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DT 28725

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28725

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 28th April 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

Morning All! – The usual Saturday fare but I didn’t much like the two homophones that are not actually words (unless you subscribe to the Urban Dictionary for ‘cholar’


1a           Damage clothes (4)
WEAR – Two definitions – to damage by abrasion and sartorial apparel.

3a           Arrest aunt running place to eat (10)
RESTAURANT – An anagram (running) of ARREST AUNT.

8a           Support whip producing retaliation (8)
BACKLASH – A charade of BACK (support) and LASH (whip).

9a           Bear to undergo pain (6)
SUFFER – Two very similar cryptic definitions.

10a         Very much liking posh English sauce (6)
FONDUE – FOND for ‘very much liking’ then U for posh (Upper class) and finally E(nglish).

11a         Left single part desolate (8)
LONESOME – L(eft) followed by ONE/single and SOME/part.

13a         Non-union lady? (8)
SPINSTER – A cryptic definition of an unwedded (i.e. not in the union of marriage) lady.

14a         Allow old clock with centre removed to be put in ornamental case (6)
LOCKET – LET for allowed and then an insertion of O(ld) and C(loc)K with the centre letters removed.

16a         It limits animal’s movement or range of endurance (6)
TETHER – The first is the straight definition and the second cryptically refers to being at the end of one’s TETHER i.e. at the limits of what one will endure.

19a         Be around Selina in trouble with Mark on court? (8)
BASELINE – BE from the clue around an anagram (in trouble) of SELINA.

21a         New tramline’s destination (8)
TERMINAL – A new anagram of TRAMLINE.

22a         We will be hugged by American brother, one making drinks (6)
BREWER – We from the clue surrounded /hugged by BRER – an American diminutive of brother as in the wonderful BRER Rabbit stories.

23a         Sign to receive adult books in shelter (4-2)
LEAN-TO – The star sign of LEO containing/to receive A for Adult and NT – an abb. of the New Testament or some books (of the Bible).

24a         Render unfit for consumption article in plate (8)
DENATURE – Place A (an indefinite article) inside a DENTURE or plate.

25a         Unusually wary in predicament, one could be dramatic (10)
PLAYWRIGHT – An unusual anagram of WARY inside a PLIGHT or predicament.

26a         King succeeded capturing extremely large dependency (4)
ROSS – R forex or king in Latin and S for Succeeded (an abb. from a family tree) both including /capturing OS (Over Sized) or extremely large. I had to check on the ROSS Dependency – an area in Antarctica claimed by New Zealand.


1d           Method of printing network from radio, perhaps (3,6)
WEB OFFSET – I got this with the checking letters. WEB for network and ‘OF SET’ for from the (radio) SET perhaps.

2d           How croupier became successful? (5,2,3,5)
RAKED IN THE MONEY – A croupier as a small rake with which to drag the chips to the bank.

3d           Get near fused substance used in chemical test (7)
REAGENT – An anagram (fused) of GET NEAR.

4d           Sunday neckwear, we hear, for learned person (7)
SCHOLAR – S for Sunday and CHOLAR – a homophone of COLLAR or neckwear.

5d           Team learns a complicated formation? (7)
ARSENAL – A complicated formation of the letters in LEARNS A.

6d           Say no to charity worker, one who works for the council (6,9)
REFUSE COLLECTOR – A charade of REFUSE/say not and a charity COLLECTOR.

7d           Time with Irish maybe short (5)
TERSE – T for Time and ERSE for a poetic adjective for Irish.

12d         Mother heads East for Ms West (3)
MAE – MA for Mother in front of (heads) E(ast).

15d         Nervous complaint that’s progressive? (3,6)
THE CREEPS – A cryptic definition where to creep means to progress slowly forward.

17d         Girl develops clothes (3)
EVE – The girl’s name in clothed (i.e. hidden by) d EVE lops.

18d         Row articulated our bitterness (7)
RANCOUR –RANC , a homophone of RANK/row and then OUR from the clue.

19d         Male animals breed! (7)
BULLDOG – Two male animals give a breed of dog.

20d         One vehicle turned up first, it’s part of something larger (7)
SUBUNIT – A UNIT or one with a reversal (turned up) first of a BUS/vehicle.

21d         Flower in rubbish dump about middle of July (5)
TULIP – The middle letters in j UL y inside a TIP or rubbish dump.


Thanks to the setter – I think I will be back next week in the new Almanac arranged between myself and crypticsue.


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  1. Thanks for the review, Gnomethang. I didn’t know ‘subunit’ as a word, though that’s what it had to be. Same with the dependency -I might remember that.
    Thanks to setter as well.

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