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DT 28773

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28773

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 23rd June 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I solved this puzzle late on Wednesday afternoon following a late submission of a pink leave of absence form from Gnomethang.

When the rest of you were solving this last Saturday, Mr CS and I were taking our lovely grandson to visit Crom Castle on the beautiful Upper Lough Erne in the morning and then ‘helping’ at his fifth birthday party in the afternoon.

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1a    Volumes of meaning in speech before House (12)
DICTIONARIES – Nice definition – DICTION (speech) before ARIES (House of the Zodiac)

8a    Liquid asset’s acquired that is least complicated (7)
EASIEST – An anagram (liquid) of ASSETS into which is inserted (acquired) IE (that is)

9a    Swapped coins, getting old penny (7)
CHANGED – CHANGE (coins) D (old penny)

11a    More advanced fiction — first for radio, with listener as the lead (7)
EARLIER – LIE (fiction) and R (the first letter of Radio) with EAR (listener) in front (in the lead)

12a    They may be taken for Dutch courage and morale (7)
SPIRITS – Something to be taken to give you Dutch courage or another word for morale

13a    Time after time, circling little birds do it (5)
TWEET – T (time) goes after T (time) ‘circling’ or going round WEE (little)

14a    Seats available in long-distance transport (9)
SPACESHIP – SPACE (seats available) HIP (in, fashionable)

16a    Delivers tabloid newspapers (9)
EXPRESSES – A verb or some particular tabloid newspapers

19a    Post Office provides wrapping for stolen picture (5)
PHOTO – PO (Post Office) ‘provides wrapping’ or goes round HOT (stolen)

21a    Part of text — three-quarters of it runs before dramatist’s chapter (7)
EXTRACT – Three quarters of the word tEXT, R (runs) ACT (a chapter in a dramatist’s play)

23a    Sneer at being misdirected — this section of map is right (7)
EASTERN – An anagram (being misdirected) of SNEER AT. A very timely surface reading given the number of times Mr CS told the satnav what he thought of it during our recent visit to Northern Ireland

24a    Advanced very quietly to enter bay, say (7)
STEPPED – PP (musical instruction to play very quietly) to ‘enter’ STEED (a bay being an example of a horse)

25a    Ape, male, displayed in side gallery (7)
IMITATE – M (male) displayed in or inserted into II (eleven being a cricket side) TATE (gallery

26a    What’s lacking in an idiot or dope (12)
INTELLIGENCE – Two definitions – one telling you what’s lacking in an idiot, the other an informal term for intelligence or information


1d    Justify present being given after poor grades? (7)
DESERVE – SERVE (present) going after D E (poor grades)

2d    Boots maybe with fringe seen in clubs first (7)
CHEMIST – HEM (fringe) seen in between C (clubs) and IST (first)

3d    Concerns about interrupting during exams (9)
INTERESTS – RE (about) ‘interrupting’ IN TESTS (during exams)

4d    Canoodles and kisses with knight rather than page (5)
NECKS – Change the P at the start of Pecks (kisses) for an N (knight in chess notation)

5d    Discover club in Madrid — one’s to be over 23a    (7)
REALISE – REAL (Madrid football clue) IS (ones) to be over E (the direction in the solution to 23a)

6d    Relaid line to carry grand pipe down from Yorkshire perhaps (7)
ENGLISH – An anagram (relaid) of LINE to ‘carry’ G (grand), the result finished with SH (pipe down)

7d    Her event unravelled, attracting fewer still (12)
NEVERTHELESS – An anagram (unravelled) of HER EVENT followed by ‘attracting’ LESS (fewer still)

10d    Not pleased, finding sharp bit in pie Dad’s cooked (12)
DISAPPOINTED – POINT (sharp bit) found in an anagram (cooked) of PIE DADS

15d    Replying to article on cursing, getting another article rejected (9)
ANSWERING – A (indefinite article) on SWEARING (cursing) without the A (another article rejected)

17d    What sales rep delivers new design? (7)
PATTERN – PATTER (what sales rep delivers) N (new)

18d    Enough to support former partner, for instance (7)
EXAMPLE – AMPLE (enough) to ‘support’ EX (former partner)

19d    Minimum goal of student, yours truly, on fire (7)
PASSION – PASS (minimum goal of student) I (yours truly) ON (from the clue)

20d    Note that’s played at end of musical show or function (7)
OPERATE – TE (note that’s played) goes at the end of OPERA (musical show)

22d    Like a place where the drink goes down twice a day (5)
TIDAL – The drink in question being, of course, the ocean