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DT 28836

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28836

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.
A friend described the weather we have been having lately as ‘Sprinter’. The calendar tells us that it is Spring but there is a persistent air flow that feels like it is coming directly from the South Pole and carries with it cold showers and in some places, late snow. Definitely lighting the fire and doing crosswords weather.

We thought that Jay has been relatively gentle on us this week.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Latest requirement to protect tooth during walk, oddly (10)
NEWFANGLED : A four letter word meaning a requirement surrounds a tooth that we associate with a dog or wolf which is itself enclosed in the first and third letters (the odd ones) of walk.

6a     A cheap buy in nick? (4)
SNIP : A double definition.

9a     Chamois tends to absorb water (7)
MOISTEN : A lurker hiding in the clue. Water is used here as a verb.

10a     Prevents the majority of the verrucas (7)
THWARTS : The majority of ‘the’ gives us TH and then the more usual name for verrucas.

12a     Tear off, certain with voter out for wealth (8-5)
TREASURE-TROVE : An anagram (off) of TEAR, a word meaning certain, and an anagram (out) of VOTER.

14a     Ready before standard European debate’s beginning (8)
PREPARED : A prefix meaning before, then standard often used in reference to golf scores, the abbreviation for European and the first letter of debate.

15a     Credit one’s doubled for a time of extreme difficulty (6)
CRISIS : The two letter abbreviation for credit and then a repetition of the way of writing ‘one’s’ using a Roman numeral for one.

17a     Went out thrilled, with no end of traffic (6)
EXITED : The last letter of traffic is removed from inside a synonym of thrilled.

19a     Person who may fall for an actor (8)
STUNTMAN : A cryptic definition of somebody who substitutes for an actor during dangerous scenes.

21a     Made out? This genius did badly (13)
DISTINGUISHED : An anagram (badly) of THIS GENIUS DID.

24a     University politician under 20? Lots! (7)
UMPTEEN : The abbreviation for university, a member of parliament and then someone older than twelve years but not yet twenty.

25a     Independent lines may follow trouble with animosity (3-4)
ILL-WILL : Start with a word meaning trouble, then the abbreviations for with, independent, line and line.

26a     Profile team (4)
SIDE : A double definition.

27a     Extensive adjustments made to caller’s age (5-5)
LARGE-SCALE : An anagram (adjustments made to) of CALLER’S AGE.


1d     A person’s reputation is protected in Latin America (4)
NAME : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

2d     This may be blown, although keeping silent on the outside (7)
WHISTLE : Silent on the outside gives us the letters ST which are found inside a synonym for although.

3d     Developing state aim and theme simultaneously (2,3,4,4)
AT THE SAME TIME : An anagram (developing) of STATE AIM and THEME.

4d     Criminal‘s feeling of great anxiety in Germany (8)
GANGSTER : A word for a feeling of great anxiety which co-incidentally comes from German, is inside a three letter abbreviation for Germany.

5d     Consumer that warms up leaving hotel (5)
EATER : Remove the letter represented by hotel from the start of something that warms you.

7d      Rushed up with arguments for contracts (7)
NARROWS : Reverse a short word meaning rushed and then arguments or tiffs.

8d     Having groups of friends, sign off (10)
POSSESSING : These groups of friends we usually associate with law-keeping in the wild west. They are followed by an anagram (off) of SIGN.

11d     Public houses seeing fresh growth in lease (8,5)
WATERING HOLES : An anagram (fresh) of GROWTH IN LEASE.

13d     Fork out about fifty on excursions with no time for such wonders (10)
SPLENDOURS : The Roman numeral fifty is inside a word meaning fork out or outlay money, and then a word for excursions once the abbreviation for time has been removed.

16d     Creating a remarkable end to match? (8)
STRIKING : An all-in-one clue where a synonym for remarkable also describes the demise of a fire-lighting match. A triple definition creating could be making a coin or medal.  (Thanks Gazza.)

18d     Popular drink with one daughter, but bland (7)
INSIPID : String together a short word for popular, a little drink, the Roman numeral one and the abbreviation for daughter.

20d     Wine marinade blended with no end of gin (7)
MADEIRA : An anagram (blended) of MARI(n)ADE once the last letter of gin has been removed.

22d     Information on unprotected road in port (5)
GENOA : The two central letters of road follow a word for information.

23d     Fill up, oddly, in front of village’s last outlet (4)
FLUE : The first, third and fifth letters of fill up and then the last letter of village.

We liked the Russian doll structure of 1a so that is today’s favourite.

Quickie pun    fur    +    reek    +    aches    =      fairy cakes

45 comments on “DT 28836

  1. Agree with the 2 K,s **/****, an enjoyable varied crossword with no obscure words.
    Last in was 16d which did not quite work for me.
    No outstanding clues today , liked 10a and the surface of 19a.
    The quickie amused.

        1. Fair point – perhaps I’m wrong. Though the ‘a’ is not really needed even if it’s just a cryptic definition or even if it’s a double definition [a) creating, b) remarkable end to match].

          1. Yeah. Gazzas are rarely wrong – my money would probably be on a surface-loving “a” sneaking in for cosmetic reasons.

  2. Yes a benign Jay today but still fun.
    1a and 4d held out the longest. I couldn’t get me teeth round 1a because I assumed 4d was going to begin CON…
    Thanks to Jay and 2 Ks something distilled from bonny scotland woukd go nice beside the fireplace.

  3. 1.5* / 3.5*. Definitely benign but still very enjoyable. Did I hear in the distance the sound of Silvanus’ repetition radar bleeping twice with double doses of “oddly” and “no end of”?

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  4. Agreed with all above–a very gentle puzzle. Enjoyable, nonetheless. No particular favourite. The Toughie is pretty gentle today as well.

  5. Gentle but still enjoyable, with 1a earning Brownie points for being such an expressive word. It always seems to me that it carries the meaning of a novelty that’s ultimately a complete waste of time and money!

    16a took the honours here today even before I saw the comment from Gazza – well spotted, Sir.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – glorious September sunshine here today.

      1. Wow – you are turning the clock back with that one. Verging on the scandalous at the time, I seem to recall.

  6. Very enjoyable today, but like John Bee I had made up my mind 4d began with CON. I did like the answer though once I had 1a. Unusual for me to manage to get it done before lunch, how can you be retired but still so busy?

  7. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. I enjoyed this one very much, but was completely beaten by 1a and 4d, just couldn’t get the definition for both. I thought both the lurkers were brilliant. Even wondered if 1d was “Tina” at the start. 10a was very clever, and I liked the misdirection in 24a, but my favourite was 2d. Was 3*/4* for me.

  8. Pleasant solve as always on a Wednesday. It takes talent to create such smooth surfaces while remaining fair and keeping the difficulty level light.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  9. Agree with most of comments. 1a last in as not sure about 4d. I originally thought of con then spotted the other criminal but thought it should be plural. Nevertheless I got there. I circled too many favourites to list. Thought the surfaces were great – clever and witty.

  10. Struggled a bit in the NW but did eventually make it across the finishing line. As with Beaver,16d didn’t really ring true for me so it was left until last and then reluctantly bunged in in order to draw stumps. Some good surfaces including 4d (my Fav). Thank you Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. Further research on Google Images confirms what you say.
      We rather like the pic of Cinque Terre so have left it in with an amended label and added a more prosaic one the correct port.

  11. Towards the easier end of the Wednesday spectrum for sure, but no less enjoyable for that.

    My favourite clue was 19a, superbly done.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  12. Think I’m being spoilt this week with puzzles that are right up my street by no means at the end of the scale for difficulty but immensely enjoyable and entertaining and another cracker from Jay today. On the radar from start to finish and another satisfying solve with a good selection of excellent clues. Did get delayed in the NE corner with 8a the final one in. Lots to like and no doubt will shortly get my comeuppance any day now with the puzzle form hell? Is tomorrow the Ray T day?

    Clues of the day: 1a / 10a

    Rating: 2.5* / 4*

    Thanks to 2K’s and Jay

  13. Thanks Jay and 2xK’s.
    Enjoyable Jay puzzle, comfortable, but enjoyable. I agree with Kitty that it takes real skill to make a back-pager benign, amusing and smooth surfaces.
    I was confused by 16d too, so I need to revisit Gazza’s comments.
    Fav was 1a, one of those ‘Russian Doll’ clues.

  14. Another classic full of subtleness, ingenuity and humour . Finished all too quickly this morning and kept changing my mind re the COTD as progressing through . On reflection my joint winners are 10a & 16d .
    Third visit this week to England today via the Severn Bridge thankfully the tolls will stop early in 2019 and join the free parking in all Welsh hospitals .
    Thanks to everyone .

  15. Nice crossword today both solveable and entertaining **/**** 😃 Favourites 1 & 10a 😜 Thanks to Jay and the 2 x Ks for their blog 👍

  16. Definitely a very benign Jay today but loved it all.
    How is it possible to choose a fave among that lot? So much good stuff.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Kiwis for the fun.

  17. Gentle but fun. Shows that a puzzle doesn’t have to be fiendish to be enjoyable.
    Anyone done the Quickie? There seems to be a very odd clue that asks for a 5 letter anagram but the clue doesn’t contain the requisite letters – 18d?
    Thx to all

          1. I thought the same when I did the Quickie this morning.

            Very late on parade today as just returned from a remarkable day at the cricket in Worcester. Almost 300 runs scored, and 24 wickets falling including a hat trick. This is what happens when the championship games are shoe horned into the end of the season to enable the short forms of the game to be played at the height of summer.

            Back to the puzzle, and a very straightforward but typically enjoyable offering from Jay.

            Thanks to all three birds.

  18. Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis for a very enjoyable puzzle. Took some thought but not over the top difficult. 4d was last in, and might have got there more quickly if I had rumbled 1a, but I was convinced it had to begin with con… 13a was favourite of the day.

  19. Morning all.
    A bit of revision work required this morning to correct a coupe of errors that had slipped through. Hope that we have got it all sorted now.

  20. **/*** for me and 1a last in – clever clue, as was 4d. Thanks to all ! Loved the Liverpool pronunciation for the Quickie !

  21. A definite * for difficulty and top marks for enjoyment. A welcome relief following difficulties elsewhere today.

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