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DT 28781

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28781

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty */** Enjoyment ***


Hello, everyone, and welcome to a solid and fair Tuesday puzzle.  In the hints below most indicators are italicized and definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the Answer buttons will reveal the answers.  In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it or display a bonus illustration.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



1a    Money from account withdrawn, friend grabbing it (7)
CAPITAL:  Follow the reversal (withdrawn) of an abbreviation for account with a friend containing (grabbing) IT from the clue

5a    Slack police department going after learner driver in fact dropping back (7)
FLACCID:  The letter indicating a learner driver is inserted in FACT from the clue minus its last letter (dropping back), with a police department going after all of that.  One of those words that you just know you're going to regret image searching…

9a    Drink fit for a king knocked back (5)
LAGER:  The reversal (knocked back) of an adjective meaning fit for a king

10a   Chatty regular drunk, dropping ale finally over us (9)
GARRULOUS:  Put together an anagram (drunk) of REGULAR minus the last letter of ALE (dropping ale finally), the cricket abbreviation for over, and US from the clue

11a   At paper that's trendy, retaining old charm (10)
ATTRACTION:  Stick together AT from the clue, paper in the form of a leaflet, and the usual word for being trendy or fashionable containing (retaining) the abbreviation for old

12a   Russian leader it is fair to ignore on a regular basis (4)
TSAR:  Delete the odd letters (… to ignore on a regular basis) from IT IS FAIR

14a   Surely not! Article (and another in French) by bridge player is just the same (12)
NEVERTHELESS:  Concatenate 'surely not' or 'no way', a three-letter definite grammatical article in English, another one of those in French, and one of the four compass points that can represent a bridge player

18a   More and more anglers in icy waves (12)
INCREASINGLY:  An anagram (waves) of ANGLERS IN ICY

21a   The Queen's address in both directions? (4)
MA'AM:  in both directions indicates that we're looking for a palindrome used to address the Queen

22a   At home with part covering piano examination (10)
INSPECTION:  The usual short word for at home is followed by a part or piece containing (covering) the abbreviation for piano

25a   Instant suspicion after time with wife (9)
TWINKLING:  A suspicion or faint notion comes after the physics symbol for time and the abbreviation for wife

26a   That is keeping scoundrel angry (5)
IRATE:  The Latin abbreviation for "that is" containing (keeping) a scoundrel or traitor

27a   We learn about rehabilitation (7)
RENEWAL:  An anagram (about) of WE LEARN

28a   Burns pens introduction to rhapsody for vocalists (7)
SINGERS:  Burns lightly contains (pens) the first letter of (introduction of) RHAPSODY



1d    Possible location of wine merchant, we hear (6)
CELLAR:  A homophone (we hear) of a synonym of merchant

2d    Untidy place where one might find litter (6)
PIGSTY:  Where one might find a litter that will grow up to become bacon

3d    Intimidated teen worried in series of postings on internet message board (10)
THREATENED:  An anagram (worried) of TEEN is inserted in a connected series of internet postings commenting on a blog, for example

4d    Unimportant predicament? Not at first (5)
LIGHT:  A predicament or difficult situation, minus its first letter (… not at first)

5d    Force with soldiers and American became lost (9)
FORGOTTEN:  Cement together the physics symbol for force, some usual soldiers, and an American synonym of become

6d    Fever upset the Ugandans to some extent (4)
AGUE:  Crosswordland's favourite fever is hidden (to some extent) reversed (upset, in a down clue) in the remainder of the clue

7d    Lector is moving religious residence (8)
CLOISTER:  An anagram (moving) of LECTOR IS

8d    Hell -- bit of hair creates anguish (8)
DISTRESS:  Another name for the god Pluto also signifying the underworld, followed by a substantial bit of hair 

13d   Thought of liner, etc, at sea (10)
REFLECTION:  An anagram (at sea) of OF LINER ETC

15d   Vital German city -- it rises above a lake (9)
ESSENTIAL:  An industrial German city and the reversal (rises, in a down clue) of IT from the clue are positioned above A from the clue and the map abbreviation for lake

16d   Heavenly body under coat -- Marilyn Monroe, perhaps (4,4)
FILM STAR:  A big bright heavenly body is positioned under a thin coat or layer of something

17d   Party  time (8)
OCCASION:  Two definitions.  A party or function, and a time or instance

19d   Diatribe from one stuck in traffic (6)
TIRADE:  The Roman one is inserted in (stuck in) a synonym of traffic

20d   Enjoyable? Female leaves a smaller amount if not (6)
UNLESS:  A short word for enjoyable minus the abbreviation for female (.. female leaves) followed by an adjective meaning a smaller amount

23d   Leaves  errand boys (5)
PAGES:  Another double definition.  These leaves are found in a book.

24d   Small gardens in London at an angle (4)
SKEW:  The abbreviation for S and some big gardens in London


Thanks to today’s setter.  No standout favourites for me, but I did smile at 28a.  Which clues did you like best?


The Quick Crossword pun:  HOARSE + SHOO = HORSESHOE

36 comments on “DT 28781

  1. 3* / 2*. Not my cup of tea I’m sorry to say with far too many charades.
    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K.

  2. After yesterday’s difficulties (for me) this was very refreshing, enjoyable and completed at a gallop – **/***.

    I think there was a sprinkling of oldies but goodies which did help somewhat.

    Candidates for favourite – 21a, 1d, and 16d – and the winner is 1d.

    Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

    P.S. The Samuel (is that CL?) Toughie isn’t – I stayed out on the course and finished that at a gallop as well.

  3. Similar to yesterday’s – very mild but enjoyable enough while it lasted. 15d: Have you noticed how often that city crops up in cryptic clues/answers? 1.5* / 2.5*

  4. Not quite so easy for me…but I did make things harder for myself by putting 9a in the wrong way round….doh!
    But a hurrah day, 14a.

    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K for his unravellings.

  5. Somewhere near a **/*** for me today, lots of charades which unlike RD I like -not keen on anagrams myself especially long ones!
    No really outstanding clues but a fair mixture.
    As Senf says ‘a sprinkling of oldies but goodies’-24d was in a recent toughie.
    Thanks Mr K for the pics-feel sorry for the mouse !

  6. Enjoyed this one more than RD appears to have done although there isn’t a crowd on the podium.
    1&2d probably appealed the most.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to Mr K – really liked the pic of the cat/fish bowl and the 13d. The latter put me in mind of the old Harry Worth sketch!

  7. Your photo for 5a made me laugh. Can’t think why?
    Yes,a fairly easy run and no really stand out favourites.
    Thank you Mr. K.

  8. 25a was my favourite just to be different. I tend to agree that there was a shortage of clue types, which inevitably knocks back the enjoyment a few notches. It all fell into place fairly easily, so 2* /2.5* for me overall.

    Thanks to our Tuesday setter and Mr K. Back into the sunshine for the afternoon.

  9. Well I seemed to be on the right wavelength today, completed just inside a * time. Quite refreshing for a Tuesday.

    Many thanks to the setter and Mr.K.

  10. A mixed bag for me ***/** 😳 Liked 25a, 5d and 20d 😃 Thanks to Mr K and to the Setter. I like Mr K, anyone who uses words like “ concatenates” can’t be all bad 😉

  11. As Jaylegs – a mixed bag for me. Enjoyable enough, but missing somehow. */***.

  12. I’m with Rabbit Dave, I didn’t like the style of cluing and found it a bit of a toil with smiles few and far between. 2.5*/1.5* for me. Thanks to Mr K for explaining the (many) charades and to the setter

  13. I liked 25a but 20d is my favourite .
    Off to the Toughie which will put up more of a fight I’m sure .
    Thanks to all concerned .

  14. On the right wavelength with the setter today so few hold ups. I enjoyed it but had never heard of hell being so described. Form the clueing, the answer could be anything else so another one to file away.

    1. Ive only heard of dis via crossword land. Then I always forget it and get cross. Having studied the sciences I find Greek mythology a closed book, with no desire to learn anything about it. Im sure others find it fascinating.

  15. Oops, that should be ‘couldn’t ‘. Too much sun on the golf course this morning,

  16. Yes , enjoyable but not as difficult as some . I always think that , like beer , there is no such thing as a bad crossword ; just some are better than others .
    My score **/** .
    14a is fast becoming a regular .
    Thanks to everyone .

  17. OMG comment ready to post and then up comes message “web page not available” so here goes again ……..
    This was a bit middle of the road with not much to write home about. The South was plain-sailing but the North not quite so. One or two parsing hitches viz should have thought about Dante for Hell in 8a, was slow to twig that the French article in 14a was plural and 7d didn’t occur to me as a residence. No real Fav but liked 1d which is doubtless a chestnut along with 24d. Thanks Messrs. Ron and K.

  18. A nice steady puzzle that was finished without too much head scratching. Main hold up SE corner although last in 5d. Really liked 24d for its simplicity only four letters but smart. In conclusion thought today’s puzzle was an average offering that was quite enjoyable. No real complaints from this blogger.

    Clues of the day: 25a / 24d

    Rating: 2.5*/ 2.5*

    Thanks to Mr K and the setter

  19. Thanks to the setter and to Mr Kitty for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle, not too tricky but some made me think. Last in was 17d, which took me ages, I always struggle with double definitions. Favourite was 5d. Was 2*/3* for me.

  20. No problems with this, I enjoyed it far more than many of you, horses for courses I suppose.
    Nothing grabbed me but nothing had me shaking my head either.
    Golf then football this evening, I am enjoying this married life. Good luck England though I do have a sense of foreboding.
    Thanks Mr’s x 2

  21. Found this very middling for difficulty but very enjoyable.
    My fave was 1d, but 25a and 20d also stood out for me.
    Thanks very much to setter and to Mr. K for his usual informational review.

  22. Once the down clues revealed themselves everything was very straightforward. No real favourites; ok, maybe 25a, in this pleasant enough solve.
    Thanks to Mr Ron, and to Mr K for the review.

  23. Completed all this morning on the train with relative ease. Was left with 3d only. Soon solved on return journey. Problem is I can never think of the obvious letter to put between T and E. Thanks setter and thanks in advance Mr K as is shall now check my parsing.

  24. Much enjoyed, thanks to setter and Mr. K. 3d was last in. All good fun so off to tackle the Toughie, which will no doubt bring me down to earth.

  25. An enjoyable, pretty straightforward offering. */** for difficulty sounds right. First in 1ac, last in 20d.

  26. I started this last night with one eye on the football. I then had both eyes on the football, so put it down. Thank you setter and Mr Kitty. No problems with this one. Well, I guess I need to print today’s offering, but I’ll be late in as it’s choir night, and rarely have time to complete the crossword until I come back from it.

  27. Was I the only fool to go for Caveat…for possible location of wine cellar we hear.. Cav …e ..at . Was so convinced…it wrecked top corner.

  28. Three ticks for the talkative sot in 10A and for the flash of mistrust (?) in 25A.
    2*/4* for the puzzle.

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