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DT 28756

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28756

Hints and tips by Miffypops in St Mawes

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Whatever happens, life goes on. As sure as eggs is eggs. Today’s puzzle should be by Dada. A setter who floats my boat and gets my vote. Moderately tricky but once solved one cannot see where any difficulty lay.

I’m off to the beach now. Have fun, play nicely, enjoy life.

Answers lie beneath the click here boxes. Definitions are underlined. Hints and Tips are provided by a well-meaning amateur. If anything is not clear, please ask. The rapid response unit that makes up this happy community will respond.


1a    Patron accepting worker’s bribe (4-6)
BACK HANDER: The patron here is one who provides financial or other support. He or she surrounds a manual worker.

6a    Short extra post (4)
SPAR: Begin with the abbreviation for small. Add a rarely used prefix that means beyond or extra.  Most of (short) a word meaning extra [thanks Ronald]

9a    Handle eccentric type (5)
CRANK: A double definition. Do you remember when cars came with these handles as standard? I remember my father using one and am glad that I have never done so.

10a    A track behind truck in Irish town (9)
TIPPERARY: A truck such as a dumper truck (Made by Thwaites just up the road from me) rolled by the letter A from the clue and the abbreviation for a type of track known as the permanent way.

12a    Irish in the US, remarkably hairy (7)
HIRSUTE: An anagram (remarkable) of THE US contains (in) an abbreviation of Irish

13a    Common outlaw, Mr Capone (5)
BANAL: Begin with a verb meaning to outlaw and add Mr Capone’s shortened forename

15a    Light seafood in fish, not cold (3-4)
Newspaper version: Light seafood in fish, starter lacking (3-4) [thanks MalcolmR]
ARC LAMP: We need to put some seafood (a bivalve mollusc) inside (in) a fish that contains the letter C which we will discard (not cold). I think goldfish fit the category of fish concerned. I do like this type of clue. Without much help we need to find a particular seafood from the thousands of types on offer and a particular fish from the thousands available without a lot of help from the setter.

17a    Dog is lean after exercising: power in it (7)
SPANIEL: An anagram (after exercising) of IS LEAN which contains the abbreviation for Power

19a    Bulb will start to open before end of August (7)
SHALLOT: Use the future tense of the word will and add the first letter (start) of the word open and the final letter (end of) of the word August

21a    Don’t speak with tricksters — could be a put-up job? (7)
SHELVES: Begin with a two-lettered sound used to hush children. Add some tricksters that may be found in books by Tolkien or Blyton. Were you taken in by the hype around Tolkien’s twaddle in the seventies? I much preferred Blyton myself

22a    Relish nothing after a blow (5)
GUSTO: Place the letter that looks like nothing or zero after a sudden strong blast of wind.

24a    Change again in large novel (7)
REALIGN: Anagram (novel) of IN LARGE

27a    Medic has beaten a drum on a TV film (9)
DOCUDRAMA: Begin with an informal term for a medic or GP “What’s up ***”. Add an anagram (has beaten) of A DRUM. Append the letter A from the clue.

28a    Strange dam, dry originally (5)
WEIRD: A synonym of the word dam is followed by the first letter (originally) of the word dry

29a    Clothes first or second, perhaps? (4)
GEAR: A synonym of the word clothes is also an aid to propulsion in a motor car.

30a    Representative group good in Europe, say? (10)
CONTINGENT: A large land mass such as Europe contains the letter G, the abbreviation for good.


1d    Dollar leap (4)
BUCK: A double definition, the second being what a bronco might do.

2d    Happening thrice, tea dance (3-3-3)
CHA-CHA-CHA: An informal word for tea is repeated three times to provide a Latin American dance with small steps and swaying hip movements

3d    Walker greeting king and queen (5)
HIKER: This rambler is made up of a three part charade. An informal greeting. The abbreviation for King. The regal cipher of our magnificent and dutiful Queen.

4d    Top call, not bottom (2-5)
NO-TRUMP: Split 3,4 we can use the word not directly from the clue. There is half of the answer given to us.We don’t even have to work it out. Add a word meaning ones bottom. Together but split 2,5 we have a call in the card game (not sport) bridge

5d    Quick reporters in retirement? (7)
EXPRESS: Quick like a train. Split 2,5 we have a phrase which might describe retired journalists

7d    Obvious plateau (5)
PLAIN: Another double definition

8d    King possibly with a lot of money — a good deal? (5,5)
ROYAL FLUSH: This good deal refers to a hand of cards consisting of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten card all of the same suit. The wordplay asks for an example of what the status of a King is and a word meaning awash with money.

11d    Squeeze me after rolling onto couple (7)
EMBRACE: Reverse (turning over) the word me. Add a pair of something, normally animals or birds killed in hunting

14d    A meaty pet? (7,3)
SAUSAGE DOG: This meaty pet is a dachshund. The answer is an informal British term for this animal

16d    In total, narrative complete? (3,4)
ALL TOLD: Begin with a word meaning total. Add the past participle of the word tell. Together they mean in total

18d    Original opening I have, popular at first (9)
INVENTIVE: Begin with the final part of the clue. Add an opening which allows gas or liquid to escape. End with a contraction of the words I have.

20d    Twister ruined a party (7)
TORNADO:. Begin with a synonym for ruined (ripped to pieces). Add the letter A from the clue. Add the usual suspect for a party. This twister is a wind

21d    Two animals closer? (7)
SEALANT: The two animals here are completely random. The word closer does not mean nearer. The first animal is a sea dwelling mammal. The second animal? Is a social insect.

23d    Bones buried in Pisa, cracked (5)
SACRA: A lurker. Hidden amongst the words of the clue. Indicated by the words buried in.

25d    Des Moines native maybe pale, under ten? (5)
IOWAN: A native of the state that Des Moines is made up of a word meaning pale or ashen placed after the letters that look like the number ten

26d    Raised current, correct (4)
EDIT: The current is the ebb and flow of the sea. Reversed it means to prepare for publication

RIP Roy Turrell. Now dancing with Margaret.

Quickie Pun: Part+Tickle+Physics=Particle physics

63 comments on “DT 28756

  1. A nice and gentle start to the week. Easily completed in */** time.

    COTD was 1a for me, it got the whole thing off to a flying start.

    Many thanks to Dada, if it is he, and MP.

    I have just noticed that the clue in the paper is different for 15a. “Light seafood in fish, not starting”. I can’t see why either should have been changed.

  2. A terrific start to the solving week, albeit fairly gentle. Enjoyable with some fun clueing, notably 25d, my favourite. This was 2* /3* for me, with many thanks o Dada, if he was indeed the setter, and the beachbound MP.

      1. A short extra post provided to support a weak fence post is called a spur. Equally legitimate?

        1. Not really because that would be a “straight” clue such as you get in the quickie rather than the cryptic

        2. The word play wouldn’t work for SPUR. The answer comes from SPAR(E). I think the SPAR here is one you’d find on a boat/ship.

  3. Fine for a Monday */** ***for me.
    Now I know how to spell 10a ! and where Des Moines is located,
    Favourite clue was 21a liked the deception..
    Best Quickie pun for a while.
    Thanks All.

    1. Being a member of the Kingdom – Animalia, an ANT is certainly an Animal; as is a Seal ??!! :o

  4. A very good start to the work week, straightforward, although a small amount of head scratching required, completed at a gallop – **/***.

    Favourite – a toss-up between 3d and 8d.

    Thanks to Dada and GMoLI.

  5. Not got paper yet so not looked at puzzle, but have a great time in St Mawes. Are you staying there or just visiting while you are in the area? We shall be down again soon!

        1. No. We take a nice holiday let. Same week every year. My daughter, son in law and the two grandsons have joined us so a family treat every year. We will eat at The Idle Rocks though and have Pimms and Lemonade at The Tresanton with Crab Sandwiches. We ate at The Driftwood on Saturday Night. Sublime.

          1. My daughter and her partner had dinner at Driftwood when we were down at Easter. We babysat – must be doing something wrong somewhere.

  6. Nice easy start to the week, especially welcome after Saturday’s puzzle 😳 */*** Favourites 21a & 21d 😃 Thanks to MP and to the Setter 😉

  7. 2* / 4*. Lots of fun and not too taxing – just the job for a Monday morning.

    My favourite was 21a with 1a a close second.

    Many thanks to Dada and to MP.

  8. I agree, good start to the week. My picks, 21a and d, and 27a. Thanks Dada and MP.

    Question for MP or anyone: how do you find out the setter of the Tele on-line edition? 🤔



    1. To find out who sets the crosswords on which days of the week have a look in the FAQ section which is right up at the top – for you to do that is probably easier (and quicker) than it would be for me to write a list (and run the risk of getting some wrong as things have changed a bit recently)

  9. I loved this.
    Having read all the across clues I thought that I might be in trouble but the downs seemed, to me anyway, much easier.
    I did spend a little while trying to justify ‘usual’ for 13a but I couldn’t which was probably just as well.
    Quite a few clues made me laugh so I’ll put them down – 9a and 3 and 11d – my favourite is one of these. I also liked 19a and 8d.
    With thanks to Dada.
    With thanks also to Miffypops – a :rose: for you and another :rose: for St Sharon.

  10. Not too difficult start to the week, lots of nice clues and a couple that I needed help to parse tyvm Miffypops. And a few dodgy ones (2 animals was a bit of a stretch for me) still got the MPP and NTSPP to look forward to when I get home. Thanks MP and Dada if it is he.

  11. Finished this over just one cup of coffee, not the two it’s been for the last couple of days. I agree with Kath. The down clues seemed easier and most were filled in first. 21a was my favourite for making me chuckle. Thank you Dada. Thanks too go to Miffypops at the beach.

  12. Thanks to Dada and to Miffypops for the review and hints. A very nice start to the week. I had a bit more trouble with the bottom half, but quite gentle nevertheless. I originally had “all said” for 16d, but changed it when I solved 22a. There was some original clueing, liked 21&29a and 14&21d, but my favourite was 25d. Was 2*/4* for me.

  13. Nice Monday puzzle which didn’t take too long to solve – just a slight hold up with the second word in 16d.

    Think 9a takes the accolades here although, like Beaver, I’m relieved to have found a way to remember the spelling of 10a!

    Thanks to Dada and to MP – hope you and St Sharon are enjoying your holiday.

  14. Managed to squeeze this one in while pretending to be on Churchwarden duty.
    Never heard of 4d before but wasn’t surprised to read it’s a bridge term. Glad to see there was more than one way to skin the cat that was 6a. 29a was my favourite and I should have got 21a before I did. I think we’ve seen the word ten in 25d used in a similar way quite recently.
    Thanks to Miffypops, the setter, and everyone who comments, I do enjoy reading them.

  15. This completes a hat trick of excellent puzzles , hope we get a fourth tomorrow . Finished quite quickly but very enjoyable .
    3D was the first of a few to make me smile and just about comes my favourite . Agree that the 2 animals in 21D are open to debate .
    Thanks from sunny South Wales .

      1. Interestingly, well to me, my daughter and I had been discussing the ambit of “animal” just before I started today’s crossword. She favoured the “anything alive that is not a plant” view, I felt some further limitation was required to fit with much common usage. In a frustrating conclusion, consultation with some respected dictionaries revealed we were both right (although she claimed moral victory as favoured sense 1). One must deduce meaning from context.

        1. Welcome to the blog Kindly Sturgeon

          Quite often animals get confused with mammals – a mammal is an animal but the reverse is not necessarily true

  16. After a few Mondays of slightly stiffer puzzles, we seemed to have returned to the more gentle start to the week. Nonetheless enjoyable for that. */****. 4d my pick of the day.

  17. Not too tricky and very enjoyable and quite Rufus-like.
    Fav was 3d.
    Thanks MP for the hints and Dada for the puzzle.

  18. A very pleasant and solver-friendly puzzle indeed, very Rufusesque in places, as Hoofit rightly says.

    My top two clues were 21a and 8d.

    Many thanks to Mr Halpern and to MP, I hope the Cornish weather is behaving itself for you.

    1. It is lovely weather. I have swam in the sea today and played with my grandson in the sea too. Whatever the weather, I don’t really mind. The sun is always shining, sometimes we just cannot see it.

  19. Hope you enjoyed the beach MP. When you have dried off, did you mean that you Don’t generally like the style of clue at 15a? In which case I do agree with you.

    1. I don’t like them either ….and think the paper version, which I have, was harder to figure out than the electronic one…..

    2. I like the randomness of these clues which might jump out but will probably need checking letters. Although I like them I think they are a little unfair. We had two today. One with fish at 15ac and one with animals at 29d.

  20. Very good for a Monday puzzle just the right mix of clues for me and agree with others re the Rufus comparison. SE corner created a bit of delay with 25d last in, great clue though when the light came on. Good fun with lots of smiles, but still getting on this setters radar with some of the clues.

    Clues of the day: 9a / 3d / 25d

    Rating: 2.5* / 3.5*

    Thanks to MP and Dada

  21. Gentle start to the week but enjoyable. Thanks to the setter and MP. The grand children have arrived for the next 2 months so I expect available solving time to be much reduced.

  22. Needed a bit of electronic help for the 21s , both down and across and then needed the hint for 30a, so a ‘could do better’ day for me, but the ones I did get I generally enjoyed.

    Thanks to the setter and to Miffypops.

  23. Not quite as much fun as Yesterday but pleasant enough. Struggled with 6a in spite of having only two letters to find. 11d raised a chuckle. Thank you Mysteron (Dada?) and The Beach Boy.

  24. A fairly gentle start to the week which produced a few smiles along the way. 1a was my favourite.
    Thanks to Dada and the Adonis on the beach for his review.

  25. Nothing of any significance to add to previous comments, a generally enjoyable solve. I couldn’t fully parse 10a and needed the first part of the hint for 21d (cleverly used as a noun instead of the expected adjective,). Thanks to setter and imformative reviewer.

  26. A * or perhaps ** for difficulty, with the SW corner taking much of that time. 27ac I suspect is the prime culprit there. :-) An enjoyable start to the week.

  27. Very slow to get going on this, then it came together after a few holdups that took a while longer to solve, and getting 24a wrong didn’t help. But got there in the end with just a few hints, thank you Miffypops, so quite enjoyed. Have a great time in St Mawes. Sounds like somewhere we should visit one year.

  28. Late start having watched a torrid French film this afternoon. Everything dropped into place very quickly and favourites 30a and 2 4 8 and 14d. Last two in which took more than one read-through were 21d and 27a. Once I got 21d about which I have no complaints it was easier to get 27a with the last letter. Still found it diffcult to parse largely because I was thinking of all of the contractions for Medic and missing the extra A. All in all very satisfying and I agree it is Rufusesque. Thanks setter and MP. Challenge for you MP – see if you can manage a pint (or two) in each of the pubs and the two clubs.

    1. Well I have ticked the boxes for The Victory, The St Mawes Hotel, The Sailing Club and The Rising Sun. I had two ciders at The Rosevine near Porthcurnic beach today. The Idle Rocks, The Tresanton, The Social Club all await my presence. Oh and the Roseland Inn at Philleigh and The Kings Head at Ruan Lanihorn will also get a visit.

  29. Starting to get the hang of Mondays, that is three in a row completed without having to check with MP and today was finished in one sitting.
    Will now have a go at another day, believe they get harder as the week goes on?
    Thanks to MP and setter.

  30. Thought the animal in 21d was the same as in 15a and tried so hard to justify it. Clamant, Clammy ? Close, Humid? Well. That made sense for a little while until the “étagères” in 21a fell.
    Hope you have a great time in St Mawes.
    Thanks to Dada. Could have done with a second one like this.
    Thanks to MP for broadcasting from his holiday retreat.

  31. Most enjoyable. Thanks for the explanation for 19a – never associated shall with will. Love this site . Mike – Romney Marsh

    1. No. The site gets many visits from people who need an answer or an explanation but never comment. Hopefully you will learn enough from the hints tips and comments to gain an advantage. Eventually you may be commenting on Toughie puzzles.

  32. A mild start to the week but pleasant enough. The fun was over too quickly, though. 1.5* / 3*

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