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MPP 071 – Review

MPP 071 – Review

Jumbled Perimeter by Alchemi

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The instructions were:

The perimeter of the grid contains a simple arithmetical expression, but the letters on each edge are anagrams of the words (one word on each edge). Unscramble the anagrams, do the calculation and put the result into the box provided.

The words “do the calculation” were added to avoid any ambiguity after some early entries just gave the calculation itself – these entries  were, however, included in the draw.

Congratulations to David Whisstock on his second success, his last one was back in June 2014, and he wins his choice of a Daily Telegraph Puzzle Book.


7a A lot of sand Australian artist is required to send back (6)
SAHARA: a charade of A(ustralian), our usual artist and a verb meaning is required to, all reversed (send back)

8a Central examiner ran tests without making mistakes (8)
INERRANT: hidden (central) inside the clue

9a Jackpots possibly caught in francophone country (7)
PAYOUTS: caught is an example (possibly) of this dismissal in a cricket match, put it inside the French (francophone) for country

10a Sailor keeps setter less exciting (5)
TAMER: our usual three-letter sailor goes round the first person pronoun (setter)

11a Areas of Britain invented by Trump, not obviously gladdening our leaders (2-2)
NO-GO: the initial letters (leaders) of four words in the clue

12a Places of worship receive computers with old bugs (10)
MOSQUITOES: some Muslim places of worship around (receive) the use of computers and O(ld)

14a Trees dancing round – that’s extremely weird (7)
EERIEST: an anagram () of TREES around the Latin abbreviation for “that is” (that’s)

16a One cat is a thousand in Ancient Greek philosophy (7)
ATOMISM: a charade of A (one), a male cat, IS from the clue and the Roman numeral for a thousand

19a Oracles sat around moving staircases (10)
ESCALATORS: an anagram (around) of ORACLES SAT

22a Dress of adversaries (4)
SARI: hidden (of) inside the clue

23a 5 sorted out base joint (5)
MITRE: an anagram (sorted out) of the answer to 5 Down followed by the base of natural logarithms

25a Flower affected independent running (7)
CAMPION: an adjective meaning affected or exaggerated followed by I(ndependent) and a two-letter word meaning running or working

26a Love cycling around Amsterdam, say, at speed (8)
VELOCITY: move the last two letters of LOVE to the beginning (cycling around) and add the type of conurbation of which Amsterdam is an example (say)

27a Find nothing in ruined castle except sulphur (6)
LOCATE: O (nothing) inside an anagram (ruined) of CA[S]TLE without the chemical symbol for Sulphur / Sulfur


1d Law enforcement family improve listening device (8)
EARPHONE: The surname of a famous law enforcement family in the Wild West followed by a verb meaning to improve

2d Extravagantly day-glo opera star who was known for horseback performance (4,6)
LADY GODIVA: an anagram extravagantly () of DAY-GLO followed by an opera star

3d See a copper I don’t know clean the carpet? (6)
VACUUM: the Latin abbreviation for see or “refer to” followed by the A from the clue, the chemical symbol for copper and an interjection meaning “I don’t know”

4d Left breast collapsed (4,4)
WENT BUST: synonyms for left or departed and breast or bosom

5d Slightly shorten tapestry’s top edge (4)
TRIM: the initial letter (top) of T[apestry] followed by an edge

6d Space above box for one part of meal (6)
ENTRÉE: a space used in printing followed by the type of plant of which box is an example (for one)

8d Stoutly maintain independent nationalist lives in street (6)
INSIST: I(ndependent) and N(ationalist) followed by a two-letter verb meaning lives inside ST(reet)

13d Newspaper with desire for security device (4,6)
TIME SWITCH: a national daily newspaper followed by W(ith) and a desire

15d Takes pin out, revealing den of disorder (5-3)
SNAKE-PIT: an anagram (out) of TAKES PIN

17d Calm before idiot opens Surrey’s borders (8)
SERENITY: a poetical word meaning before and an idiot inside (opens) the outer letters (borders) of S[urre]Y

18d Irritable model tours University College Hospital (6)
TOUCHY: a three-letter model, typically one played with be a child, around the abbreviations for U(niversity), C(ollege) and H(ospital)

20d Silly smile easier after losing pound (6)
SIMPER: start with an adjective meaning easier and drop (losing) the L (pound)

21d African, very African country (6)
SOMALI: a two-letter word meaning very followed by an African country

24d Blast ducks during races (4)
TOOT: OO (zeroes . ducks) inside an annual motorcycle race on the Isle of Man

Thanks to Alchemi for the puzzle and to Mrs BD for her magnificent effort in clicking the mouse to select the winner.

The four edges, reading clockwise from the top left, gave ELVWTE, TSMIE, YHITTR and VEENS, which, unscrambled, gave the calculation “twelve times thirty seven” and the answer 444.


7 comments on “MPP 071 – Review

  1. Congratulations David.
    Thanks again for the puzzle Alchemi, I remember it was good fun to solve.

  2. Well done indeed, David.
    I recall this as being at the milder end of Alchemi’s repertoire but most enjoyable to solve.
    Thanks to him and to BD for the review.

  3. Congratulations to David.

    I remember this being fun to solve. Thanks to Alchemi and BD, and to Mrs BD for performing her part so reliably, without which there would be no winners.

  4. Heartiest congratulations to David Whisstock on his second win! Thanks once again to Alchemi for the lovely puzzle that culminated in the angel number! And finally, thanks to BD for the superb review!

  5. MPP 067 – Review ~ posted by Big Dave on the top should be MPP 071 – Review ~ posted by Big Dave.

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