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DT 28827

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28827

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 25th August 2018

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Morning All! I found this a bit too straightforward for my taste but realise that this will please some people!

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2a           Back with cord used in alternative plan (6,6)
SECOND STRING – Second for back and a STRING for a cord.

8a           Initially, Frenchman eats the artisan cheese (4)
FETA  – The initial letters of Frenchman Eats The Artisan.

9a           Short-time worker delayed producing pattern (8)
TEMPLATE – A TEMP or short term worker and LATE for delayed.

10a         Hurry around in this vehicle (8)
RUNABOUT – To RUN ABOUT is to hurry.

11a         No Republican hit back, as usual (6)
NORMAL – NO from the clue, R for Republican and then a reversal (back) of LAM for hit.

12a         Natural impulse about Diane isn’t clear (10)
INDISTINCT – Place an INSTINCT or natural impulse around/about DI for Diana.

13a         Reportedly drunken sailor with takeover bid! (6)
HIJACK – HI, a homophone (reportedly) of HIGH/drunken and then a JACK for a sailor (Jlly Jack Tar).

16a         In Colombo, he avoided tea (5)
BOHEA – An unfamiliar word for me but it is hidden (IN) Colum BO HE Avoided.

17a         Sport is as frenzied in the country (6)
RUSSIA – The sport is R(ugby) U(nion) which s followed by a frenzied anagram of IS AS.

18a         Comedian unravelled a rope in absurd emotional situation (5,5)
COMIC OPERA – A COMIC (comedian) followed by an unravelled anagram of A ROPE.

21a         Adversely criticise assault (6)
ATTACK – Two very similar definitions.

23a         Restrain worker on strike (8)
HANDCUFF – A HAND (worker) and a CUFF (strike).

24a         Folk music from one American during parade on island (8)
MARIACHI – Place I (one) and A(merical) inside a MARCH/parade and follow with an I for Island.

25a         It flies north-east after little hesitation (4)
ERNE – Add NE (North-East) to an ER or small hesitation.

26a         Not concerned from tune resident played (12)
UNINTERESTED – An anagram (played) of TUNE RESIDENT.


1d           Profit from ticket (6)
RETURN – Two definitions – a financial RETURN and a RETURN travel ticket.

2d           Lustful Sarah, with Bill, promises to pay (9)
SALACIOUS – A charade of SAL (a diminutive of Sarah), AC for Bill/account and IOUS or promises to pay

3d           Actor confused about victor’s frolic (6)
CAVORT – An anagram (confused) of ACTOR around V for Victor (from the NATO phonetic Alphabet).

4d           Notts County (15)
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE – A very weak cryptic definition in my opinion!.

5d           South African fellow removed hat for a lady (8)
SAMANTHA – SA for South African, a MAN/fellow and then an anagram (removed) of HAT.

6d           Overrule Robert hoarding stationery (5)
RULER – Hidden in (is hoarding) Over RULE R obert.

7d           Produce egg after fruit for songbird (8)
NUTHATCH – To HATCH an egg after a NUT (fruit).

14d         Stuffed conserve in case (3-6)
JAM-PACKED – JAM for a conserve and then PACKED for in a case.

15d         Verse from Iraq aunt translated (8)
QUATRAIN – A translated anagram of IRAQ AUNT.

16d         Support aircraftsman before he is a pain (8)
BACKACHE – BACK for support, then AC for Aircraftsman followed by HE from the clue.

19d         Is unable to put girl into bed (6)
CANNOT – Simply ANN/girl in a COT/bed

20d         Clarify, almost cultured (6)
REFINE – Almost all of the word REFINE(d) for cultured.

22d         Bring into line, a line, say (5)
ALIGN – A homophone (say) of A LINE.


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