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DT 28845

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28845

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15 September 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Following the new slightly trickier Saturday trend – I wonder if our setter knew how much his clue for 2d would excite our mathematical experts, while their subsequent ‘conversations’ confused the rest of us?

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1a    Recording everything produced by pop act, high or tripping (12)
PHOTOGRAPHIC – An anagram (tripping) of POP ACT HIGH OR

8a    Scribbling heartlessly after love split (7)
OPENING – Remove the ‘heart’ of PENnING (scribbling) and put it after O (love)

9a    They steal this, having cased day before (7)
THIEVES – THIS (from the clue) having inserted (cased) EVE (day before)

11a    BBC or Channel 5, say? Lad consumes rubbish one (7)
STATION – SON (lad) ‘consumes’ TAT (rubbish) I (one)

12a    Break shower switching taps? (7)
SHATTER – When taps are mentioned in a clue, they often refer to the letters you find on most Hot or Cold taps. Switch the C for cold in SCATTER (shower) and replace with an H for Hot

13a    In essence, mystique enfolds her (5)
QUEEN – Found lurking in the essence of mystiQUE ENfolds

14a    Give up on French — translate (9)
SURRENDER – SUR (the French word for on) RENDER (translate)

16a    Cuts out about 13 physical jerks (9)
EXERCISES – EXCISES (cuts out) ‘about’ ER (the regnal cipher of our current 13a)

19a    Inputs marks (5)
TYPES – Double definition time

21a    Outfit uniform this person’s found beyond price (7)
COSTUME – COST (price) U (uniform) ME (this person)

23a    Idea that’s a non-starter — seabird that carries a light! (7)
LANTERN – Remove the first letter (non-starter) from pLAN (idea) and add TERN (seabird)

24a    Notice cutter’s sails repeatedly up and down (7)
SEESAWS – SEE (notice) SAWS (cutters)

25a    Original sign (7)
Another double definition

26a    Restlessly lie in — neglect to give reason (12)
INTELLIGENCE – An anagram (restlessly) of LIE IN NEGLECT


1d    Set up rapper to get busted with drug (7)
PREPARE – An anagram (to get busted) of RAPPER with E (Ecstasy, drug)

2d    Cause of tears when knife is wielded, with unusual number arrested getting conviction (7)
OPINION – ONION (cause of tears when knife is wielded) with PI (unusual number) ‘arrested’ or taken in

3d    More than one living being made from India following keyboard text service (9)
ORGANISMS – ORGAN (keyboard) followed by I (IVR code for India) SMS (text service)

4d    Traitors, retaining European judges (5)
RATES – RATS (traitors) ‘retaining’ E (European)

5d    Tommy‘s secret (7)
PRIVATE – Another double definition – Tommy being an informal term for an army private

6d    Had round in time to meet journalist after six (7)
INVITED – IN (from the clue) with VI (the Roman numeral for six), T (time) ED (journalist)

7d    Crime series creates results (12)

10d    Grisly pun Sir Dicky makes in a funny way (12)
SURPRISINGLY – An anagram (dicky) of GRISLY PUN SIR

15d    On offensive, not in at the beginning or ending (9)
RESULTING – RE (on) inSULTING (offensive without the IN at the beginning)

17d    Like Tibet and Nepal, banning anything odd, authoritarian (7)
EASTERN – The even (banning anything odd) of nEpAl plus STERN (authoritarian)

18d    Pluck our nestling in aviary? (7)
COURAGE – OUR (from the clue) ‘nestling’ in CAGE (aviary)

19d    Worry no one’s bag will turn up (7)
TENSION – A reversal (turn up in a Down clue) of NO IS (no ones) NET (bag)

20d    Abbreviation — abbreviation of 17, to be exact (7)
PRECISE – PRECIS (abbreviation) E (abbreviation of the solution to 17d)

22d    Moderate undermined by Left — that holds up work (5)
EASEL – EASE (moderate) L (left)


3 comments on “DT 28845

  1. I seem to remember enjoying this one. Recently I have been struggling but strangely both weekend crosswords are still possible. It may be that I can start them earlier in the day. Thanks as always for your review.

  2. I seem to remember finding this pretty tricky. Thanks for that CSue, when you explain it, it’s so easy!

  3. Thanks for the review, CS, I see that I was right with 19ac but I’m not very taken with the definitions. And re the ‘pi’ debate – surely no number can be any more unusual than any other number? Important number, I’ll grant….
    Thanks too to setter for a good brain workout, I’m liking the tougher Saturdays.

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