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DT 28716

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28716

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

At the usual time we logged in to the Telegraph site and happily printed off the puzzles. It only took a few seconds to realise that we had seen all these clues before. It was still Tuesday’s puzzles. We need not have panicked as 1 hour later the correct ones all popped up.  It appears that during the maintenance yesterday the clock reset to GMT instead of BST.
We found a word in the clue for 8d that was new to us but not hard to work out what Jay had in mind. Good Wednesday fun once again.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Outstanding feature of animal crossing river (6)
BREAST : The abbreviation for river is inside a synonym for an animal.

4a     Highly-charged vote in ruins if counted at first (8)
ELECTRIC : A word meaning ‘vote in’ and then the first letters of ruins if counted.

9a     Note to follow strait-laced grooms (6)
PRIMPS : A note added to the end of a letter follows strait-laced or fastidious.

10a     Tabloid articles about bishop’s tan (8)
SUNBATHE : The name of a tabloid newspaper, then the chess notation for a bishop followed by an indefinite and then a definite article.

12a     Managing to get copper band after store emptied (8)
SECURING : Empty store by removing its inner three letters, then the chemical symbol for copper and a band or circle.

13a     A record backed by a new nation (6)
ANGOLA : The two ‘A’s from the clue become the first and last letters. Inside these we have the abbreviation for new and the reversal of a record or diary.

15a     Favouring trial on it as fresh objections (13)
PROTESTATIONS : A short word meaning favouring, then a synonym for a trial and an anagram (fresh) of ON IT AS.

18a     Scally oddly dealing with sauce (5,8)
SALAD DRESSING : The odd letters of scally give us the first three letters. These are followed by a word meaning dealing with or taking care of.

20a     One in high church position of responsibility (6)
OFFICE : High here implies well past its use-by date.  Next comes the Roman numeral one and the Anglican Church.

22a     Symbol found in expensive-sounding sort of gear (8)
DESIGNER : A homophone of a synonym for expensive surrounds a symbol or indication.

24a     Fashion Dior et al made to measure (8)
TAILORED : An anagram (fashion) of DIOR ET AL.

25a     Way a sibling creates state of inactivity (6)
STASIS : The abbreviation for street (way), then ‘A’ from the clue and a female sibling.

26a     Person unwilling to adapt is around, unfortunately (8)
DINOSAUR : An anagram (unfortunately) of IS AROUND.

27a     Second-class journeys for people getting hitched (6)
BRIDES : The single letter denoting second-class and then journeys aboard something.


1d     Times approve such an operation (6)
BYPASS : A two letter word equivalent to times in multiplications, and then approve or sanction.

2d     Reproduce special about work of a bishop (9)
EPISCOPAL : An anagram (reproduce) of SPECIAL contains the two letters for a work of art.

3d     Good leaders — they offer no resistance (15)
SUPERCONDUCTORS : Split 5,10 we have extra good, and then leaders who might be holding batons.

5d     Yob from university coming into fortune? (4)
LOUT : The abbreviation for university is inside a fortune or large amount.

6d     Men cite Britain’s troubled politician (7,8)
CABINET MINISTER : An anagram (troubled) of MEN CITE BRITAINS.

7d     Treasure-trove keeps evoking the past (5)
RETRO : A lurker that is hiding in the clue.

8d     Endless resource underpinning cold cleric’s scissure (8)
CREVASSE : The abbreviation for cold and then the three letter title for a cleric. These are followed by a resource once its last letter has been removed.

11d     Clues with no beginning may keep listener visibly upset (2,5)
IN TEARS : Remove the first letter from the type of clues that appear in the title to this blog. Inside this we have a facial feature that could be called a listener.

14d     Squirrels away remains under stone (7)
STASHES : The abbreviation for stone as a weight and then remains that could be in a fireplace.

16d     How church music should be arranged? (9)
ORGANISED : The first part of the clue points to the usual instrument of church music.

17d     Accompanied from secret do in a tizzy (8)
ESCORTED : An anagram (in a tizzy) of SECRET DO.

19d     Emergency situations created by increase in vacant chalets (6)
CRISES : The first and last letters of chalets surround a word meaning increase or go up.

21d     Wife ignores boxing act (5)
FEIGN : A lurker to be found in the first two words of the clue.

23d     List of workers on turn? (4)
MENU : Workers or male staff and then a turn of 180 degrees.

Our favourite today is 10a

Quickie pun    cell    +    bide    +   hate    =    sell-by date

47 comments on “DT 28716

  1. I enjoyed this one a lot; it wasn’t particularly difficult but the clues were all well constructed and a fair few needed some cogitation. My favourites were 10a and the amusing 1a. 2.5* / 3.5*

  2. Not too challenging but amusing and a good solve. **/****. Like the Kiwis, I hadn’t heard of scissure, but the answer was relatively easy to work out. Mentions to 9a, 18a, 20a, 1d, 8d and 21d with top marks to 1a because it appealed to my childish sense of humour and I might have used a different illustration than a robin!

  3. Another Wednesday, another excellent puzzle, some head scratching required to complete at a fast canter – **/****.

    Candidates for favourite – 9a, 25a, and 3d – and the winner is 25a by a nose from 3d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

    Hopefully, the web site ‘time glitch’ will have been corrected for tomorrow’s puzzles.

    P.S. A remarkably benign Petitjean Toughie today.

  4. Another in a long line of terrific puzzles from Jay this morning. The well-disguised 21d was my last one in, with 20a my favourite. Overall 2* /4* for me.

    Thanks to the aforementioned and the 2Ks.

    1. 21d last in for me too. Enjoyable puzzle. Thanks to the 2Ks for explaining the problems in printing it off in the small hours.

  5. Very nice stuff. I marked quite a few potential favourites but will go for the 26a as I think I know that person.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  6. Anyone with an innate fear of the ‘toughie’ should have a look at today’s as mentioned above. I have printed it off for later.

  7. The horses hardly had to break into a sweat today. Easily completed between bouts of brewing up for the men on the roof. The word used in 8d does seem to be archaic in nature.

    My COTD was 18a. I think it very clever when part of the clue conjoins the two word answer. perhaps I am easily impressed.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  8. A puzzle of two halves for me, struggled with the top half ,especially the NW corner then tuned in and the lower half just fell into place, have to go for a ***/****.
    Top draw from Jay, only one obscure word in the 8d clue.
    Thanks also to the 2K’s, never seen a 14d in the wild, go to Anglesey quite often and always come across ‘Squirrel Woodland ‘ with no trace of them-must be unlucky.
    liked 3d, not seen this in a cryptic before and the surface of 18a.

    1. Most reliable place to find 14ds is around the feeders at Llyn Parc Mawr near Newborough Forest. Mid to late afternoon when Cliff’s been over to refill the nut boxes!

  9. Spent far too long looking for a specific animal in 1a and the good leaders in 3d. Those, plus the wife who doesn’t like boxing, were the last to fall for me.

    16d made me chuckle, as did 20a, so those take my top spots today.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for the well illustrated (and politically correct!)) blog.

    PS I’d agree with those who have promoted the PJ Toughie – quite straightforward and a lot of fun.

  10. Been away so it was good to have a relatively straightforward puzzle to come back to. Although 1a had me scratching my head trying to find a specific animal to insert an R into.

  11. Another here who spent quite a while over 1a and 3d, otherwise the grid was filled in at a steady pace with much to enjoy along the way.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  12. i got myself into a bit of a pickle in the SW corner, but the rest was pretty straightforward. As is often the case it appears, a hidden word was my LOI.

  13. 18A gave me a bit of a headache. I need to go to the opticians. I scribbled down S-A-Y for the odd letters instead of S-A-L. Serves me right for trying to go too fast. 21d was last one in. Struggled over boxing stuff until I realised it was a lurker. Thank you setter and 2Ks.

  14. **/****. Very doable because of excellent clues. A couple of pen sucking moments but got there in the end. 8d was my favourite. Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay.

  15. Good puzzle. I was slow to start. The bottom half easier than the top. Last in 1a. I’m not sure about “by” as an indicator for multiply. You can have a 4 by 2 piece of wood but to get 8 you must “multiply” 4 by 2. Fav12a. **/****

  16. Hurrah at last a puzzle that I could do 😃 **/*** The word in the clue for 8d was new to me I think the first two letters are normally replaced with “f” 😬 Favourite 16d and 15a. Thanks to Jay and the 2x Ks 😉 Has Spring eventually arrived the car thermometer registered 24C today here in the East 🌷

  17. Found this trickier than other bloggers it seems with the NW corner the main problem area. Took the red herring looking for an animal in 1d and like Bob H found the top half more difficult. Last in 21d just couldn’t work that one out until the act bit registered. Certainly not a 2* for difficulty for me needed help from the 2K’s for 3d even with some checkers in. A challenging Jay puzzle for me and not quite on his radar today.

    Clue of the day: 1d.

    Rating 3.5* / 3.5*

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay

  18. Another comment vanishes into thin air so will have to try and remember what I said:
    More good clean fun from Jay. East yielded before the West. Like RayS it was the human outstanding feature which occurred to me in 1a. Failed to parse the Times in 1d and also the high in 20a and missed the lurker in 21d so needed a nudge there. Scissure added to my vocabulary and also 8d as opposed to crevice. TVM Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  19. About average for a Wednesday puzzle in terms of difficulty and enjoyment, but average for Jay still represents an excellent puzzle.

    My joint-favourite clues were 10a and 24a. My repetition radar bleeped with “keep” twice used as a containment verb.

    I’ve never seen a red squirrel “live”, but would love to. I have seen a black one though (cue Miffypops to say “you shouldn’t have overcooked it”), they are not uncommon to see near Cambridge and its surrounding areas apparently.

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and the 2Ks, Petitjean awaits.

  20. I saved this one up till the gardening chores were done (sunny day in the Peaks – hurray!) and what a treat it was. I also found the NW corner was last to yield, and there was the inevitable ‘doh!’ moment when the penny finally dropped for 1a. Tricky to pick out a COTD from such great clues but I’ll settle for 8d as I’ve now added ‘scissure’ to my vocab. Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks.

  21. Another very enjoyable crossword from Jay.
    Liked the lurker in 7d.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2ks for the review.

  22. Very pleasant indeed .
    For some reason , only semi conductors would spring to mind .
    1d and 22a are my top two clues .
    Thanks to the Kiwis and Jay .

  23. 1a and 1D were the last to go in – not sure how I feel about 1a being an outstanding feature but it certainly didn’t mean anything like that to me. I wonder whether this might be a gender specific problem, or just me?

    My favourite clue was 12a but just to continue the gender stereotyping – and only for this purpose – my other favourite was 24a.

    I’m afraid i needed the hints for 1D even though I had already ‘guessed’ the answer.

    All in all a good puzzle that wasn’t completed too quickly or too difficult to complete at all.

    1. Worry not about the gender specific element of1a, Marge. Much as the obvious answer is frequently associated with women don’t forget about chicken 1a’s, 1a-ing a wave and stay a-1a of things.
      Also, let me assure you that the 24a couturier designs and markets plenty of clothes for men!

  24. Another entertaining puzzle from Jay that I found to be mostly straightforward.

    Thanks to the 2K’s and Jay 1.5*/4*

    PS. I’d echo Jane’s comments regarding the Toughie which is not particularly difficult and showcases some of the late PJ’s unique clueing style.

  25. Morning all.
    We’re glad that people noticed that we were very politically correct in our pic selection for 1a and even 10a offered opportunities that we also resisted. For those whose waking hours meant that they noticed the time glitch on the puzzles site, let us reassure you that the Telegraph is aware of the problem and techie people are working on it. For us, once we had understood what the problem is, an hour’s delay is neither here nor there so we can be patient.
    A cool autumn day here but looks like it will stay fine.

  26. I found this hard work today, but they can’t all be easy. Did like 16d for its play on words. Also missed the lurker in 21d and spent far too long trying to make a word starting with the w from wife. Also fell into the trap at 1a of pondering which animal to wrap around r…

  27. Hey all, I am asking here because I don’t know where else to ask. The Telegraph are not answering. Is it just me or has the online news site and the puzzle section been delaying publication by (in our experience over the past couple of days) by hours? Have they adopted a new publishing schedule? Is it just because I am in Ontario? Have I misjudged the time difference (and HOW!!)?

    1. Apologies for not responding to you earlier Carolyn but we have been frantically busy and travelling too.
      The Telegraph is having a few problems with the site at present that seem to be a flow-on from the maintenance work that was done recently. We know they are working on the problem and expect that everything will be right back to normal soon.
      We understand your concern as we are also people who access these puzzles for far far away.

      1. Thank you so much. Yes I know you are far far away, I just love reading your intros describing life where you are. Glad to hear it is just a bit of a glitch and not me losing track of time (and time changes) which is a more likely reason, heck since hubby was made redundant (for the second time by the same company – Sears Canada ) we have a hard time remembering what day it is let alone what time!

  28. I had trouble with 8d as, to me, a cleric’s scissure was a schism and I couldn’t get it to fit!

  29. Had to resort to lots of electronic help for this chap.
    And I didn’t know what a scissure was, so had to look that up too.
    So, not my best effort.

    Really liked 18a though.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2 Kiwis.

  30. Finally found time to do this crossword. The usual high class fun puzzle from Jay. 3d was my favourite and 2/4* overall.
    Belated thanks to Jay, and to the folks over there for their review.

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