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DT 28709

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28709

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***


Hello, everyone, and welcome to a Tuesday crossword that offers us a feast of food and drink.  Fans of charades should be pleased with this puzzle.

In the hints below most indicators are italicized and precise definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the buttons will reveal the answers.  In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



5a    Pudding choice no good (4-4)
PLUM-DUFF:  Choice or cushy is followed by defective or no good

8a    Energetic type having lots back in party (6)
DYNAMO:  The reversal (back) of a word meaning lots is inserted in a usual partyAfter what happened last Monday/Tuesday, I’m getting a feeling of déjà vu about having a feeling of déjà vu

10a   Hoodiea dull sort (6)
ANORAK:  The answer is an informal term for a socially inept person with a dull hobby.  Literally, it’s also a hooded garment, although not one that I would call a hoodie.  And it’s déjà vu all over again with this answer

11a   Material for panelling perhaps revolted golf club (8)
ROSEWOOD:  Follow revolted or rebelled with a type of golf club

12a   Food and drink: see bubbly with food brought back in, a fast food item (12)
CHEESEBURGER:  Start with a five-letter noun for food and drink.  Then insert in it an anagram (bubbly) of SEE and the reversal (brought back) of an informal word for food.  I can’t pass up this opportunity to use the image that popularised lolcats

15a   Modest about page delivering something newsworthy (4)
COPY:  Shy or modest containing (about) an abbreviation for page

17a   Open no more, last in street (5)
OVERT:  Put together finished or no more, and the final letter of (last in) streeT

18a   Course in horsemanship at Hickstead (4)
PATH:  The answer is hidden in the rest of the clue

19a   Caught on, passing peer (12)
CONTEMPORARY:  Link together the cricket abbreviation for caught, ON from the clue, and an adjective meaning passing or not permanent

22a   Former head admitting it in survey (4,4)
EXIT POLL:  A usual word for former and a synonym for the head are wrapped around (admitting) IT from the clue

24a   New set of books published, yet to be removed? (3,3)
NOT OUT:  Assemble the abbreviation for new, the abbreviation for a usual set of religious books, and a word meaning published or released

25a   A wine in college at Cambridge before beginning of term (6)
CLARET:  A college at Cambridge University comes before the first letter of (beginning of) Term

26a   Equipment: a large amount is needed by one to make pasta (8)
RIGATONI:  Concatenate a short synonym of equipment, A from the clue, a noun informally meaning a large amount, and the Roman numeral for one



1d    Come into view in middle of field on combine (6)
EMERGE:  Glue together the central letter of (middle of) fiEld and combine or mix

2d    Mostly bent over low, start working seriously (6,4)
BUCKLE DOWN:  Combine all but the last letter (mostly) of an adjective meaning bent over and a synonym of low

3d    What bookie offers eccentric punters, finally (4)
ODDS:  Join eccentric or unusual and the last letter (… finally) of punterS

4d    Flower, small at this time, ahead of fall (8)
SNOWDROP:  Cement together the clothing abbreviation for small and a short word meaning “at this time”.  Then put that lot before (ahead of) fall or decrease

6d    Eat, though no starter included in held-up Christmas meal (8)
LUNCHEON:  Start with a word meaning eat munch and delete its first letter (… though no starter included).  That set of letters is then inserted in (included in) the reversal (held up, in a down clue) of a short word for Christmas

7d    Palmist maybe having mint meeting with cashier (7-6)
FORTUNE-TELLER:  A mint or great deal of money is joined to (meeting with) a cashier or bank counter employee

9d    Low, daughter's spirit (4)
MOOD:  Put together a bovine low and the genealogical abbreviation for daughter

13d   Energy of outfit that's on with work (3-2-3-2)
GET-UP-AND-GO:  An outfit or set of clothes is followed by (that’s on, in a down clue) synonyms of with and of work

14d   Introduce, on vessel, a pre-eminent performer (4,4)
STAR TURN:  Introduce or begin, and a type of storage vessel

16d   Sailors? Chay at sea, with rest floundering (8)
YACHTERS:  An anagram (at sea) of CHAY with an anagram (floundering) of REST

20d   Go round old gallery after little resistance shown (6)
ROTATE:  The abbreviation for old and crosswordland’s favourite London art gallery are placed after the physics symbol for electrical resistance (little resistance shown)

21d   Fell on top of large jump (4)
AXEL:  Fell or chop comes before (on top of, in a down clue) the clothing abbreviation for large

23d   Swear-word used in boathouse (4)
OATH:  The answer is hidden in (used in) the remainder of the clue


Thanks to today’s setter for a pleasant solve.  I enjoyed unscrambling 12a and I smiled at 26a.  Which clue was your favourite?


The Quick Crossword pun:  LIEGE+ON AIR=LEGIONNAIRE

45 comments on “DT 28709

  1. 1* / 2.5*. This was a very straightforward puzzle, with my only hold up being to check that the second word in 22a can also mean “head”. There were a handful of dodgy surfaces, notably the rather clunky 12a, but overall this proved to be a pleasant enough diversion.

    With thanks to the setter and to Mr K.

  2. 1* /2.5* for this fairly easy and hassle-free puzzle. I picked 19a as a favourite, but overall I felt it lacked a little sparkle.

    Thanks to our Tuesday setter and Mr K.

  3. Similar to yesterday’s – mild/straightforward, but quite enjoyable. 19a was my favourite. 1.5* / 2.5*

  4. Loved it but over too quickly. Last one in 24a (could not parse). Favourites 10a 7 and 14d. Just approaching St Pancras where I understand a Tracey Emin work has appeared overnight

  5. Fairly straightforward and finished in ** time. Been around boats,ships for most of my life never heard the term “yachters” still you learn something everyday.
    Thanks to Mr K and setter.

  6. A fairly swift solve, though held up by my incorrect entry of DOUBLE DOWN for 2d which apparently doesn’t mean what I think it did! [**/***]
    19a is probably my favourite.
    Thanks to the setter and Mr K (especially for the lolcat).

  7. Definitely an easy ride today – perhaps to give us more time to work on the special HALLESSI Toughie?

    No particular favourite as the ones I might have chosen had somewhat dodgy surface reads, so I’ll award the garland to Mr K for the excellent blog.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to the afore-mentioned Mr K – loved the pics for 15a!

  8. Very straightforward, but quite enjoyable. 1*/3*. I quite liked 19a and 6d. Not much more to say.

  9. So the gentler start to the week continues with this very enjoyable offering. Thanks to the setter and the excellent reviewer, particularly for helping me parse the aforementioned “clunky 12a”

  10. I enjoy the complicated charades so 2*/4*. Mr Ks “socially inept person with a dull hobby” would be a good clue for 10a. Favourite clue was 19a. Thank you to Mr K and the setter.

  11. Nothing tricky today, though I go with Jane’s observation of some odd surfaces, 13a in particular, I had to re-read it three times.
    I enjoyed Mr.K’s blog, as ever.
    I never realised that 1a actually existed, I though it was just what The Bash Street Kids used to eat at the end of every comic strip??
    12a was very convoluted, and I am still not sure I have actually got it, did anyone actually solve it from the wordplay??
    Thanks Mr.K and Mr.Ron…

    1. I spotted 12a once a few checkers were in place and it was clear that a food item was required. For me, parsing the wordplay came only after filling in the answer.

  12. Mr K, I read 24a as the ‘yet to be removed’ was a reference to cricket???

        1. Well, as you can see lots of people are at the same tree! And they’d have to be right, as “not out” has only that meaning as a dictionary entry (and therefore acceptable crossword light).

  13. I’m in deepest Sumatra for two weeks, so lots of time to do crosswords. Enjoyed today’s, but the term for ‘head’ in 22a was new to me. Agreee that 12a was clunky, but enjoyed 19a, 13 d and 17d. Thanks to Mr K for explaining why my answers were correct.

    1. Angellov, in motorsport it is “pole” position. “Poll” is an archaic word for “head”, as per Mr K’s link to Chambers online.

      1. RD – oh dear, how embarrassing, I know absolutely nothing about motorsport but I obviously was phonetically barking up the wrong tree!

  14. A bit of a charadethon, and I seemed to spend more time justifying my answers then getting them in the first place. Still, variety is the spice of life. Thanks to setter and Mr k.

  15. Another undemanding exercise but not without a bit of fun. Perhaps we are later in the week going to pay for the easy rides so far! Thank you Mysteron and MrK – amazing the contexts in which you are able to introduce one of your feline friends!

  16. Another nice straight forward solve **/**** 😃 Favourites 11a, 25a and 4d Thanks to Mr K and to the Setter 🤗 Loved the illustration for 20d. Spent longer on trying to get the answer to 6d in the Quickie than the whole of The Cryptic 😳 I agree with Hoofit et al for 24a

  17. Enjoyable. Thanks Mr K. Struggled with 10a – not my definition of hoodie Some very good hints!!

    1. My K is tied up right now, which is why I’m here speaking for him. I can tell you that he completely agrees with you about the “hoodie”!

  18. I finished this on the sky train on the way into Vancouver where I work, I thought that 8a and 10a were in a puzzle yesterday but very enjoyable.

  19. Enjoyable start to the day. a 2brew day.
    26a my fave too. Thanks to Mr K I enjoyed the hints and hadn’t dully parsed 12a I missed the backward bit of food. I did like the pic of Mr Blyth and expect that you have to be a certain age to remember his part in yachting history.
    I too have not heard the term yachter before but recall from a visit to RY Britannia last year that the crew were affectionately known as Yotties.
    Thanks to Mr K and setter off to have a go at the toughie more in hope than expectation.

  20. Yes as yesterday no mountains to climb but nonetheless a nice puzzle. At first glance thought this was going to be more difficult than it actually was. Only a brief hold up in SW corner with 21 down the last in. For me lots of nice clues with a touch humour and overall no complaints from this blogger. Liked the charades as Mr K suggested. Agree with Angellov, there will be a price to pay soon for the last two days, could it be a Ray T Thursday special?

    Clues of the day: 5a / 20d

    Rating: ** / ****

    Thanks to Mr K and the setter.

  21. */***. Generally enjoyable apart from 12a which I thought was a little bit of a stretch. Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

  22. Another pleasant solve today, I really enjoyed it.
    My fave was also 26a, but fave pic was the cat scan.
    The fact that I remembered 10a must mean my old brain is getting better.
    Thanks to the Tuesday setter and to Mr. Kitty for his usual great review. Love those kitty pics, keep ’em coming.

  23. Enjoyable but nothing too memorable in this one, my favourite was probably 5a, but my least favourite was definitely 12a.

    Thanks to setter and Mr K. Now to do battle with Hallessi…

  24. I enjoyed this one today, and particularly Mr K’s cat video. Finished before lunch too 😊

  25. In UK for a break … lovely weather isn’t it? A gentle solve with no particular problems. I liked 19ac and thanks Mr K for explaining the “mint” link in 7dn.

  26. With 10a we spotted the answer straight away but did not write it in until we had enough checkers to confirm that that was the correct answer. A pleasant solve.
    Thanks Mr Ron and Mr Kitty.

  27. Pretty straightforward, solved in something like */** time. Only hold-ups were to the NW where I was more familiar with KNUCKLE-DOWN, and didn’t know the pudding.

  28. Nothing startling about this one. Nothing too exciting either I’m afraid. 1.5/2.5* overall with no particular favourite.
    Thanks to the setter and to Mr K for his review. Was the LP playable afterwards?

  29. Oh dear, I can’t read my own writing. I wrote the ‘P’ in 19a so quickly it looked like an ‘R’. I then couldn’t get 13d. I had to check the review to see where Id gone wrong. So annoying. Thank you setter and Mr Kitty.

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