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DT 28833 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28833 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    Died — tombstone message makes little splash (4)
D(ied) is followed by the message that frequently appears on tombstones

3a    If gin flows, night should resolve family feud (2-8)
A pair of anagrams – IF GIN (flows) followed by NIGHT (should resolve)

10a    Gracious foreign word for English instrument (3,7)
An exclamation meaning Gracious! Is followed by a foreign word for English – yes, it’s as simple as that!

11a    Spoilt brat under fire? (7)
Split as (2,5) this could mean under the fire

21a    Scots dance around Whitehall ministry convert (7)
Put a four-letter Scots dance around the abbreviation for a Whitehall ministry to get a verb meaning to convert

23a    Former servicemen scrap with soldier over what one should pay? (10)
This is a four-part charade – a former partner followed by some servicemen, a scrap or morsel and a soldier insect

25a    Takes flight desk shifts, adds getting the French on board (10)
Easier than it looks – an anagram (shifts) of DESK is followed by ADDS from the clue around the French definite article

26a    Blue-eyed boy‘s vow to marry by fifty (4)
A marriage vow (1,2) followed by the Roman numeral for fifty


1d    Heightened clash of brawling boxers, say (8)
A clash that occurs high up in the air could be brawling boxers (of the canine variety)

5d    Impossible to catch popular German car — tooted endlessly (9)
This adjective meaning Impossible to catch or hear is derived from a two-letter word meaning popular, a German car and tooted or trumpeted without its final letter (endlessly)

6d    Noble with two fouls in game’s first quarter (4-7)
Here noble is an adjective – two adjectives meaning foul or rotten are followed by IN from the clue and the first quarter of G[ame]

8d    After gossip, see that man’s tears (6)
A three-letter verb meaning to gossip is followed by that man and the S from ‘S

12d    An item of clothing twice worn by bounder for a spell (11)
An item of clothing (1,3) twice around (worn by) a bounder or scoundrel

16d    Russian plane, given ranking, went to land elsewhere (8)
A three-letter Russian plane is followed by a verb meaning given a ranking

19d    Prepares item that may be first on and last off? (6)
As a noun, this is an item of clothing that may be first on and last off

22d    One piercing bird that used to go after Eric (5)
I (one) inside (piercing) a bird gives Eric’s partner back in the day when comedy was actually funny

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The Quick Crossword pun: misty+meaner=misdemeanour

45 comments on “DT 28833 (Hints)

  1. Not at all bad for a Sat Prize – up to about average for a back-pager. Good clues and an enjoyable solve. Fav (answer): 25a – I just like that rather old-fashioned word (my gran used it a lot). 2.5* / 3.5*

  2. Enjoyable crossword for me completed in reasonable time with NE corner holding out the longest .
    My joint favourites are 12d & 19d , they are linked in an other way .
    Some of the parsing needed resolving in retrospect , eg 6d , but a good mixture of brainwork , amusement and satisfaction .
    Thanks to everyone .

  3. Thx for the much needed hints, that was Tough at least the bottom half was!
    Satisfying to finish but too difficult to be fun.

  4. I too found the southern half a little bit more tricky than its northern neighbour, but all finished in *** time.

    I think 17d was a new meaning of the word for me.

    Thanks to all.

  5. It’s satisfying that Saturdays present a bit more of a challenge these days and I do have to admit to needing some help today particularly in the South. I was looking for a couple of parsings but unfortunately they didn’t appear in BD’s chosen hints. Not sure about 14a being a spring festival treat – they are now available all year round! 7d is a verb when it would seem the clue refers to a noun or am I missing something? Several nominations for Fav including 10a, 26a and 12d. Thank you Mysteron and BD.

        1. Ah! Now I can try to answer the question you meant to ask :wink:

          For 2d, the answer is a verb, but so is “soak”, which is the definition.

          1. D’oh the penny has just dropped re ‘losing time for good’ rather than ‘good soak’ which solves the parsing. Thanks again RD.

  6. Enjoyable Saturday, just needed a couple of gentle pokes from this site, which for a change had appeared by the time I started.

  7. 3* / 3.5*. A nicely challenging and enjoyable Saturday prize puzzle. My favourite is a toss up between 4d and 6d, both very clever constructions.

    It was a shame that part of one of the answers appeared as part of another clue.

    Many thanks to the setter and to BD.

  8. Reasonable Sat Puzzle. Unlike KFB the NE was in first and it was the W that gave the most probs. 12d a nose ahead in the fave clue stakes and 19d was LOI as I had a different answer that I thought I could justify but the hint and KFB led me to a better answer. I’ll try to remember to save any further comments for the review.

    1. Thanks to setter and BD for the review.
      Particularly the last pic which was apt as I was thinking of their christmas specials as I booked Christmas Day Lunch. I wonder if anyone else noticed the pic is the excellent tribute act rather than the comedy duo of yore.

        1. … as long as it wasn’t the excruciatingly terrible Ant and Dec – I never did understand why they are popular, but then I don’t watch much on ITV

    2. Yes, well spotted, JB, and it’s funny that that clue should appear today as I had advance knowledge of what was on BBC 2 tonight… Senf’s used the curate’s egg expression again and I agree with him – the puzzle was good in parts.

  9. Well, I am going to go against the flow as I found this to be a curate’s egg which was not much fun.

    Difficult to find a favourite – 12a or 25a might just be it.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

  10. 21a amused me too.
    I had two Scottish dances and no room for a Whitehall ministry before the penny dropped.

  11. Really good fun and thoroughly enjoyed perfect for a Saturday prize puzzle in my opinion. Not a walk in the park but doable for most solvers, certainly a wavelength puzzle for me and after a slow start things improved. SW corner main sticking point but last in 22a. Overall a good end to the week.

    Clues of the day: 23a / 12d / 19d

    Rating: 3.5* / 4*

    Thanks to BD and the setter.

  12. I posted a comment which somehow didn’t get on- so start again.
    Thanks to BD for his hint to 25a which got me going in the bottom half, and onto the mindset of the compiler. Loved 12d -thanks to my 1980s Pocket Crossword Decoder (can you buy them now?) Very clever clue. 6d & 7d were a little odd, All in all an enjoyable puzzle.

  13. I can’t work out why 4d is the answer. Why is it person in charge? I must be missing something.

  14. Well, apart from the NW corner, it took me forever to get on wavelength, but once there, wotta load of fun. I loved it all.
    I never did get 22d, my fault as I wrote an incorrect letter in 23a. Fave was 12d, I think, but it could have been any clue.
    Thanks to setter and to BD for his hints and pics.

  15. Well its been a while since I was here. Summer (if that is what you could call it) has flown by in Puglia and although I have regularly done the DT It has always been late in the evening. Hunting season started with a bang today – 5 months of purgatory but at least it has been getting less invasive each year.

    I am preparing to make wine this week. It will not be as good as last year’s because of the humidity but hopefully will be drinkable!!! Olives not in good shape this year?

    So onto the crossword. I enjoyed this with some tricky bits in places. LOI was 7d which took me an age. Liked 12dn, 19dn and 25ac.

    Thanks setter and BD

  16. Agree, not a walk in the park, but worth sticking with it, and very enjoyable. Totally agree that the pair pictured at 22d are probably the funniest duo ever, and they had good company in comedy of their era. Thank goodness for YouTube and it’s access to reruns.
    Smiled at 25a, haven’t heard that used since we crossed the pond. Really liked 13a and 23a. Stupidly put in wrong answer for 9a which made 2d impossible. Got sorted in end. Thanks to setter and BD for the hints.

  17. I found this trickier than usual for a Saturday puzzle. My favourites were 12d and 25a. Thanks to all.

  18. I certainly found this quite tricky , but I enjoyed the challenge as there were no obscure words .
    It’s hard to pick one favourite from 12a , 23a , 25a 6d etc .
    Thanks to all concerned .

  19. Completed without much fuss as a night-time treat, but the Telegraph app has 3a as (2,8) which is nonsense- the BRB has the answer hyphenated (as does BD above) or as a single word.

    Favourites were 5d and 19d.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

  20. Hello from beautiful Sandwich on the Kent coast
    Oddly I found this easier than normal for a Saturday.
    Thanks all

  21. A big fat nothing on the first pass, then gradually the answers dripped in, like wax down a candle.
    Ant and Dec are known as Ant or Dec in our house, since watching Love Actually.
    Thanks to the setter and BD.

    1. The no 26 refers to the solution of 26a – to the left indicates the need to reverse some traitors

  22. I have a new strategy when completely flummoxed- snooze on the sofa in a sunny living room while listening to TMS- on waking, somehow the answer to a clue I have been working on for ages is blindingly obvious- and repeat.
    25 A last and favourite. Tea on day 4
    Thanks to the setter and BD

    1. A nice sunny afternoon combination, but the cricket is a little too intense to allow a normal level of concentration on the answers? For this reason 19d took a lot longer than it should have done!

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