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DT 28677

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28677

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 3rd March 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! A pretty standard puzzle for a Saturday with some entertaining clues.

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1a           Levity is unpleasant for the elderly (8)
BADINAGE – What is unpleasant for the elderly might be described as BAD IN AGE.

5a           Learned thoroughly from Englishwoman or Irishman (3,3)
OFF PAT – OF/from followed by PAT(ricia) or PAT(rick).

9a           About to get showiest clothes in factory? (8)
REFINERY – RE for about and then FINERY for best clothes.

10a         Place to get drinks by river — the Spanish beer’s found in this? (6)
BARREL – A BAR is a place to get drinks. Follow that with R for River and EL (the in Spanish).

11a         ‘Jack, find the answer!’ ‘Pardon?’ (7)
ABSOLVE – A Jack or sailor is also an AB (Able Bodied Seaman). Add SOLVE for ‘find the answer’.

12a         Metalworker, one whose plans became firm? (7)
FOUNDER – Two definitions – a foundry worker and the FOUNDER of a company/firm.

13a         Sheet anchor (11)
PAPERWEIGHT – A cryptic definition of what holds down/anchors a sheet of paper.

16a         Excessive admiration — from Leander? (4-7)
HERO-WORSHIP –  The excessive admiration of a Hero, a priestess, by Leander who used to swim the Hellespont strait every night to visit her.

21a         Take another partner, for better or worse (7)
REMARRY – A straightforward cryptic definition.

22a         Engineers and workers meeting as old friends? (7)
REUNION – RE for the Royal Engineers and then a UNION or collective of workers.

23a         Not in suitable gear (6)
OUTFIT – A charade of OUT (not in) and FIT (suitable).

24a         Convinced it is more than zero (8)
POSITIVE – Two definitions – the first a synonym for certain and the second any integer that is greater than zero.

25a         Cupboard showing built-in clock, erroneously? On the contrary (6)
LOCKER – A hidden ford built in to c LOCK ER roneously.

26a         Extremely healthy, or OK (4,4)
VERY WELL – TWO straight definitions.

1d           Treasurer that’s bent rubs artist up the wrong way (6)
BURSAR – An anagram (bent) of RUBS followed by a reversal (up the wrong way) of RA, a Royal Academician or artist.

2d           Reduce tension in exercise after low marks (6)
DEFUSE – Place USE or exercise after low marks/grades in a test – D, E and F.

3d           Frenchman’s negative before lager is served up, designed to prevent falling over? (3-4)
NON-SLIP – NON is how a Frenchman says no (negative) follow that with a reversal (served up) of PILS or pilsner lager.

4d           Seething angry, depart social gathering (6,5)
GARDEN PARTY – An anagram (seething) of ANGRY DEPART.

6d           Main film has exploit on northern river (7)
FEATURE – A FEAT or exploit on top of (in a down clue) the northern River URE.

7d           Example is made of soldier — understand thousand supporting that (8)
PARADIGM – A charade of a PARA(trooper) or soldier, to DIG as in get or understand and finally M for a thousand in Roman Numerals.

8d           Stand, strange to relate (8)
TOLERATE – A strange anagram of TO RELATE.

12d         In addition, hide article on Resistance, said Heath (11)
FURTHERMORE – A charade of a FUR (hide/skin), THE (an article), R for Resistance and then MORE, a homophone (said) of MOOR/heath.

14d         Dark grey tea Carol brewed (8)
CHARCOAL – CHA for tea and then an anagram (brewed) of CAROL.

15d         A capital — as the locals write it, it faces north, cold and fragrant (8)
AROMATIC – Start with A ROMA (how the Italians spell their capital city) then reverse IT (facing north) and finally add C for Cold.

17d         Raised unrefined, enjoy being bellicose (7)
WARLIKE – Reverse/raise in a down clue RAW (unrefined) and then add LIKE/enjoy.

18d         According to the radio, deprived urban area shows dearth (7)
PAUCITY – A homophone (on the radio) of POOR CITY or deprived urban area. Of course POOR is not pronounced this way outside of the South of England!

19d         Look pleased about one’s figure (6)
SIMILE – to SMILE or look pleased around/about I for one.

20d         Begun realignment to reveal fake (6)
UNREAL – A hidden word which is revealed in ‘beg UN REAL ignement’.

Thanks to the setter – I will see you all next Thursday.


5 comments on “DT 28677

  1. I think the word ‘cryptic’ could be omitted from the explanation of 21a!

    Enjoyed filling it in. Thanks to setter and to gnomethang for the review.

    PS 5a the extra F is required from Englishwoman ( F female) I think.

      1. That’s how I read it. Or to get something ‘off’ or ‘from’ somebody. Could be either I suppose?

        Many thanks to gnomethang for the review and the setter for the puzzle. :)

  2. Liked “sheet anchor” (13A) & the “deprived urban area” (18D).
    Regarding the quickie, did not understand 6D-clue “so called back beetle” answer “cockroach”.
    2*/4* for the cryptic.

  3. Nice puzzle – well enjoyed !! The SE corner held me up a while, esp. 19d where I got transfixed on ‘DIVINE’ as a viable alt. to SIMILE !!!

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