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DT 28905

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28905

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 24th November 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This extremely gentle Saturday Prize Puzzle marks the very accomplished debut DT crossword of a new young lady setter – which has to be a good thing for Crosswordland as we need more female setters. Some very good surface readings – 26a in particular made me smile

Something to note for the future: a certain John Henderson was the same age as Navy when he had his first cryptic crossword published in the Guardian and we all know what happened to him!


1a    Mortgage deal not usually collected (12)
AGGLOMERATED – An anagram (not unusually) of MORTGAGE DEAL

9a    Spiritual vessel? (4,5)
SHOT GLASS – A cryptic definition of a vessel for alcoholic spirits

10a    A large individual yet solitary (5)
ALONE – A (from the clue) L (large) ONE (individual)

11a    Turn up at start of the finale (6)
ATTTEND – AT (from the clue) T (the ‘start’ of The) END (finale)

12a    Fashions without diamonds covering new veils (8)
ENVELOPS – Remove the D for Diamonds (without) from dEVELOPS (fashions) and use the remaining letters to ‘cover’ N (new)

13a    One living a bare existence playing in dust (6)
NUDIST – An anagram (playing) of IN DUST

15a    Moves modern steeples (8)
INSPIRES – IN (modern) SPIRES (steeples) – although I should point out that they aren’t quite the same thing, as you can have a steeple without a spire but you can’t have a spire without a steeple!

18a    Path through Scottish mountains gets wider (8)
BROADENS – ROAD (path) goes ‘through’ BENS (Scottish mountains)

19a    Got in a tizzy with being carried by horse (6)
STEWED – W (with) ‘being carried by’ STEED (horse)

21a    Main outfit for nightcap? (8)
HEADGEAR – HEAD (main) GEAR (outfit)

23a    Update regarding temptress (6)
REVAMP – RE (regarding) VAMP (temptress)

26a    Openings of very old legends encourage strangling rodents (5)
VOLES – The ‘openings’ of Very Old Legends Encourage Strangling

27a    What’s often used in evidence and, strangely, in frescos (9)
FORENSICS – An anagram (strangely) of IN FRESCOS

28a    Did like others and pursued executive (8,4)
FOLLOWED SUIT – FOLLOWED (pursued) SUIT (executive)


1d    Playing tabs in a refrain (7)
ABSTAIN – An anagram (playing) of TABS IN A. I was very surprised to find that, in the shiniest of well-polished crosswords, we have a repeated anagram indicator. Perhaps this was due to a very last-minute change of clue?

2d    Type of writer that gives good present? (5)
GHOST – G (good) HOST (present)

3d    Orchestrated grandiose changes (9)
ORGANISED – An anagram (changes) of GRANDIOSE

4d    Dash to hide in desolate land (4)
ELAN – Hiding in desolatE LANd

5d    Harmonious like child with a set of books (8)
ASSONANT – AS (like) SON (child) A (from the clue) NT (New Testament, set of books). A check of various reference books led me to conclude that definition and solution did mean the same thing

6d    Destroy European resistance on choppy sea (5)
ERASE – E (European) R (resistance) on an anagram (choppy) of SEA

7d    Future friend of Dick and Harry or Barney? (8)
TOMORROW – TOM (friend of Dick and Harry) OR (from the clue) ROW (Barney)

8d    Past, present and future contracts? (6)
TENSES – Grammatical TENSES or part of a verb meaning contracts

14d    John held up in delay, getting frantic (8)
DOOLALLY – A reversal (held up in a Down clue) of LOO (john being another informal term for a lavatory) inserted in DALLY (delay) – another one where I double checked the definition and solution meant the same thing

16d    Girl reportedly twisted and dotty? (9)
PATTERNED – PAT (girl’s name) and a homophone (reportedly) of TURNED (twisted)

17d    Tunnel oddly useless for criminal (8)
UNLAWFUL – Remove the odd letters from tUnNeL and follow with AWFUL (useless)

18d    Experience after live act (6)
BEHAVE – HAVE (experience) goes after BE (live)

20d    Down payment is returned in store (7)
DEPOSIT – A reversal (returned) of IS (from the clue) inserted into DEPOT (store)

22d    Blow over, causing delight (5)
GUSTO – GUST (blow) O (over)

24d    To the French embracing the German, goodbye! (5)
ADIEU – AU (the French word for ‘to the’) embracing DIE (the German feminine definite article)

25d    Bishop leads procession to find temple (4)
BROW – B (Bishop) ‘leads’ ROW (procession) – brows and temples are both parts of the forehead

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  1. CS. I’ve still got a bee in my bonnet about 25d. Brows and temples are of course both parts of the forehead, but they are in recognised different positions and named separately. Heels and soles are, similarly, both adjacent parts of the foot but are not synonymous.

  2. You make a poor cross worder understand. Thanks for making access to the site so user friendly. I had hair grip for 21a

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