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DT 28810

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28810

Hints and tips by a frisky Miffypops

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

We have a pleasant easy going puzzle today from our Daily Telegraph puzzles editor Chris Lancaster.

Life has been wonderful this past weekend with glorious sunshine bathing Downtown LI. Matilda delighted her audience at The Birmingham Hippodrome and put a beaming smile on all of the faces in the Miffypops party. We are going back to Birmingham with the grandchildren on Thursday to see Dippy while he is on tour. Mars is awesome in the night sky but will fade during the month. Life is good.

Today’s hints and tips are provided by Miffypops. Answers lie beneath the click here boxes. Definitions are underlined.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.


1a    Note job’s somewhere underground, reportedly (10)
POSTSCRIPT: Begin with a job’s description and be mindful of the apostrophe in the clue. (Use the letter S) Add a homophone of a chamber found beneath a church. It is always nice when one across slots in straight away. It didn’t today. The first half was rather obvious but it took some time for the homophone to sink in.

6a    Lock up mature Conservative first (4)
CAGE: A verb meaning to mature is preceded by the abbreviation of Conservative

9a    Nurse about to enter vehicle (5)
CARER: Place the usual crosswordland word meaning about inside a regular vehicle. Saint Sharon’s is a Lexus.

10a    Imagined meal irked criminal (9)
DREAMLIKE: Anagram (criminal) of MEAL IRKED

12a    Impossible to feel limber with piece rewritten about gym (13)
IMPERCEPTIBLE: Anagram (rewritten) of LIMBER and PIECE placed about the abbreviation for Physical Training not Physical Education

14a    Sport news: genuine backing for person coming second (6-2)
RUNNER UP: Begin with a synonym of a meaning of sport caper or romp. Add the Abbreviation for News (two of them!). Now reverse a word meaning genuine or unadulterated

15a    Keen artist recalled depression (6)
ARDENT: Our usual artist, a member of The Royal Academy is reversed (recalled). He or she is followed by a slight hollow

17a    Kidnap sailor on canal (6)
ABDUCT: Our usual Able-Bodied seaman (sailor) is followed by a passageway for water. We have one of these running through Long Itchington.

19a    More rum for foreigner (8)
STRANGER: Rum here means odd. Not the lovely alcoholic stuff beloved by sailors. So a synonym for odder is what you are looking for

21a    Prisoner stupid to maintain corruption (13)
CONTAMINATION: Our usual felon is followed by an anagram (stupid) of TO MAINTAIN

24a    Flabbergasted getting a direction to join scrum (9)
AWESTRUCK: Use the letter A from the clue. A compass point (direction). A loose scrum formed around a rugby player with the ball on the ground

25a    Somebody bad at bridgeand online? (5)
TROLL: An internet nuisance or an enemy of gruff billy goats. Foll de roll

26a    Unhappy about new beach (4)
SAND: A synonym of the word unhappy is placed around the abbreviation for new

27a    Write down rubbish ape recited (10)
DEPRECIATE: Anagram (rubbish) of APE RECITED


1d    Fairy that’s seen on the ice? (4)
PUCK: A mischievous or evil sprite is also the black disc used in ice hockey

2d    The Queen and bishop overwhelmed by Welsh girl’s language (7)
SERBIAN: Place our Queen’s regal cipher and the chess abbreviation for a bishop inside a Welsh girl’s name.

3d    Quarrel over French sea shanty? One’s dealing with rubbish (5,8)
SCRAP MERCHANT: A quarrel or spat is put before the French word for the sea. This is followed by a type of shanty or song based on a repeated rhythmic sing song style

4d    Weapon used in trap with fine result? (5,3)
RADAR GUN: A description of a device used to defect speeding motorists which may lead to prosecution and a monetary penalty

5d    Part in epic shot by European (5)
PIECE: Anagram (shot) of EPIC followed by the abbreviation for European

7d    Pleasant stroll around Iowa (7)
AMIABLE: A synonym for a stroll is placed around the abbreviation for the state of Iowa.

8d    Simple copper perhaps uncovered nark before Yard (10)
ELEMENTARY: Begin with what copper is (one of more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically interconverted or broken down into simpler substances and are primary constituents of matter. Each distinguished by its atomic number, i.e. the number of protons in the nuclei of its atoms). Add the word nark without its outer letters (uncovered). Add the abbreviation for Yard

11d    Mercenary friend runs deli, ultimately, with celebrity in charge (13)
MATERIALISTIC: I bunged this one in from the checkers and the definition. And sorted the five,part parse later.

  1. A friend, chum, oppo, pal, china,
  2. The cricketing abbreviation for runs
  3. The last letter (ultimately) of the word deli
  4. What a top celebrity might be known as. Among the first to be invited. The must haves at your party.
  5. The regular crosswordland abbreviation for in charge

13d    Struggling actors get to keep ace clothes (10)
GREATCOATS: Anagram (struggling) of ACTORS GET around (to keep) A (ace)

16d    One criticising tat played by famous clarinettist? (8)
ATTACKER: An anagram (played) of TAT is followed by the first name of a clarinettist who was famous long ago.

18d    Waste long time in prison (7)
DUNGEON: A waste product from mammals is followed by a period of time

20d    Try an old broken boat (7)
GONDOLA: A try or attempt is followed by an anagram (broken) of AN OLD

22d    Hip operation that’s not free (2,3)
IN USE: Begin with a word meaning hip, fashionable or trendy. Add a noun meaning the action of using something

23d    Tip-off that might lead to squares being populated? (4)
CLUE: Well, you are doing a crossword and therefore filling in squares. Your setter has provided one of these for 23 down and if you cannot solve it you are probably looking here for another.

Well that didn’t take too long. 26 across took much longer on Saturday.

Quickie Pun: Letter+Minnow=Let me know


40 comments on “DT 28810

  1. Was slow off the starting blocks then surprised myself by getting there in the end. SW corner was the most troublesome. Several clues were decidedly tortuous (as was the Quickie pun) and called for staying power. Liked a couple of little ones – 4d and 22d. Thank you to the Ed and MP.
    P.S. Still having to fill in my name and email address – wonder why?

      1. Thanks RD – it’s as simple as that – how thick can I get?! Hadn’t even noticed the box as previously my gen had always appeared automatically but that suddenly stopped. 🤭

  2. What a great start to the week!! Really liked 1a and 27a but favourite had to be 16d. Agree; 2*/4* for me as well. Thanks to setter.

  3. 1* / 4*. I really love these light fun starts to the crosswording week and this one was no exception.

    25a was my favourite with 16d close behind.

    Many thanks to CL and MP.

  4. COTD must be 23D for the obvious reason .

    Glad life is good in the Midlands. South Wales is also doing well . Going into England today on a bowls expedition

    As previously said , delightful crossword but all over too soon .

    Make the most of the good weather today as a big change is In the wind .

    Thanks to everyone .

  5. I concur with MP’S **/**** and the favourable comments on the blog so far, my favourite also 25a- failed to parse 23d although I thought that I had the right solution -thanks MP.
    also liked the surface of 24a-luckily I remember the player in 16d.

  6. I too will admit to failing to parse 23d. DOH!

    A very enjoyable start to the week, and the weather is promising to be a bit cooler too, winners all round.

    Many thanks to CL and MP.

  7. 25a my stand out favourite this morning from an excellent collection of straightforward but hugely enjoyable clues. Thanks to CL and to the frisky MP.

  8. Enjoyable start to the week and fun while it lasted. Lots of good clues but I will pick 4d as my favourite.

  9. No great problems but it seems a characteristic of this setter is the use of definitions which are not quite right. For example 10a, imagined-dreamlike, 21a corruption-contamination and 24a flabbergasted- awestruck. None of these definitions appear in the BRB.
    My fav clue was 23d, an old chestnut I know but it always makes me smile.
    Thx to all

    1. When you say ‘not quite right’, do you mean you think they are wrong or just cryptically oblique? I think the latter.

  10. Not quite the usual Monday walk in the park for me… but I did enjoy the solve. 4d was my fave.
    Thanks to CL, and to the frisky one for his review.

  11. **/*** for me today though I thought it was going to be a 3* for difficulty at first, as couldn’t fill anything in until 15a .After that, I seemed to scoot along until 1a and 1 d stumped me for several minutes. Liked 23d and 1a -when I solved it at last !
    Any suggestions for a literally cool few days away here in t’north west ? Waterside of some kind favoured……….for view, not swim !
    Thanks to compiler and Mpops.

  12. That was a real treat, thanks Mr. Lancaster.
    I thought the south was much easier than the north, but the whole puzzle was a delight.
    Like Kitty, no faves, but 23d brought a smile.
    Thanks also to M’pops for his review, especially the clip at 19a, is that 16d playing?

  13. Seemed to find this a touch tougher than other bloggers but very enjoyable nonetheless. A really slow start and then got held up in NW corner but last in 24a the penny didn’t drop until the scrum bit was parsed then a doh moment! Some very good clues and a pleasant solve to start the working week.

    Clues of the day: 1a / 16d / 23d

    Rating: 3* / 4*

    Thanks to MP and Mr L.

  14. Slightly trickier than normal for a Monday I thought, possibly due to the four thirteen-letter solutions taking more time to decipher. An excellent puzzle to start the week.

    My favourite clue was 4d.

    Many thanks to Mr Ed and the frisky one.

  15. Great start to the week. Loved 25d. As a Bridge player I was completely thrown. Thank you Mr Lancaster and frisky Miffypops.

  16. Very enjoyable, no particular problems.
    I spent ages trying to fit ‘Ryder Cup’ into 4d once I had all the checking letters. Ridiculous.
    LOI was 23d with a large ‘doh’ to boot.
    Fav was 1a
    Thanks MP and CL.

  17. Nice way to start the week with quite a few ticks awarded here.
    13d was the last to fall for no good reason at all – something had to be!

    Top marks went to 1&25a plus 16&22d.

    Thanks to Mr Ed and to MP for the blog and the Acker Bilk clip. Good to hear Joan Baez as well – pity about her sidekick……

  18. Very enjoyable, thanks to all. Just completed while sitting in the shade in the garden; it’s a hard life. I liked 25a & of course 4d having been “done” recently!

  19. Having sailed through the two prize crosswords over the weekend I have just struggled to finish this. Had to look at the hints for25a (never thought of billy goat gruff). Our outdoor thermometer says 35 degrees here in Cambridge so perhaps I am addled. Nearly time for a G and T – with ice.

    1. The G &T (even with ice) will warm you up nicely as has my large glass of icy cold white wine! Cheers anyway!

  20. Not as straightforward as last Monday but enjoyable nevertheless. I too struggled with some of the longer clues but got there with a little bit of blog help. Thanks to Mr Ed and Miffypops.

  21. Very enjoyable.

    Got through the Crossword OK. But then came stuck on one of the hints…..

    I assumed that the first two letters of 14a referred to the world’s finest sport, but MP’s hint states

    Begin with a synonym of a meaning of sport caper or romp.

    I am no doubt being dim, but would be grateful for some enlightenment.

    1. You may be right. I toyed with Rugby Union and then News being plural to give a double N.

      1. I thought that the sport was the first three letters and then you only need one ‘n’, etc. Not sure why you needed two ns.

  22. A lovely crossword and a lovely blog so thanks to both setter and ‘hinty person’.
    My only real problem was 27a – not in getting the answer but in making the answer fit the definition ie it didn’t mean put pen to paper. :roll:
    Along with lots of others my favourite today was 25a – something we’ve seen on the blog but, thankfully, not for a while.
    Thanks again to our crossword editor and to MP.
    Desperate for a bit of cool weather now and maybe even a spot or two of rain . . .

  23. I too could only see Ryder Cup for 4d, but couldn’t bring myself to enter it as i knew it must be wrong. Needed the hint here for that one. Bah!

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