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NTSPP – 445

NTSPP – 445

A Puzzle by Kelotoph

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review by Prolixic follows.

Welcome to the hallowed halls of the NTSPP to Kelotoph (the setter formerly known as AK Mild) with an accessible crossword that was fairly clued.


1 History or Latin, for example, are of concern – there’s a theme here (7,6)
SUBJECT MATTER – Another word for a lesson you might study such as history or Latin followed by a word meaning are of concern.

10 Argon extracted from earthly compound to make type of alcohol (5)
ETHYL – An anagram (compound) of EARTHLY after removing (extracted) the chemical symbol for Argon.

11 Hotel employee‘s scam, primarily covering insurance excess, ruins guest’s experience (9)
CONCIERGE – A three letter word for a scam followed by the initial letters (primarily) of the final six words of the clue.

12 Housing cost including setter’s monetary demand results in loan redemption (9)
REPAYMENT – A four letter word for the sum paid by a tenant to a landlord (housing cost) around (including) a phrase (3,2) that would be the setter’s demand for someone to pay them money.

13 Record is constantly seen going around here (5)
DISCO – The answer is hidden in (seen going round) RECORD IS CONSTANTLY.

14 Design software and casting moulds for storage units (7)
CADDIES – The three letter abbreviation for computer aid design software followed by a four letter word for the moulds used when casting.

16 Guy Nicolas from Hollywood finds hearty protection (7)
RIBCAGE – A three letter word meaning to guy or to tease followed by the surname of the Hollywood actor Nicholas.

18 Cleisthenes and Homer initially appearing in play to get something they might have spent (7)
DRACHMA – The initial letter of the first two name in the clue inside a five letter word for a play.

20 Sign from origins of starry constellation once ruling planets in orbit (7)
SCORPIO – The initial letter (origins of) the final seven words of the clue.

22 Visual means of dispensing a tot? (5)
OPTIC – Double definition.

24 That man Garfunkel had an opinion that was meaningful (9)
HEARTFELT – A two letter word meaning that man followed by the first name of Mr Garfunkel and a four letter word meaning had an opinion.

26 Sneering South American Catholic takes wine before beginning of communion (9)
SARCASTIC – The abbreviations for South and American and Roman Catholic followed by a four letter word for a type of sparkling wine and the initial letter (beginning of) communion.

27 First couple in Tokyo travelling eastwards, finding old capital (5)
KYOTO – Move the first two letter in Tokyo to the end of the word.

28 Showing off smash hit mix in Boise (13)
EXHIBITIONISM – An anagram (smash) of HIT MIX IN BOISE.


2 Like a horseshoe you reportedly moulded? (1-6)
U-SHAPED – The letter that sounds like (reportedly) you followed by a six letter word meaning moulded.

3 Marine invertebrate coming from set angle (9)
JELLYFISH – A five letter word meaning to set (Chambers confirms that it can be used as such though) followed by a word meaning to angle (as people do on the riverside).

4 Hidden store of endless distinction (5)
CACHE – Remove the final letter (endless) from a word meaning distinction.

5 Soldier‘s island where Douglas is a sailor chased by heartless marines (3-2-4)
MAN-AT-ARMS – The name of the island were Douglas is the capital followed the A from the clue, a three letter word for a sailor and the outer letters (heartless) of marines.

6 Took shot at empty tanker parked on top of crude bomb (5)
TRIED – The outer letter (empty) of tanker followed by the abbreviation for improvised explosive device (crude bomb).

7 Landmass containing many capitals – unfortunately as a rule I ignore Lima (7)
EURASIA – An anagram (unfortunately) of AS A RULE I after removing the letter represented by Lima in the Nato phonetic alphabet.

8 Having overcome hesitation, found theatre audience a home of sorts (8,5)
TERRACED HOUSE – A six letter word meaning found around (overcome) a two letter word expressing a verbal hesitation followed by another word for a theatre audience.

9 Erm…loco to rent, re-engineered to give means of reaching different stations (6,7)
REMOTE CONTROL – An anagram (re-engineered) of ERM LOCO TO RENT.

15 Belgian city ethnic quarter lacking nothing? Finally I can get pasta! (9)
SPAGHETTI – A three letter name of a Belgium town (from which we get the name of a place famous for springs of water) followed by a six letter word for an ethnic quarter without the final O (lacking nothing) and then the I from the clue.

17 Mark is one to know how to pay for reading material (4,5)
BOOK TOKEN – A four letter word for something of which the Gospel of Mark is an an example followed by the TO from the clue an a three letter word meaning know.

19 A new location for 16 doesn’t have old disease (7)
ANTHRAX – The A from the clue and the abbreviation for new followed by the location in the body where you would find the answer to 16a without the O (doesn’t have old).

21 Senna oil is regularly below acidity scale for disinfectants (7)
PHENOLS – The two letter scale used to measure acidity followed by the even letters (regularly) in senna oil is.

23 South American beast‘s fur I go after (5)
COATI – A four letter word for fur followed by the I from the clue.

25 Foundations of a short cut in international binary code (5)
ASCII – The initial letters (foundations of) the third to seventh word of the clue.

9 comments on “NTSPP – 445

  1. A very pleasant puzzle on the straightforward side – thanks Kelotoph. There’s a strong hint in 1a that there’s a theme – I spent some time looking for it to no avail so I’ll have to wait to be informed of what it is.
    My favourite clue was 16a.

  2. Gosh! Only one comment so far.

    I agree with Gazza that this was straightforward but very pleasant, and 16a was my favourite too. The cluing was accurate and the surfaces generally smooth.

    Many thanks and well done, Kelotoph.

  3. A couple of computer jargon terms in 14a and 25d had us reaching for references but, as others have said, the rest was not too challenging. A pleasant Sunday morning solve for us.
    Thanks Kelotoph.

  4. Good fun – thanks Kelotoph! 8d and 19d were my last two in, though with 20:20 hindsight I’m not quite sure why. I too can’t spot a theme but am normally brilliant at missing them even if they are staring me in the face.

  5. I also thought this was good fun and not too tricky although I didn’t find it the doddle that others seem to have done.
    I can’t find a theme either but then I never can.
    Not being able to read my own writing held me up with 1a – thought the fourth letter was a T.
    There are a couple of answers that I don’t quite understand but that’s my own fault/lack of the required knowledge.
    I think my favourite was probably 24a but there were lots of good clues generally.
    Thanks to Kelotoph for the crossword and, in advance, to whoever is doing tomorrow’s review – CS?

  6. All completed quite quickly and very enjoyable. As for 1ac hinting there’sa theme, I think that’s a deliberate misdirection.

  7. A rather late post but many thanks to Kelotoph for helping me pass an enjoyable hour at Birmingham Airport whilst waiting for a fog delayed flight.
    Congratulations on the promotion. Shame about the muted response compared to Rookie Corner ☹️😂

  8. Belated thanks for the comments, everyone. I was abroad on holiday when this was published and my phone broke, so I have enjoyed/endured a week without the internet or phone calls.

    There was no theme, although I can see why some would think so from the clue to 1a. I’ll try to make the next one a bit more challenging, as this one seems to have been a bit of a walk in the park for those that have commented.

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