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DT 28797

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28797

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 21st July 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I quite enjoyed this puzzle and some of the wrdplay needed unravelling from the surface readings which is always a plus.

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1a           Venomous creature with nemesis for Cleopatra? (4)
WASP – W, the abb. of with and an ASP that did for Cleopatra.

3a           During race, say, fences left unfinished (10)
INCOMPLETE – IN for during and COMPETE for race, say surround or fence L for left.

9a           Celebrity needs unlimited cover for teeth (4)
NAME – Remove the outside of (it is unlimited or the limits removed) of e NAME l (cover for teeth).

10a         A celebrant converted in place of worship (10)
TABERNACLE – An anagram, indicated by converted, of A CELEBRANT (and an apposite surface reading).

11a         Demonstrations from the French led by trooper (7)
PARADES – DES is French for ‘from the’ and a PARA(trooper) is in front/in the lead.

13a         Hide in corner of a Greek island (7)
SECRETE – A corner of a Greek Island might be S(outh) E(ast) CRETE.

14a         Harbour staff reported tug in case that’s needed on voyage? (11)
PORTMANTEAU – A member of the harbour staff might be cryptically describe as a PORT MAN. Add TEAU – a homophone (reported) of TOW.

18a         Side’s leader laments wins becoming draws (11)
SWEEPSTAKES – S, the leading letter in S(ides) then WEEPS (laments and finally TAKES for wins (i.e. a piece in a chess game).

21a         Wearing pants, not quite sticking to the vital parts (2,5)
IN BRIEF – If you were wearing pants you might be IN BRIEFS. Not quite tells you to remove the final letter.

22a         ‘Insect from Outer Space’ said to be crazy (7)
LUNATIC – A charade of two homophones (said) – LUNA (for LUNAR/from outer space) and TIC for TICK (an insect).

23a         Constables perhaps assembled here, needing nerve to occupy big vessel (3,7)
ART GALLERY – Place GALL or nerve/front inside an ARTERY or big (blood) vessel.

24a         From an Asian land that lacks a border with India (4)
THAI – Remove the last outside letter (it lacks a border) from THA(t) and then add I for India.

25a         Confused East Rye with Rye in the past (10)
YESTERYEAR – A confused anagram of EAST RYE and also the second RYE.

26a         Creative works from Puerto de Santiago (4)
ODES – A hidden word FROM Puert O DE S antiago.


1d           Turn to go down to Tube — one should take in the air (8)
WINDPIPE – To WIND or turn going down (in a down clue) above TUBE or pipe.

2d           Hat must be raised or placed at foot of grave (8)
SOMBRERO – A reversal (raised) of OR from the clue underneath/at the foot of SOMBRE /grave.

4d           Almost comes to, hearing organ in different directions (5)
NEARS – Place an EAR (a sense organ of the body) between N(orth) and S(outh).

5d           Broadcast Poe’s gripping verse — about fifty fail to be stirred? (9)
OVERSLEEP – Place an anagram (broadcast) of POE around VERSE from the clue and L for Fifty (Roman Numeral) –  O (VERSE + L) EP

6d           One may be depressed when in distress (5,6)
PANIC BUTTON – A cryptic definition for the alarm that is pushed or depressed when in distress.

7d           Overtake roughly in British river, lapping over another going north (6)
EXCEED – Place C for roughly, circa, inside the River EXE and the reversal of the DEE with the last/first letters overlapping i.e EX(E)ED with a C inside.

8d           Regular supporting the Spanish team (6)
ELEVEN – EVEN or regular underneath/supporting EL – Spanish for ‘the’.

12d         Tame party with this person in charge — had a bite across street (11)
DOMESTICATE – A DO (party) , ME (this person), IC (in charge, an abb.) and ATE (had a bite) all surrounding or across ST for street.

15d         Of necessity, fuelled convertible in US city (9)
NEEDFULLY – An anagram (convertible) of FUELLED inside NY – New York City.

16d         What painter might have done the decks at sea? (8)
SKETCHED – An anagram (indicated by at sea) of THE DECKS.

17d         Oddly posey son, following fashionable prophets (8)
PSYCHICS – The odd letters of P o S e Y with S for Son following and finally CHIC for fashionable.

19d         Major forces Right to go in union with extra trouble and strife? (6)
BIGAMY – BIG (major) and A(r)MY (forces) with e R for right removed (to go). Great definition!.

20d         Going up in Dorset, a balloonist has a fall (6)
ABATES – A hidden reversal (going up in) inside Dor SET A B A llonist.

22d         Grub is hot stuff — run to tuck in (5)
LARVA – place R for Run (from cricket notation) inside LAVA or hot stuff.