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DT 28767

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28767

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 16th June 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

There’s something about writing a Q into a crossword that immediately makes you think ‘pangram’, and this time I wasn’t wrong

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1a    Level with rower having limited sleep (2,1,3)
ON A PAR – OAR (rower) having ‘limited’ NAP (sleep)

4a    Fielding side strives for this kind of effort (3-3)
ALL-OUT – Because the aim of the fielding side in a game of cricket is to get all the other side’s batsmen out

9a    Leave willingly (8)
BEQUEATH – The first of several cryptic definition type clues in this crossword

10a    Seen in court, a revolutionary quality that attracts admiration (6)
CACHET – A (from the clue) CHE (Mr Guevara, Crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary) go inside CT (court)

11a    Hiss: ‘Turn over if snoring!’ (4)
FIZZ – Reverse (turn over) IF (from the clue) and follow with 2 Zs (used to indicate snoring)

12a    Instruction to make less noise in bars (10)
DIMINUENDO – a musical instruction meaning ‘let the sound die away’

13a    Obstinate nine starting to waver (12)
INTRANSIGENT – An anagram (to waver) of NINE STARTING

16a    Premier craftsman? (12)
CABINETMAKER – The reference to Premier being to a Prime Minister who forms a cabinet

20a    Top farmers cultivated polar ground (10)
PERMAFROST – An anagram (cultivated) of TOP FARMERS

21a    Cried quietly with rain around (4)
WEPT – P (piano -musical instruction to play quietly) with WET (rain) ‘around’

22a    Spanish cheer during little brother’s dance (6)
BOLERO – OLE (Spanish cheer) inserted into (during) BRO (little or abbreviated brother)

23a    For always, nevertheless! (8)
EVERMORE – Never [the] LESS

24a    Squirrel, perhaps not red, frisky (6)
RODENT – An anagram (frisky) of NOT RED

25a    Man that’s found in New South Wales (6)
SYDNEY – A man’s name or a city in NSW


1d    Order Diana to go to hospital department to be disciplined (8)
OBEDIENT – OBE (Order of the British Empire) DI (Diana) ENT (hospital Ear, Nose and Throat department)

2d    Humming coming from a telephone call (5)
ABUZZ – A (from the clue) BUZZ (informal term for a telephone call)

3d    Leave a group of players performing (7)
ABANDON – A (from the clue) BAND (group of players) ON (performing)

5d    Permit silence to be shattered (7)
LICENSE – An anagram (to be shattered) of SILENCE

6d    Band or artist’s carrying case (9)
ORCHESTRA – OR (from the clue) RA (artist), the latter ‘carrying’ CHEST (case)

7d    Attempt to limit ruin with it (6)
TRENDY – TRY (attempt) to ‘limit’ END (ruin)

8d    Ringmaster? (8,5)
CHAMPION BOXER – Someone who is a master of the boxing ring

14d    Suggest about 100 correct to hold Queen’s award (9)
RECOMMEND –RE (about) C (Roman numeral for 100) and MEND (correct) into which is inserted (to hold) OM (Order of Merit, an award in the gift of the Queen)

15d    Padre, with joy, reformed menace (8)
JEOPARDY – An anagram (reformed) of PADRE with JOY

17d    Enthusiast having nothing on is a fool (7)
BUFFOON – BUFF (enthusiast) O (nothing) ON (from the clue)

18d    Small child with Terence has no right to be unsteady (7)
TOTTERY – TOT (small child) with TERrY (no right being an instruction to remove one of the Rs from the diminutive form of Terence

19d    One cannot go straight ahead and make it (6)
DETOUR – A cryptic definition of a circuitous way

21d    West Country lady (5)
WOMAN – W (west) OMAN (country)

5 comments on “DT 28767

  1. Must admit :-
    1 never look for a pangram
    2 put sizz for 11a after a struggle

    Nice crossword with 1A favourite .


  2. I like the fact that in was left out of the answer to 12a.
    Thank you for the help with this crossword

  3. I enjoyed this one – such a shame that we don’t always know who set a particular Saturday puzzle.
    Nice to relive it through your review, CS – many thanks for that.

    12a answer could do with a tweak when you have time.

    1. I seem to remember looking at that twice when I was getting the blog scheduled before we had to set off in our travels. I obviously decided to leave it for you to point out. ;)

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