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DT 28865

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28865

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***


Hello, everyone.  Today's puzzle features some impressively concise clues (along with a few that are not).  In the hints below most indicators are italicized and definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the Answer buttons will reveal the answers.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



3a    Magnificent having lots of money in hand (5,5)
ROYAL FLUSH:  Assemble a synonym of magnificent and a word for 'having lots of money' to get a poker hand

8a    Power mad buccaneer (6)
PIRATE:  Put together the physics symbol for power and mad or angry

9a    Historian's  musical instrument? (8)
RECORDER:  A double definition.  The second is a type of flute that's blown through a fipple (a word as yet unused in a cryptic crossword and so ripe for inclusion in a future puzzle)

10a   Lots lost weight (8)
SHEDLOAD:  Combining synonyms of lost and weight gives an informal, and possibly euphemistic, word for lots or a great deal 

11a   Ring and order fruit (6)
ORANGE:  The ring-shaped letter is followed by order or rank

12a   Weighty book, not English dictionary, gives this cocktail (3,7)
TOM COLLINS:  Stick together a generic weighty book minus the single-letter abbreviation for English (not English) and one of the major dictionaries

14a   By lake, spotted pierid briefly fluttering -- that interests me? (13)
LEPIDOPTERIST:  The map abbreviation for lake is followed by an anagram (fluttering) of SPOTTED PIERI[d] minus its last letter (briefly).  The picture shows a pierid.  Not sure what to underline here.  'me' certainly isn't a definition of the answer, so regarding the entire clue as a kind of definition appears to be the only option

20a   Incomplete passage concerning fielding position (5,5)
EXTRA COVER:  Glue together all but the last letter (incomplete) of a passage from a book and a preposition meaning concerning or 'on the subject of'.  The answer is a cricket fielding position

22a   Group round bar suffering reversal in game (6)
TENNIS:  Wrap a synonym of group round a bar or public house, and then reverse the lot (suffering reversal)

23a   Wears tie loose? In a way (2,2,4)
AS IT WERE:  An anagram (loose) of WEARS TIE

24a   Gas discharged by a representative (8)
FIREDAMP:  Amalgamate a synonym of discharged, A from the clue, and the abbreviation for a representative in Parliament

25a   Policeman arresting husband, extremely prickly and rough (6)
CHOPPY:  An informal word for policeman is containing (arresting) the abbreviation for husband, and followed by the outer letters of (extremely …) PRICKLY

26a   Keen observer, European, at present enthralled by river (7,3)
WEATHER EYE:  The fusion of E[uropean], AT from the clue, and present or in attendance is inserted in (enthralled by) a river that flows along the border between England and Wales



1d    One who likes to stay up late close to West End in capital? (5,3)
NIGHT OWL:  Concatenate an archaic word for close or near, TO from the clue, the abbreviation for west, and the last letter of (end in) CAPITAL

2d    Help one cover obstacle (8)
HANDICAP:  Cement together help or assistance, the Roman one, and a cover or lid

3d    Fly back in rear of helicopter with E. Coli needing treatment (6)
RECOIL:  The last letter of (rear of) HELICOPTER comes before an anagram (needing treatment) of E COLI

4d    Wagon carrying beer turned up in quadrangle (4)
YARD:  The reversal (turned up, in a down clue) of a wagon for carrying beer or other heavy goods

5d    Game lady, not half, scores freely (8)
LACROSSE:  Half (not half) of LADY with an anagram (freely) of SCORES

6d    Rope appears once a trial is done (6)
LARIAT:  An anagram (appears once … is done) of A TRIAL

7d    The Parisian coming into view having lost little time getting vehicle fit for use in snow (6)
SLEIGH:  A French definite article (the Parisian) inserted in (coming into) a synonym of view with the abbreviation for time deleted (having lost little time)

13d   Contribution from home deposited (5)
INPUT:  Stick together the usual word for home and deposited or placed

15d   Get on after groom in equestrian event (8)
DRESSAGE:  Get on or mature is placed after a synonym of groom

16d   Type of timber in two golf clubs (8)
IRONWOOD:  Join together two types of golf clubs 

17d   Male, Greek, breaking record producing wine (3,5)
THE GRAPE:  A male pronoun and the abbreviation for Greek are together inserted in (breaking) another word for record

18d   A red employed by Spencer is eye-catching (6)
CERISE:  The answer is hidden in (employed by) the remainder of the clue

19d   Protest could get wild if rained off (6)
UNREST:  A word meaning wild or free has RAINED from the clue deleted (rained off)

21d   A bit each (6)
APIECE:  Fix together A from the clue and a bit or fragment

23d   Primate boxing in small part of church (4)
APSE:  A primate containing (boxing in) the clothing abbreviation for small


Thanks to today’s setter for a pleasant solve.  Highlights for me included 8a, 22a, 1d, and 19d.  Which clues did you like best?


The Quick Crossword pun:  GOAL + DEE + HORN = GOLDIE HAWN

34 comments on “DT 28865

  1. Started off well and I was fine until I reached the SW corner which seemed to take ages to solve-26a and 19d particularly, also failed to parse 20a -one of those days, so have to go for a ***/***.Liked 24a
    Thanks all.

    1. You’re not alone – had same problem and with same clues. (Blaming late start – always been a morning person.)

    2. Almost exactly my experience too
      19d and 26a were the last to go in. Looking after them I can’t see why I found them so hard. Other than those the rest was nice. 4d I toyed with spelling it the other way but a checker put me right.
      24a was my fave today.
      Thanks to setter and Mr K.

  2. Like Beaver, I took extra time to solve some in the SW corner but everything else slotted into place quite easily.
    Nothing jumped out as a favourite although 8a & 19d get honourable mentions.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to Mr K for the blog – your pic for 3d was most amusing!

    PS Hope BD manages to defeat the gremlins soon – I think my ‘refresh’ button is losing the will to live.
    PPS Love the count-down to the big 10th Birthday – it’s a daily reminder to me about the date the cheaper rail tickets go on sale!

  3. 2* / 3*. Not too taxing and good fun. I struggled to parse 19d and when the penny dropped that took my vote as favourite.

    Many thanks to Messrs R & K.

  4. No strong feelings pro or con today and no Fav either. Needed help to parse 17d. Thank you Mr. Ron and MrK.

  5. Needed to read the hints to understand 19d & 20a then appreciate their “crypticness” .
    A mixture of clues today with 24a my favourite just ahead of the above two .
    Thanks to everyone .

  6. Not to tough but a puzzle of two halves for me anyway, the top half no problem but the bottom half and particularly the SW corner had me struggling .22a had me totally stumped so hints and answer needed.
    Nvertheless pretty enjoyable and a good cerebreal workout.
    Thanks to setter and Mr K.

  7. Pleasant, but not much of a challenge. I’ll go for 26a as my favourite with hon mentions to 10a, 24a and 19d. Now for the Toughie. That should bring me down a peg or two!

    1. Well, well. If it hadn’t been for one word I had never heard of I would have completed the Toughie in record time – for me, anyway. Well recommended for anyone wanting a gentle Toughie.

  8. I thought this was going to be easy but needed Mr K’s hints for cricket clue and then others fell into place. Do hope the gremlins are gone although I can only get onto the page by putting the number in search. It isn’t until things go wrong that you realise how smoothly it operated before!

  9. A very nice crossword that went in well until I got the the SW corner where I struggled. Finally got 19d but needs that blog to work out why. Thanks for that. Nice to have some lovely weather again.

  10. Good fun to tackle, a fairly gentle solve. My three ticks went to 10a, 26a and 19d.

    Many thanks to setter and Mr K.

  11. Well, well, I had to resort to searching for the blog by the puzzle number. I’m not at all clever with techie stuff, so I’m pretty chuffed that I found out how to do that .. really not sure I “how” I did it! Really by accident.
    I enjoyed this, though I did need hints for two in the SW corner. I took ages to remember 10a, even with all the checking letters.
    Thanks to our Tuesday setter and to Mr. K for his hints and pics.

  12. Like many regulars, I have struggled to access the site since Saturday, but all appears to be working better, if not perfectly.

    I found this puzzle pretty comfortable to solve, my only sticking point being the parsing of the popular 19d, my favourite once untangled.

    Thanks to both Misters and to BD for getting us back together again.

  13. Steamed through this puzzle preparing to go for **/*** but came unstuck with 26a and 19d which I struggled with even with the hint! 😕 Favourite 14a & 22a 😃 Thanks to Mr K and to the Setter. Also learnt a new word “pierid” 😬

  14. Thanks to the setter and Mr Kitty for the review and hints. I found this a most enjoyable puzzle, but quite tricky. I was completely beaten by 19d, couldn’t see that construction at all, and 26a, which I have a vague feeling that I’ve heard of it, but certainly couldn’t think of it. Favourite was 12a. Some of the clues were really concise. Was 3.5*/4* for me.

  15. I found this not too difficult but rather uninspiring therefore I’m not going to give any clue the dubious honour of being my day’s favourite. I will however thank both the setter and Mr K.

  16. Like others have said, the SW corner was the big holdup, and I had to reverse solve a few others. No favourite today. No real sparkle. Thanks to Mr K for the hints, particularly the dreaded cricket answer.

  17. Nice and easy does it. Over too quickly but fun while it lasted. 10a was fave.
    Thanks to the setter, and to Mr K for the review.
    And it’s good to be back. Well done BD and thank you.

  18. Only one cat today, Mr K? Struggled with SW and needed your help to parse 19d. Briefly held up by putting wrong word in 4d. Thanks to you and the setter.

    1. Sorry, Sarah, I’m travelling and I was short of time when I prepared the blog. If you haven’t already seen it, Kitty’s blog for the Tuesday Toughie contains several fine cat pics.

      1. Thank you, Mr K. I very rarely brave the Toughie. Love the cat traps (and the skating dinosaur).

  19. 2*/4*
    Like others was held up in the SW.
    We seem to have a flatulent parliamentary representative in 24A…?

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