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DT 28848

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28848

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

New Zealand has been having very strange weather this week. The far north has had lots of persistent rain, the lower part of the South Island has had the heaviest dump of snow that it has had all year, while we, in the middle of the country have had warm sunny Spring days that have even lured shorts out of the wardrobe for use on beach walks and the golf course. Heaps of ducklings in evidence now  but no clutches as big as the one of 14 that opened the season last week.

Nice puzzle from Jay once again, towards the tricky end of his spectrum we thought.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     News hits out about married poet, perhaps (9)
WORDSMITH : A synonym for news or information and an anagram (out) of HITS containing the abbreviation for (M)arried.

6a     Detectives ought to arrest leading matchmaker (5)
CUPID : The abbreviation for the police department that deals with solving crimes contains a short word for leading or topmost.

9a     Small and friendly crowd on the move (5)
SWARM : The abbreviation for small and then friendly or amiable.

10a     Dares to go out of the theatre this way? (5,4)
STAGE DOOR : An anagram (out) of DARES TO GO. The whole clue gives the definition.

11a     Go in using jemmy, being resourceful (12)
ENTERPRISING : A word meaning go in and then the action taken when using a jemmy or crowbar.

14a     Exposed rock group‘s work around criminal court (7)
OUTCROP : The two letter artistic work surrounds an anagram (criminal) of COURT.

16a     Simple and effective angle developed in case of export (7)
ELEGANT : The first and last letters of export enclose an anagram (developed) of ANGLE.

17a     Habitual response to gum without protection? (3)
TIC : A verb meaning to gum or adhere loses its first and last letters.

18a     Notices planted in river area and lake (4,3)
DEAD SEA : A river that could have been named for the fourth letter of the alphabet and the abbreviation for area surround notices or advertisements.

20a     Modern entrepreneur‘s European fashion, reportedly (1-6)
E-TAILER : The abbreviation for European and then a word that sounds like to make clothing or fashion.

22a     Company people must welcome company getting verification (12)
CONFIRMATION : The abbreviation for company and then a people or country surrounds a different word for a company or business.

26a     Lapse in supervision (9)
OVERSIGHT : A double definition.

27a     Slim girl’s first obsession (5)
THING : A synonym for slim and the first letter of girl.

28a     Material that acted as substitute? (5)
SATIN : Split the answer 3,2 to understand ‘acted as substitute’.
29a     Naval officer‘s been on rum, drunk (6,3)
NUMBER ONE : An anagram (drunk) of BEEN ON RUM.


1d     Clean coat used by painter (4)
WASH : A double definition. Clean here is used as a verb.

2d     Fear losing head for study (4)
READ : Remove the first letter from a word meaning fear or anxiety.

3d     Hurried up after house discussion group (7)
SEMINAR : A type of house that is joined to another and then the reversal (up) of a word for hurried.

4d     Contentious topic for children (5)
ISSUE : A double definition.

5d     Some armour needed for the man with a daughter and gun in America (9)
HEADPIECE : A personal pronoun for a man, then ‘A’ from the clue, the abbreviation for daughter and an American term for a firearm.

6d     English weakness after credit for crack (7)
CREVICE : The abbreviation for credit, then the abbreviation for English and a weakness or sin.

7d     Rewarding suitable answer in endless puzzle (10)
PROFITABLE : A word meaning suitable for purpose and the single letter abbreviation for answer are inside a puzzle or conundrum that has lost its last letter.

8d     Insulting doctor or aged Conservative (10)
DEROGATORY : An anagram (doctor) of OR AGED and then a right winger.

12d     Leaders seeing behaviour with soldiers on last of manoeuvres (10)
CONDUCTORS : Behaviour or deportment then lowest ranking soldiers and the final letter of manoeuvres.

13d     The achievement of a teetotaller isn’t commonly welcoming people (10)
ATTAINMENT : ‘A’ from the clue and the letters denoting a teetotaller, then a slang way of saying ‘isn’t’ surrounds male people.

15d     Tramping around nursing a grouse (9)
PTARMIGAN : An anagram (around) of TRAMPING contains ‘A’ from the clue.

19d     Dons may be working after mistakes (5,2)
SLIPS ON : A short word for working or in operation follows mistakes or indiscretions.

21d     Early Christian job in sales discovered (7)
APOSTLE : The three central letters (dis-covered) of sales surround a job or appointment.

23d     Symbol of bear market’s origin (5)
TOTEM : Bear is a verb meaning to carry and then the first letter of market.

24d     Agents must have nothing for so long (4)
CIAO : These agents are American spies and are followed by the letter denoting nothing.

25d     Fit is imprecise, very lacking (4)
AGUE : Remove the abbreviation for very from imprecise or waffly.

We had trouble deciding on an absolute favourite from among several of the long answers.  11a, 12d and 13d were all in the running.

Quickie pun     syrup    +    dishes    =    surreptitious

45 comments on “DT 28848

  1. Another lovely puzzle from Jay to cheer up a breezy morning here in the Marches. I agree with our bloggers that the long clues were worthy of mention, as was the delightful 15d. Not too difficult, a terrific clue mix and pleasant to solve.

    Thanks to Jay for the challenge and the 2Ks.

  2. I found todays puzzle to be straight forward and enjoyable and put down a **/**** on completion.
    Last in was 20 across which was a bit of a guess as I thought it must closely resemble tailor which proved to be correct-not a definition I had heard before.
    Many good clues, liked 14a and the surface of 9a.15d provided a d’oh moment when I flushed the grouse.
    Thanks to 2K and setter.

  3. I found Jay slightly friendlier than usual – no need to start with the Downs today. No particular favourites – just an all round enjoyable solve so thank you to Jay and the 2Ks

    Don’t forget that we’ve got another treat from the Petitjean Toughie legacy today

    1. Thanks LBR and YS. We had it right when solving and then slipped up when writing the hints. Have now made the correction and so back to bed again.

  4. A not overly demanding and very enjoyable mid-work week cranial work-out, assisted by some quite familiar answers, almost completed at a fast gallop – **/****.

    Joint favourites – 26a and 21d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  5. Yes another fine offering for us solvers to unravel and enjoy . Lots of quality clues with 3D giving me the biggest smile . Unfamiliar with 20A but appeared obvious thanks to the grid giving lots of cross checks .
    Well done Liverpool last night but it went down to the last minute .
    Thanks to everyone especially NZ ( trust recovered from being mauled by the boks )

  6. Greetings from the windy Peak District! As ever I loved Jay’s puzzle which I found benign despite my cold-befuddled head. Lots of great clues but my favourite has to be 1a, which was also my last one in with a ‘d’oh’. Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks – I do enjoy your weekly updates from NZ.

  7. A pleasant stroll today that didn’t stretch the brain cells too much. Typical Jay. The picture at 9ac is making me wonder how easy or hard would it be to recover. I’d be hoping for the best with a vigorous shake and catch. Oh Queenie. Where are you in there? As usual Ta to all.

  8. Managed this quite quickly without any serious hold-ups. 20a new to me but it had to be. Fav was 13d with 8d running up. Thanks Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  9. Last in 13d only because I became obsessed with abstinence or similar.
    Very enjoyable.
    Many thanks Jay and the 2Kiwis for the nicely illustrated review.

  10. As CS commented, no need to start with the Downs today – Jay was being kind to us.
    I do dislike terms such as 20a but I guess that’s just showing my age!

    Leader board here shows 11&26a plus 15d.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for both the blog and the NZ update. We are currently feeling the effects of storm Ali and experiencing very high winds but also a great deal of sunshine. Seems a strange combination.

  11. I agree, a nice puzzle today – thanks to setter and bloggers. I just could not get 7d stupidly I think the wind has blown my brains around and last one, 19d I was thinking professors. All the nuts down from the trees now, it has been an excellent year for them.

    1. Hi Daisygirl,
      I have posted a reply to your question on yesterday’s blog – sorry, I didn’t spot it until this morning.

  12. Jay on top form today, even if he did use a particular anagram indicator more than once!

    My podium threesome comprised 29a (my favourite) plus 28a and 15d.

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and the Aotearoa duo.

  13. **/****. A nicely constructied puzzle with a good mix of clues. 15d was my favourite. Thanks to the setter and the 2Ks.

  14. Well I thought this was difficult, the top half was fine but not the bottom half.
    Thanks all.

  15. This setter and myself sometimes fail to occupy the same wavelength. Now I accept that this is probably due to him being about 30 times smarter than me but I console myself with the thought that the same is probably true of Dada and RayT, both of whom I usually fare much better with. Onwards and upwards.
    Thanks to all.

  16. Was quite slow starting but ***/*** 😃 I have never come across 20a before 😳 I presume that it is a person that sells items purely on the internet 😬 Favourites 1a & 15d Thanks to the 2xKs and to Giovanni 🤗 Very windy here in the East 🌬 makes putting so difficult ⛳️

  17. Oops first comment vanished a synopsis follows.
    I too had abstinence for a while but saw sense and had a wee snifter. Trouble parsing 7d helped by following closely the clue and hint.
    Fave 15d not for the clue or construction but because they are a lovely bird I was lucky to see in winter plumage.
    Little known fact Rolf Harris wasn’t singing about Australian marsupials when he did

    Ptarmigan garoo down sport ♩♩😆

    Thanks to all 3 (or is it 4 with the Ptarmigan) birds.

    1. No – not awful clues at all – you may have been unable to get the answers but that’s a bit different.

      1. Very different, Kath.
        I wish people would justify their comments just in case I am missing something.

  18. A pleasure as usual to solve with 11a being my favourite.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.

  19. Found this very straightforward.
    Favourite today was 11a..really made me laugh, as l pictured a burglar in full stripey jumper and swag bag gear jemmy at the ready!
    I agree about putting.
    Thanks Jay for light relief after the horrors of today’s golf.

  20. I found this a bit of a trickier Jay today, how different we all are, nonetheless most enjoyable solve.
    Never heard of 20a, bunged in an answer, of course I spelt it with “or” at the end, so really got it wrong.
    My fave was 15d, but it took a pretty long time for the light to go on, that it was an anagram. How thick can one be.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis, lots of fun.

    God speed Dennis Norden, what a funny man he was.

  21. I started out thinking this was on the tougher side. Had a brisk walk and another coffee, and suddenly everything seemed clear and happily fell into place. Thanks to 2Kiwis for help with a couple of holdouts and to Jay for the challenge. Last in was 18a. Definite favorite for me was 11a, clever and truly cryptic.

  22. Morning all.
    Sorry about the whoops with the parsing of 1a.
    Just had another look at the pic we used for 21d and now we are wondering what it is St Paul has found on his Iphone that has given him such a shock. Guess he will have to dash off an epistle about that.
    The sun is just rising here and looks like another fine day coming up with the max temperature getting close to 20C.

    1. Had to look again at the 21d pic but now that you come to mention it…………….
      Well spotted, 2Ks!

  23. **ish for difficulty here, top marks for enjoyment. 15d’s a funny word, but one I knew from somewhere. Probably other crosswords. :-)

  24. After a long hard and uplifting day , that puzzle was just lovely .
    No particular favourite .
    Thanks to the Kiwis and Jay .

  25. Another lovely Wednesday crossword – not too easy and not too tricky – just perfect to do fairly late after a busy day.
    Like others I came to grief with 20a and did a Miffypops – ie just bunged it in.
    I was slow to get 7d and couldn’t do 6a until I’d done 7d – dim.
    No particular clues stood out because they were all good in their own way.
    With thanks to Jay and to the K’s.

  26. After the trials of the last two days, finally on setters wavelength. Even did the toughie.
    Thanks to all.

  27. First time I managed to solve a Jay since the beginning of August. Still have a pile of crosswords waiting to be tackled.
    Just have to wait for a dull day but summer is definitely not going away. We are enjoying 30 degrees during the day and only 22 or 23 around midnight. Even a light jacket is too much to wear.
    Today’s crossword was as good as you would expect from such an accomplished setter.
    Only 20a gave me a bit of a hard time as I didn’t know the term.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2ks.
    Toulon just welcomed 2 other International Kiwis. Bienvenue à eux.

  28. 17a – shortest clue but last one in for me. The unprotected gum bit made sense, but how is this a habitual response ? Someone put me out of my misery !! Thanks

    1. tic
      a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face.
      synonyms: twitch, spasm, jerk, convulsion, contraction, tremor, tremble
      “he had a nervous tic around his left eye”

      1. thanks Miffypops – habitual = certainly, but response ?? Still don’t like it !! Thanks anyway, or “any road up” as we say in North Staffordshire

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