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DT 28698

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28698

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Both home again so normal blogging team once more.  We’re looking forward to Easter when some of our family will be coming to stay for a few days which is always a pleasure.

Slightly slow start on this puzzle from Jay but once we were under way it all flowed smoothly.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a      Syndicate‘s caution about time taken by learner (6)
CARTEL : A word for caution or wariness includes the abbreviation for time and lastly the abbreviation for learner.

5a     Wave from puny adult — hates all getting undressed! (8)
UNDULATE : Undress three of the words in the clue by removing their first and last letters and then string together what is left.

9a     Repeated, looking embarrassed about force (8)
REPRISED : The colour associated with embarrassment surrounds ‘force’ or use lever to open something that is stuck.

10a     A second worker crosses line at an angle (6)
ASLANT : ‘A’ from the clue, then the abbreviations for second and line and a worker insect.

11a     Muffler acquired by nieces playing around lake and river (8)
SILENCER : An anagram (playing) of NIECES contains the abbreviation for lake and finally R(iver).

12a     Refuse to acknowledge one’s surrounded by drink (6)
DISOWN : The Roman numeral one with its ‘s is inside an informal verb meaning to drink.

13a      Making contacthow sweet! (8)
TOUCHING : Double definition.

15a     Thinks, having dismissed first of many applications (4)
USES : A synonym for thinks has the first letter of ‘many’ removed from it.

17a     Overseas earnings holding facility (4)
EASE : A lurker hiding in the first two words of the clue.

19a     Labour’s chasing after tax, tries to improve contacts (8)
NETWORKS : A word that describes profits after tax has been deducted, is followed by a synonym for labour with its ‘s’.

20a     Attempt to cover rear with it? (6)
TRENDY : The rear or last part is inside a synonym for attempt.

21a     Drivers crossing Cape planned to go west for scholarly life (8)
ACADEMIA : The two letters for an organisation representing car drivers surround the abbreviation for cape and then a reversal of a word meaning planned or intended.

22a     He’s trapped in crush lacking protection for primate (6)
RHESUS : ‘He’s’ from the clue is inside the central three letters (lacking protection) of crush.

23a     Prayer left mother in dangerous environment (4,4)
HAIL MARY : An informal word for dangerous or risky surrounds the abbreviation for left and a slang word for mother.

24a     Small dish needed for spread (8)
SPLATTER : The abbreviation for small and then a flat dish.

25a     Head professor retiring, led out (6)
NODDLE : A university professor is reversed (retiring) and an anagram (out) of LED.


2d     Workshops re-let, as I planned (8)
ATELIERS : An anagram (planned) of RE-LET AS I.

3d     Floods coming from fissures beneath hill (8)
TORRENTS : Fissures or tears follow a hill or rocky height.

4d     Despicable bloke trapping stray cats is a hopeless case (4,5)
LOST CAUSE : A despicable bloke named after a parasitic insect surrounds an anagram (stray) of CATS.

5d     Sick of alternative theatre when rude (5,3,7)
UNDER THE WEATHER : An anagram (alternative) of THEATRE WHEN RUDE.

6d     Improvement in golf technique? (7)
UPSWING : When the whole clue is taken into consideration it could be an improvement in the way that a golfer strikes the ball.  (Not sure that we have explained this own properly. Any better suggestions anyone?)

7d     A prisoner going in with a snake (8)
ANACONDA : Starting from the top we have a synonym for ‘with’ surrounding ‘A’ and a word for a prisoner, then we finish with the other ‘A’ from the clue.

8d     Snarl, seeing approach after gent loses head (8)
ENTANGLE : An approach or way of seeing something follows the word gent after the first letter has been removed.

14d     Story of arrival in state (9)
NARRATION : The three letter abbreviation for arrival is inside a state or country.

15d     Nouveau-riche people at university — with introductions (8)
UPSTARTS : A short word meaning at university and then introductions or beginnings.

16d     Part of banquet here — almost heavenly (8)
ETHEREAL : A lurker hiding in the third fourth and fifth words of the clue.

17d     Prestigious encounters in river on the rise (8)
ESTEEMED : The whole wordplay is reversed (on the rise). We have a river that could have been named for a letter of the alphabet surrounding a synonym for encounters.

18d     Local landowner’s gripping runs with large animal (8)
SQUIRREL : A local landowner typified by Messrs Hardcastle or Western contains the cricket abbreviation for runs and finally the abbreviation for large.

19d     Show agreement, but changed to underpin love? Indisputably (2,5)
NO DOUBT : The movement of the head that indicates agreement, then an anagram (changed) of BUT follows the tennis score love.

Our favourite this week is 4d.

Quickie pun    heavies    +    know    =    heavy snow


48 comments on “DT 28698

  1. A straightforward run this morning – not so many sporting clues!!!

    My favourite was 18d – last to go in was 8d – too much focus on my part on the other meaning of snarl – but got there in the end


  2. Wha hey!!!! I do believe that I have just entered the first comment EVER!!! I guess retirement (mind unshackled by managerial trivia and pointless innovations) and god knows how many years of apprenticeship at the feet of the masters is finally paying off

    1. I’ve been retired for 6 years I dont know where the time has gone.
      No more management speak and no more stress.
      Have a long and healthy retirement

  3. No special favourites for me – just a nice Wednesday crossword as we expect from Jay. Thanks to him and the 2Ks

    I’m sure Kath won’t mind me reporting that her Younger Lamb is doing well, Kath is finding time for crosswords but not for the blog and she hopes you are all behaving.

    1. Great to hear a good report on Younger Lamb. Long may the good recovery continue. Best wishes to Kath and all her family.

    2. That is wonderful news. Thank you so much for letting us know. All good wishes to Kath and Younger Lamb.

  4. A mild but enjoyable enough puzzle. 18d was my favourite with large as an abbreviation trigger and not meaning a “big” animal. 2* / 3*

  5. 2* / 5*. Great fun as ever but at the easier end of Jay’s spectrum.

    My longish short list of candidates for favourite is: 20a, 4d, 14d, 15d & 18d.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  6. 1.5* /5* from me for this straightforward but hugely enjoyable Jay puzzle. As always he has given us a great mix of clue types, with plenty of smiles to be had during solving. I liked 5a as a favourite from 23a.

    Thanks to all three birds involved in today’s production.

  7. Good to hear the news from Kath, thank you CS.

    Another nice puzzle from Jay, though not at his scintillating best. No particular favourites today. I think 6d is somewhere between a double definition and an all-in-one. Fairly straightforward either way.

    Many thanks to Jay and 2Ks for the review.

  8. I’m getting better at them at last! Finished yesterday’s & almost finished today’s without help . My favourite 13a.

  9. More plain-sailing today. No problems at all apart from 25a (last in) due to having ‘ive’ ending to 14d so tried to justify ‘endall’ for 25a! Thank you Jay for short-lived fun and reunited 2Kiwis team for hints.

  10. Seems to be plain sailing this week so far-even yesterdays Toughie was a * !, have to agree today with the 2k’S **/****,
    Difficult to pick a favourite, ,going for 23a as it mislead me for a while.
    Outrageous quickie pun !
    In full gloat re the Aussies-how did Lehmann keep his job ?

    1. Surely not a time to gloat, Beaver, more a time for sadness to discover that blatant cheating has invaded one of the few remaining sports associated with honesty and fair play.

      1. Second that, Jane. My parents always used to say “not playing cricket” if someone cheated. I’m puzzled by what the sin is, surely putting dirt on a ball is what happens to the ball during the course of play?

        1. Hi Merusa,
          I probably can’t explain ball-tampering very well but you should be able to get a better idea by looking at the video clip online from Simon Hughes, a cricket analyst.

      2. I enjoy watching (and occasionally trying to play) snooker, golf and darts. Most of these sports’ professionals are exemplary.

    2. Personally, rather than a gloating matter, I think it’s a very sad episode for cricket, although I do agree with you that it’s incomprehensible that Lehmann has not been fired.

    3. It does make one wonder how long this sort of behaviour has been going on, and how high up the tree is was known. I’d hate to be an Aussie right now. It must be like finding out that Cliff Richard is a devil-worshipper.

    4. I’m of the same opinion as Jane and RD, is not something to gloat about, especially at a time when Test cricket is fighting for its very survival.

      When there are so many cameras now taking shots of play from every conceivable angle, I’m staggered as to how those involved thought they could get away with it unnoticed. Blinded by arrogance, I suspect.

  11. Delightful puzzle today, lovely mix of clues, straightforward , enjoyable and entertaining.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  12. Jay on the soft pedal today but still producing an enjoyable puzzle.
    No particular favourite here although 13a was quite 13a!

    Thanks to Jay and to our reunited pair of Kiwis – have a lovely Easter with the family.

  13. A puzzle to brighten a rain soaked day. Tempted to choose 22a as my favourite as many years ago I spent my time performing blood grouping, but 5a is the winner for me today. Thanks to 2kiwis and Jay.

  14. A pleasant solve to brighten up yet another day of dismal weather in these parts. 5a and 23a were the joint favourites here – both with a nice touch of creativity on behalf of the setter – nice monkey pic in the Kiwis’ hints by way of an added bonus. Enjoy the break everyone!

  15. Nothing to get agitated about in Jay’s puzzle today. 5 and 23a take the honours for me and 2/4* overall.
    Thanks to Jay, and the 2K’s for the review.

  16. A nice gentle stroll through crossword land, nothing to taxing for the old grey matter 18d took a while but then all became clearish.
    I quite like 21 and 25a I remeber some of the eccentrics from my uni days, many many moons ago.
    Thanks to Jay and the reunited Ks

  17. I was pleased that the captain and vice captain got their just deserts, the on and off field loutish behaviour of the side in general stems from the standards set, or rather not set, by Lehmann who I think is extremely fortunate to escape censure.
    I played cricket for many years in the Cheshire County League and deplore the cheating and sledging., what an example to the young.

    1. Quite agree Beaver. IMHO sledging should also be banned. The Aussies have been ‘cheating’ by using sledging to put the batsmen off for years. They wouldn’t stand for it in golf!

      1. I had to look up sledging. Perhaps it’s something peculiar to Aussies as Kyrgios, tennis player, infamously did just that to Wawrinka. Maybe they don’t consider it bad sportsmanship, but that is hard to believe.

  18. It may have been an easier Wednesday puzzle than normal, but Jay’s crosswords are always a delight to solve irrespective of the difficulty factor.

    My three ticked clues were 5a, 4d (not sure Kitty or Mr K would like it though?) and 6d. There did seem to be many instances of single letter abbreviations in evidence today, so I thought I’d do a quick tally and found twelve examples (ignoring “a” to clue the indefinite article), including five for the letter “L” alone (learner, line, lake, left and large). Full marks to Jay for no repetitions!!

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and to Colin and Carol. Glad to hear that Kath’s younger Lamb is on the mend too.

  19. A nice stroll in the park rather than yesterday’s struggle in quicksand! That’s the great thing about crosswords; one day I think I’ve cracked it an the next day I’m back to a beginner!

    Liked 19a and 22a amongst some lovely clues.

    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s for tips, especially 25a which was sorely needed.

  20. Not too much difficulty today.
    1a was last in. I was looking for synonyms of syndicate not caution !
    8d caused a bit of a delay too, as Auntie Marge I was thinking of the wrong snarl for a while.
    5a and 18d faves here.
    Off to have a go at the toughie again. I don’t hold out as much hope as yesterday.

  21. Another fun puzzle, wonder how long this will last.
    I needed the hint to parse 21a, got tied up in knots with that one but the answer was obvious.
    Fave was 4d, but 5a and 5d came in a close second.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis back together again.

  22. Beaten by 2d as I had never heard of it. Apart from that pretty straightforward.
    Thanks all.

  23. A good puzzle and a fair challenge. Like Hoofit never heard of 2d and had to reference it. Last in 9a. Good clues, some obscure, some more straightforward for me.

    Clue of the day: 18d quite liked that.

    Rating: 2.5* / 4*

    Thanks to 2K’s and the setter Jay.

  24. Morning all.
    Interesting to see so many cricket comments relating to the despicable goings-on in South Africa but not a single mention yet of the match in Auckland about which we are feeling quietly smug.
    It is really dark here in the mornings now but that will improve when we put our clocks back over Easter. By our next blog we will have returned to being 11hrs (instead of 13) ahead of UK time.
    We realise that like us, many of you are retirees and holiday breaks don’t have the same significance that they used to have, but have a good time during Easter everyone with lots of over-indulgence in hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.

    1. What cricket match? It has been erased from our national psyche…..if only! Well played gentlemen 🏏😂🏏😂

  25. A * for difficulty, and top marks for entertainment value. Any problems encountered were of my own making rather than the setter’s. Another satisfied customer. :-)

  26. This was very enjoyable, thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis. I didn’t do too well over breakfast, but brain had kicked in by lunch time and everything fell into place. Too many good clues to pick a favourite.

  27. A late entry from me as I had an impromptu prosecco morning!

    Straightforward clueing from Jay that my befuddled mind eventually got around. No favourites but took a little time to undress 5ac.

    With all of you on the cricket. Congrats to you Kiwis … I wish I had seen the England first innings (purely from a historical point of view).

    Thanks Jay and 2Kiwis

  28. Late getting my hands on this one but glad I did. **/*** and picked 20a as today’s prettiest. Thanks Jay and 2Ks.

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