed it at lot. It took me about twice as long to finish as yesterday’s. I’ve got many ticks, so no specific favourite. 3* / 4*

    1. Actually, on reflection, I’m going to mention 7d and 14d as favourites. 7d has a two rare-ish indicator words – angry for the anagram and sup for the containment of the H(ot). Very nifty!

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