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DT 28934

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28934

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **

Straightforward probably because there were only a few types of clue used throughout

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1a    Insect: it’s problematic for one in the laboratory (9)
SCIENTIST – An anagram (problematic) of INSECT ITS

8a    Stewards badly organising plant (5,8)
LADYS BEDSTRAW – An anagram (organising) of STEWARDS BADLY, a plant which I did know although I’m not sure I’d have used it to stuff mattresses, which is how it got its common name

11a    Work that might be dangerous for trapeze artist? (5)
NONET – Split this musical work 2, 3 and then understand the possible danger for a trapeze artist

12a    Appreciate something that’s on hand (5)
DIGIT – Another split the solution clue – this time 3, 2 produces an informal way of saying appreciate

13a    A doctor about to turn a yellowish colour (5)
AMBER – A (from the clue) MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor) and a reversal (to turn) of RE (about)

16a    Market means of escape (6)
OUTLET – A double definition clue

17a    In a frenzy, melted protein (6)
ENZYME – Lurking in a frENZY MElted

18a    Shed light (5)
SPILL – A verb meaning to shed or a taper or light

19a    Where those who seek amusement find it under cover (6)
ARCADE – A cryptic definition of an indoor amusement area

20a    One is unenthused to show this (6)
APATHY – A cryptic definition of lack of enthusiasm

21a    Join female in a predicament (5)
AFFIX – F (female) inserted in A FIX (a predicament)

24a    Ascent of 100ft (and what’s above it)? (5)
CLIMB – C (Roman numeral for 100) and LIMB (foot or leg – what’s above it?)

26a    This has a disheartening effect on apples, for example (5)
CORER – Something that literally disheartens an apple

27a    Brief success for chef? (5,2,3,3)
FLASH IN THE PAN – A brief success sounds like something a chef might do with a piece of meat

28a    Baby girl might be found here enjoying perfect health (2,3,4)
IN THE PINK – Because baby girls are traditionally dressed in pink


2d    Weep taking small part in vault (5)
CRYPT – CRY (weep) taking PT (small, abbreviated, part)

3d    Resemble motif containing symbol (6)
EMBLEM – Found lurking in (containing) resEMBLE Motif

4d    Before now Dorothy gets up, having had some food (2,4)
TO DATE – A reversal (gets up in a Down clue) of DOT (Dorothy) followed by ATE (had some food)

5d    Located by eye — by ear? (5)
SITED – A homophone (by ear) of SIGHTED (located by eye)

6d    Attractive area I am deflecting, possibly? (8,5)
MAGNETIC FIELD – An anagram (possibly) of I AM DEFLECTING

7d    Suspend heady brat about to be precariously placed (4,2,1,6)
HANG BY A THREAD – HANG (suspend) followed by an anagram (about) of HEADY BRAT

9d    Vexation from a canny one when dancing (9)
ANNOYANCE – An anagram (when dancing) of A CANNY ONE

10d    Weighing machine somewhere next to foundry? (9)
STEELYARD – Another split the solution clue this time 5,4 produces somewhere that might be situated next to a foundry

13d    A time on the water confused (2,3)
AT SEA – A (from the clue) T (time) SEA (the water)

14d    Case of cheese, feta initially (5)
BRIEF – BRIE (cheese) F (feta ‘initially’)

15d    Take it easy while king embraces the French female (5)
RELAX – REX (King) ’embraces’ LA (The French female)

22d    Polish or another language that’s heard (6)
FINISH – A homophone (that’s heard) of FINNISH (another language)

23d    I spent out getting part of a shoe (6)
INSTEP – An anagram (out) of I SPENT

25d    Bachelors in dock, maybe (5)
BASIN – BAS (Bachelors of Arts) IN (from the clue)

26d    How one comes to confess? (5)
CLEAN – If you come clean, you confess

6 comments on “DT 28934

  1. I like this setter. Tidy mind. Even went to the trouble of giving us a symmetrical grid.

  2. I couldn’t do this * yet breezed through yesterday’s ****/*****. Makes no sense, does it?

  3. Out here in the colonies, this puzzle didn’t appear until June 26th, 2019.

    I quite enjoyed this one for a couple of reasons. It was a very interesting grid layout I thought, particularly the very center of the diagram. And I found the clues were very approachable.

    I was stymied by 10 down, steelyard, and by 20 across, apathy. I should have got apathy but steelyard as a weighing machine is something outside my realm of experience – perhaps that’s a brand name for a weighing machine in mother England?

    I think that Merusa is correct. This is a puzzle for tiny brains and I am very much like Pooh.

    1. The steelyard was used to weigh things back in the times of Ancient Greece. It was also in use in agriculture in the 18th Century and afterwards. We have one that was found in one of the outbuildings in the firm next to our house

      1. Thank you for that. I headed on over to Wikipedia to get their “take” on the topic and learned a bit. Of course, now that I know about it there will never again be a cryptic clue with steelyard as the answer!

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