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DT 28683

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28683

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 10th March 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I’m not sure of my time here as I was solving in work pauses but this had some very nice clues.

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1a           Finding university by accident, almost (10)
UNEARTHING – U for University and then a NEAR THING or almost an accident.

6a           Slight mispronunciation (4)
SLUR – Two definitions, a defamatory comment and a speech impediment.

10a         Trainee accountant upset Irish priest (5)
CADET – CA is the ab. For Chartered Accountant. Add to that the reversal of TED as in Father TED Crilly from off the telly.

11a         Last drink cheers! (7,2)
BOTTOMS UP – A charade of BOTTOM (last in a table) and SUP for drink and a very apposite surface reading.

12a         Terrorists capturing second priest from the Holy Land (7)
ISRAELI – Place S for Second inside the IRA/terrorists and then add ELI – a common crosswordland (biblical) priest.

13a         Was tunnelling long time to get outside new prison (7)
DUNGEON – DUG/was tunnelling and an EON/long time are outside N for New.

14a         A soccer table represented sporting event (8,4)
OBSTACLE RACE – An anagram (represented) of A SOCCER TABLE.

18a         Putting emphasis on not getting enough runs? (12)
UNDERSCORING – If you were not getting enough runs in cricket you might be said to be UNDER SORING.

21a         What golfer should avoid missing middle of green all the way? (7)
THROUGH – A golfer should avoid THE ROUGH. Remove one E (the middle letter in green).

23a         Free lunch Ainsley provides (7)
UNCHAIN – The hidden word is provided in ‘l UNCH AIN sley’. Presumably a nod to Ainsley Harriott the one-time TV chef.

24a         Unfortunate occurrence in fluid mechanics (9)
MISCHANCE – An anagram (fluid) of MECHANICS and a nice surface reading of a failed experiment.

25a         Many a hoodie conceals lout (5)
YAHOO – Another hidden word, this time concealed in ‘man Y A HOO die’.

26a         Erect articulated beams (4)
RAYS – A homophone (articulated/said) of RAISE or erect.

27a         One forecasts where manta will swarm (10)
WEATHERMAN – An anagram (will swarm) of WHERE MANTA.


1d           Ancient city feature — feral child (6)
URCHIN – Start with the perennial ancient city UR and add a CHIN or feature of a face.

2d           Bear close on river (6)
ENDURE – To END or close on top of the river URE.

3d           Men upset with TV presenter’s overlooking a corrupt feature of Parliament once (6,8)
ROTTEN BOROUGHS – Reverse/upset OR (other ranks) and then add (a)TTENBOROUGH’S for ‘TV presenter’s) having left out or overlooked the A.

4d           Is rich but unfortunately showing arrogance (9)
HUBRISTIC – An anagram (unfortunately) of IS RICH BUT.

5d           Famous collection of books in study turned up (5)
NOTED – Place the OT – Old Testament or collection of books inside a reversal (turned u) of a DEN/study.

7d           Left savages corrupt US city (3,5)
LAS VEGAS – A corrupt anagram of SAVAGES after L for Left. I would have referred the Dead Kennedys’ cover but will settle for ZZ Top.

8d           Was ashamed being hired to guard gym (8)
REPENTED – Place PE (Physical exercise or gym) inside or guarded by RENTED for hired.

9d           Criminal band done nicely — they robbed banks (6,3,5)
BONNIE AND CLYDE – A criminal anagram of BAND DONE NICELY.

15d         Fat copper holds reason for coming up with time for fasting (9)
CORPULENT – Place a reversal (coming up) of PRO, a reason for, inside CU for copper and then add LENT for a period of fasting.

16d         Patron’s order accepted by one who fought Indians (8)
CUSTOMER – Place OM for Order of Merit inside general CUSTER (who fought Indians).

17d         It may be possible to make Mars visit one day (1,4,3)
I DARE SAY – ARES, the Greek equivalent of the god Mars inside I for one and DAY from the clue.

19d         Chaos has Prime Minister on edge (6)
MAYHEM – A charade of the PM Theresa MAY and a HEM or edge (of a cloth garment).

20d         Sign up to follow space command (6)
ENJOIN – To JOIN or sign up after EN – a standard small space in typesetting.

22d         Joint complaint when wife’s ignored (5)
HINGE – Remove the W(ife) from a (w)HINGE or complaint.

 Thanks to the setter, I’ll be back next Friday.


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  1. Hi all,After a five year apprenticeship, I now feel able to join the debate greetings from B S 7

  2. Nice puzzle – just the right degree of difficulty ! CADET was an easy ‘fit find’ from the clue- but I had no idea on Father Ted, having never seen it !! :)

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